Welcome to HYC

Welcome to HYC

Competitive sailing began at Hobsonville in the early 1930's which led to the formation of the Hobsonville Boating Club (HBC) in 1934. With the Defence amalgamation of Hobsonville and Whenuapai in 1966 to become RNZAF Base Auckland, the HBC was retitled RNZAF Base Auckland Yacht Club (RNZAF BAYC). However since the airforce base has moved from Hobsonville we are now known as The Hobsonville Yacht Club. Our aim is to keep the  tradition of recreational boating alive at Hobsonville.

We now also have a Facebook page - "Hobsonville Yacht Club"

Some of the HYC junior sailors with the cheque from The Million Dollar Mission with sailing captain Sean Munro at HYC prize giving last Saturday.

Please e-mail admin@hycnz.org.nz your images of HYC boats and sailing events

Forthcoming HYC AGM

Dear all

The next AGM will be at the end of July (notifications to follow in due course), but in preparation for that we are seeking volunteers to join the committee

For various reasons we have several key positions coming vacant in the coming year and would love to get some fresh blood on the committee:

Keeler Sailing Captain 
Bar Manager

There is a monthly meeting of the executive committee which goes for about 1 to 1.5 hours, and, to give you an understanding of what the roles entail we have attached a list of draft Roles and Responsibilities

If you are interested in learning more about the roles then please feel free to speak to me or come along to the next executive committee meeting on 18th June, or speak to one of the existing committee members.

We need your help!


Lisa Mackay
Club Secretary

Draft of the HYC Roles and Responsibilities
The following is very draft format only intended as a starter for 10 to more clearly define who is responsible for what and ensure no volunteers are overloaded

1. Chair Exec meetings
2. Manage any issues within the club volunteers
3. Attend YNZ and other external body events as a representative of the club
4. Represent the club to external bodies (press, other clubs etc)

Keeler Sailing Captain
1. Co-chair sailing committee 
2. Oversea management of the Keeler sailing programmes
3. Chair Exec meetings in absence of commodore
4. Stand-in for Commodore, to represent the club.
Rear Commodore
1. This will usually be the immediate past commodore and their role is an educatory and supporting capacity to help the incoming commodore

Dingy Sailing Captain
2. Co-chair sailing committee
3. Health and Safety Role
4. Oversea management of the dingy and junior racing programmes
5. Oversea the learn to sail and coaching programs 
6. Stand-in for Commodore, to represent the club at dingy, junior or coaching related activities.

1. Prepare and distribute agenda and papers for exec meetings
2. Take minutes at exec meetings
3. Co-ordinate the AGM
4. Manage the inwards outwards correspondence 
5. Distribute membership cards to members who have paid 
6. Prepare to AYBA and YNZ member list information

1. Prepare accounts for exec meetings
2. Ensure all bills paid
3. Manage subs collection
4. Prepare and submit GST returns
5. Prepare and submit income tax return. 
6. Manage the bank accounts
7. Send invoices for other fees such as dinghy storage, junior membership fees etc 
8. Prepare year-end accounts and upload to incorporated society on the companies web site. 
9. Present the year end accounts at the AGM. 

Bar manager
1. Prepare bar report for exec committee
2. Order stock as required
3. Carry out monthly till reconciliations
4. Co-ordinate stock checks as required

Property Manager and Health and Safety
1. Co-ordinate/carry out repairs to the club house as necessary
2. Act as point of contact for any trades people working on site
3. Prepare and monitor Health and Safety issues within the club

Communications officer
1. Manage Facebook posts
2. Respond to Facebook & website enquiries
3.      Update & HYC Facebook & website on a weekly basis

House and Social
1. Co-ordinate social events
2. Identify upcoming events and plan for them

Fundraising co-ordinator
1. Identify sources of fundraising
2. Complete grant applications
3. Co-ordinate fundraising activities

What is happening at HYC this week

Just a quick reminder!!

Please could  all members  have their membership cards on their persons, and for all visitors to sign in when on HYC premises for the purposes of retaining our liquor license. 

Please note that only FULL members are allowed to sign in guests!

This week at HYC!

HYC had an very succesful prize giving on Saturday night which was enjoyed by both our junior members as well as our seniors.  Congratulations to all those that won trophies.

