Welcome to HYC

Welcome to HYC

Competitive sailing began at Hobsonville in the early 1930's which led to the formation of the Hobsonville Boating Club (HBC) in 1934. With the Defence amalgamation of Hobsonville and Whenuapai in 1966 to become RNZAF Base Auckland, the HBC was retitled RNZAF Base Auckland Yacht Club (RNZAF BAYC). However since the airforce base has moved from Hobsonville we are now known as The Hobsonville Yacht Club. Our aim is to keep the  tradition of recreational boating alive at Hobsonville.

We now also have a Facebook page - "Hobsonville Yacht Club"

Satisfaction and Waterwitch - from the archives

Please e-mail admin@hycnz.org.nz your images of HYC boats and sailing events

What is happening at HYC this week????

Just a quick reminder!!

Please could  all members  have their membership cards on their persons, and for all visitors to sign in when on HYC premises for the purposes of retaining our liquor license. 

Wednesday 19th July - Wednesday Club Night
The bar shall be open from 5pm until 9pm

Friday 21st July- Club Night 

The bar shall be open from 4-30 to 9-00 pm

Sunday 23rd July -  Club afternoon 

the bar shall be open 3-7pm

Future events at HYC.....

Sunday 30th July - Junior sailing race 5 at 10am

Sunday 30th July - HYC winter series race 4

Sunday 13th August - HYC winter series race 5

Sunday 13th August - Junior sailing race 6 at 10am

Sunday 27th August - HYC winter series race 6

Sunday 27th August - Junior sailing race 7 at 10am

Sunday 10th September - HYC winter series race 7

Sunday 10th September - Junior sailing race 8 at 10am

Sunday 24th September - HYC winter series race 8 (the final race of the winter series)

Sunday 24th September - Reserve day for Junior sailing

Friday 29th September - Junior sailing working Bee at 5pm

HYC winter series race 3 - Sunday 16th July 2017


1st - Eye Spy
DNF – Escape (single handed)
DNF - Nona

Race report from Nona

My crew today is David and Bronwyn. The breeze is light (SWish)and could get lighter, the sun is shining and it is not raining. The amended course is Bayswater and home – this prompts the call from Nona’s cockpit that Trevor ES will owe me a ginger beer if we don’t finish.

The tide is strong and running out so we stay back so that we don’t cross early. Escape takes the start, he is single handed (obviously doesn’t need crew), Eye Spy next and then us. The wind is reasonably steady around 8 to 11 knots up to Kauri Point and as we sail around the corner and off the wind the wind is starting to soften. We  two sail up to the bridge, managing to pass Escape, who is flying a gennaker. Through the bridge and heading towards Bayswater there is also another fleet sailing on the Bayswater side to keep out of the tide. Finally we round the buoy and harden the sails with the wind around 5-6 knots and join the other fleet on Bayswater side of the harbour. Several dips and two tacks  through the fleet and we get to the bridge still having to dip to go through. Thanks Escape for not making me tack.

The steadily softening wind is on the nose so it is several tacks to Kauri, and trying to stay out of the tide. Around the Point and ES is well ahead and the wind gage is saying 5knts. We crack the sheets for the home ward run and watch as the wind gauge falls and the speed slows. We get to the mooring area at Hobsonville and our speed starts to fall from 2.5 knots. Escape is slowly hauling us in as he is running along the mud line. Any thoughts of pushing him up are dashed as our speed reads 1.2 knots, the same as the tide .

Escape then comes and sits 30 feet behind us and there is not a puff of wind anywhere. It is almost 5 oclock and the temperature is falling and then we start to both drift backwards. Sorry Escape - motor on and head to the mooring. No result for us or Escape, congratulations Eye Spy on finishing and you owe me a ginger beer.

Thanks to The tower crew and Corrina for heating some pizza for us and congratulations for Trevor, Escape coming out to play on his own.

Winner of the Floating Dock Services lift and clean – the “mighty” Nona

Race report from EYE SPY:
Well……..we had the weather for it but not the numbers.

The fleet consisted of Escape (single handed) . Nona and Eye Spy. On board Eye Spy is JK, Lisa and I. I also see that Nona has three on board.
There was a good breeze so a unanimous decision about a course to Bayswater was decided. That’s my story and I am sticking to it!!

It looked like we wouldn’t get any more than 10-15 knts so we hoisted the No.1 headsail with full main. I hoped to get the kite up on the way to Kauri point. The best we could do was a beam reach at times. The kite went up after Kauri point in order to maintain a comfortable lead over the other two entrants. I did note that Trev put extras up single handed…….well done mate! Great kite work from my crew and we fly it all the way to Bays water, drop, gybe then hard on the wind all the way back to Kauri point. We may have tacked once or twice as there was a fast outgoing tide. From there it was cracked sheets all the way to the finish. My concerns about Nona and Escape finishing came true. The wind was dying as the sun got lower. In the end it was a great day for a sail. Thanks Lisa and JK. Another 1st place for Eye Spy…………..nice.

HYC AGM news and new officers for 2107-2018


Commodore  - Trevor Higgins
V Commodore – Mark Jones
R Commodore – Nigel Watkins
Treasurer –          Craig McMillan
Secretary -           Denise Ellis
Communications officer - Samantha Leach
Bar Manager -    Tim Mann
Property Officer -  Bruce Melvin
Safety Officer – TBA
House Officer -  Cristin Swain

Sailing Committee

Junior – Shaun Munroe, Gary Matthews
Div 1  - TBA
Div 2  Stuart Wills
Div 5  Trevor May
House Committee???????????????????? Contact Cristin if you want to be involved
Membership Fees!!
Senior (voting rights)   $150.00
Associate                          $50.00
Junior                                 $30.00

Membership for 2016/2017 ENDS 31 August 2017.
Membership for 2017/2018 = 01 September 2017 to 31 August 2018
Post . P.O.B 81046
Direct payment = 12 3072 0512623 000
Name and initials in reference field
A nomination for life membership of Hobsonville Yacht Club was made from the floor. David and Corinna Meek were UNAINOMUSLY AWARDED LIFE MEMBERSHIP FOR THEIR CONSIDERABLE TIME AND EFFORTS IN SUPPORTING AND PROMOTING HYC.

HYC junior sailing progamme.

The juniors start sailing a couple of week before the keelers, however you will note that after that the juniors will be sailing on the same days as the HYC winter series.   (juniors at 10am and then the keelers at 13.00).

It will be great to have the young and the old racing on the same day and no doubt we will all be able to learn a few things from each other!!!

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