No racing for the juniors this week.  The seniors have winter series race 5 on Sunday (which is a local mark foy race starting at 13.00)

Wednesday12 th June- Wednesday Club Night

The bar shall be open from 5pm, closing time at the discretion of the bar manager on duty

Friday 14th June - Club Night

The bar shall be open from 4-30 closing time at the discretion of the bar manager on duty.


Sunday 16th June - HYC seniors winter series race 5 (local race) starting at 13.00 - mark foy start

**** individual start times shall be published later on in the week****

Club afternoon

the bar shall be open 3pm, closing time at the discretion of the bar manager on duty. 

Future events......

Sunday 23rd June - HYC Juniors - 2 races the first starting at 10.30am (sheds open at 9.15am)

Sunday 30th June - HYC seniors winter series race 6 (Local race) starting at 13.00 - mark foy start

Sunday 14th July - HYC seniors winter series race 7 (local race) starting at 13.00 - mark foy start

Sunday 28th July - HYC Juniors - 2 races the first starting at 14.00 (sheds open at 12.45)

Sunday 28th July - HYC seniors winter series race 8 (local race) starting at 13.00 - mark foy start

Sunday 11th August - HYC seniors winter series race 9 (local race) starting at 13.00 - mark foy start

Sunday 11th August - HYC Junior sailing - 2 race the first starts at 14.00 (sheds open at 12.45)

Sunday 25th August -HYC seniors winter series race 10 (local race) starting at 13.00 - mark foy start

Sunday 25th August - HYC Juniors - 2 races the first starts at 13.00 (sheds open at 11.45)

Sunday 1st September - HYC seniors winter series race 11 (harbour race) starting at 10am - fleet start

Sunday 8th September - HYC juniors sailing - 2 races the first starts at 13.00 (sheds open at 11.45)

Sunday 15th September - HYC seniors winter series race 12 (harbour race) starting at 10am - fleet start

Sunday 22nd September - HYC juniors sailing - 2 races the first starts at 12.00 (sheds open at 10.45)

The list of all of the trophies and prizes awarded at HYC prize giving Saturday 8th June 2019

Dinghy racing at HYC on Sunday 9th June 2019

Seven Junior sailors turned up bright and early on Sunday morning, after a night of celebration at the Annual Prize-Giving the night before. Some of the adults found time to help with the debris from the previous night’s party, before the racing started. The decision was made to race south of the club, in Catalina Bay, to avoid the strong spring tide, which posed quite a challenge with the very light SW wind. Gill set a triangular course, with the start line from a Patrol boat and the leeward mark, and the finish line off the club flagpole well downwind of the course. This gave the sailors some valuable experience of finishing away from the course, and then sailing directly back to the starting area for the next race.

The first race saw the Starlings get round the course in 20 minutes, on a dying breeze, but the Firebugs got becalmed and took forever to finish. With just Cohen and Barnabas sailing the Firebugs, they entertained each other by playing eye spy, while drifting around. The Starlings were towed and tied up alongside the Patrol/Committee boat, and enjoyed the remains of the carrot cake from the Prize-Giving, while waiting for the new breeze to set in. Justine popped to the market and bought coffees for all the Race Management Team - thank you they were much appreciated!

As the coffee arrived the wind came too; so it required a quick concentration shift back to sailing and race 2 got under way. There was a big wind shift which made it a 3 leg fetch, so only one lap was sailed. A quick shift of the top mark to make a beat, and race 3 got underway. This was the best race, with the tide starting to ebb, a decent beat and a constant (but shifty) wind. The juniors are gradually learning to spot wind shifts, but they are prone to play at follow-my-leader, rather than think about where the best line is to the next mark. With such strong tides, often the shortest route is not the best one.

It was a real treat to eat up some of the left-overs from the previous night, because it was after 2pm, by the time the sailors came off the water. Thank you Justine for dishing it out, sending the kids outside to eat, and tidying up afterwards. Congratulations to James who was racing for the first time in his own Starling; he sailed better each race and went from 4th to 3rd and in the final race came a close 2nd to Harrison. Kieran won the other two Starling races, whilst the Firebugs saw Cohen getting two 1st and Barnabas the other 1st. The next dinghy racing is 23rd June, with the race start time at 10.30am and the shed open at 9.15am. Please make sure you get there early so that you can be ready for the briefing at 1000hours. This gives us the chance to sail an hour either side of high water, which is crucial with these Spring tides!

Gill Moore 
Dinghy Sailing Coordinator 

Seniors winter series programme

 Hello all,
This document is the Notice of Race(s) for the 2019 Winter series. It will cover all races for the winter season.
We are combining with the CCYC like last year and all races will be held on Sundays. The intent is for HYC to participate in both local and harbour races. 

The first race of 12 races is set for the 5th May and the series will conclude on the 15 September 2019. 

Refer to the attached CCYC programme for the list of dates/times. The times/race data are also bullet pointed below:

Local Races will start at 1300 hrs; Mark Foy Start. 
Harbour Races will start at 1000 hrs; Fleet Start.
The course will be indicated via a number posted on the start vessel. 
The start line is between the CCYC start vessel and the triangular yellow buoy. These will be located close to Taikata. 
Please keep clear of the start box until it is your start time for Mark Foy races.
The CCYC course lists and instructions are also included in this document. 
Remember to enter in the usual manner on the entry form at the club and pay the $5.00 entry fee. 
Please monitor channel 77 at all times.

Happy racing. 
Sean Munro
HYC Sailing Captain


HYC junior sailing programme

****Please note this is the updated version... No sailing on 21st July, however juniors will now be racing on 28th July!!!!!*******

HYC's Commodore Update

Hi to all members of the Hobsonville Yacht Club. 

2019 as you all know going to be a year of large changes for our club but at the end we will have a facility designed to be fit for purpose and a great asset for the Hobsonville Community as a whole.

 I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Greg, Stuart and Lisa for all the hard work they have put in on behalf of the Club to get us to this point. I suspect that a lot of our members are unaware of the literally hundreds of hours that our team, lead by Greg have put into ensuring the continuation of the Club and I wish to thank them on behalf of the club and personally.

As most will know the HLC has sold the area that we now occupy with the intention of building flats along the waterfront necessitating our moving.

Our current expected date for vacating the club is June/July this year, but this could change.

HLC have stated that they will supply facilities (port-a-com (s)) for the interim that will be suitable for the club to continue business as usual. The temporary building will contain a bar and kitchen but its exact layout/location has yet to be finalised as is the arrangements for the storage of the clubs dinghies, rescue boats etc. Nothing concrete has as yet been confirmed.

The intention at present is to build the new club adjacent to the grassed area on the right hand side of the area below Launch Rd. This was originally intended to include a jetty type pad extending into the harbour so as to ensure we had a big enough area to build on. This meet with a lot of resistance from different stake-holders whom do not want encroachment of the harbour seabed full stop.

A compromise has been suggested that a concrete pad cantilevered over the water that would give sufficient area for our proposed building. Whilst not approved at this stage it has found favour as a possible solution and is being considered.

There is also the intention to build a jetty that will give club members 2 meters of water at low tide and is suitable for the rowing Club to launch and retrieve their skiffs.  

The building platform, jetty and the supplying of utilities is all at the cost of the HLC and while not yet agreed to on paper is the intended path for all parties. Resource consent is another big one and up to 2 years to obtain it is more than possible.

So to finish up, a big year for us with a lot of changes happening as previously mentioned but also and most importantly a new beginning for the club that holds many possibilities for an exciting future.

Happy Sailing

Bruce Melvin

Need to clean your bum????

Why not try Floating Dock Services on X Pier in Westhaven who sponsored HYC's winter series races!!!!

Clinton who runs the floating dock service would like to remind all our members that if you plan to going sailing up north this summer you will need to have been cleaned (water blasted to get all of the gremlins off) within 30 days or less of leaving for your cruising trip.

(the only exception is for boats with new anti foul - they have a six months from the date that they were anti fouled)

****floating dock services are getting busy in the build up to the summer holidays, so best to book your clean early to avoid disappointment ****

Please make sure you mention that you are a member of HYC ... it will make him happy as it will show him it is worth while sponsoring us!!

Ps This is a great service for those of us who do not like having strap marks on our bottoms!!!!!!

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