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Waiemata Cup (race to Riverhead) 
1st Eric King, 2nd/3rd places still being debated?!

Inebriates Trophy (race back from Riverhead) 
1st Keith Flemming, 2nd Mark Jones, 3rd Eric King

Morris Cup (closing day) 
1st Keith Flemming, 2nd Johm Emm, 3rd Lea Moore


Ice Cube Trophy 
1st Firsty – Craig McMillan,2nd Status – George Higgins,  3rd Eye Spy – Trevor May

Morris Cup Handicap (winner of Opening day) 
1st Eye Spy – Trevor May,2nd Ti Rangi – Steve Old, 3rd Escape – Trevor Higgins

Shipwright Trophy (handicap series sailed within the harbour limits)
1st Eye Spy – Trevor May, 2nd Nona – Denise Ellis, 3rd Firsty – Craig McMillan

Munro Cup (handicap winner of the 50 mile classic race)
1st Nona- Denise Ellis, 2nd Eye Spy – Trevor May, 3rd Waterwitch – Gary Matthews

Ladies Race (handicap race with a female helm)
1st Nona – Bronwyn Colquhoun, 2nd Eye Spy – Gill Moore, 3rd Phantasy

J.M. Ellis Cup (handicap winner of the night race to Kawau Island)
1st Firsty – Craig McMillan, 2nd Eye Spy – Trevor May

Wayward Trophy (overall points winner of handicap cruising Series)
1st Six Gun Justice – Duncan & Samantha Leach, 2nd Eye Spy – Trevor May, 3rd Young Entertainer – Darcy Blackmoore

Greenhithe Trophy – Presented to the skipper of the yacht gaining best points for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places for the Shipwright, Wayward, Kawau Night race, 100 miler and 50 Miler
1st Trevor May

Ida Trophy -  Division 5 Champion. Awarded to the skipper of the yacht gaining the best points total from Shipwright, Wayward, Kawau night Race, 100 miler and 50 miler
1st Trevor May

Minature Cup - (winner of closing day race)
1st Eye Spy – Trevor May, 2nd Nona – Denise Ellis, 3rd – Waterwitch – Gary Matthews


Lauthala Bay Trophy – for the most improved helmsman/helmswoman
Darcy Blackmoore

Rob Parr Memorial Trophy – Match racing contest
1st Pants off – Blair Smeal, 2nd Far Canal – Gary Swain, 3rd Eye Spy – Trevor May

Walker Trophy – The HYC Club Champion
Trevor May

Anthony Higgins Memorial Trophy –Awarded  to the yacht crew member/s who best epitomizes the quality of good crew membership during the prizegiving year.
Duncan & Samantha Leach

The Field and de Lange Cup – For the club member, who best contributed to the team spirit within the club
Gill Moore

A presentation of the HYC  flag and junior membership of HYC was initiated by Gary Matthews to recognise Niall Maloney’s contribution to the Junior Sailing Program!

Have A Go Day - 1st February 2015

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What an amazing day we had a HYC for our Have A Go Day - it would not have been possible without the help of Yachting New Zealand the HYC volunteers, sea cadets, support from Hobsonville point, the Hobsonville famers Market and of course all those of you that turned up and had A go ..or two or three or maybe four and even five goes!!! 

From Yachting New Zealand - Stuart, Kim & Reuben. Gary Swain - HYC Commodore, Gill Moore - sailing coordinator , Niall Molone - awesome dingy sailor and Samantha Leach - HYC communications officer.. and many many more.. thank you for making our day so successful!

We look forward to seeing you all again very soon!

We have uploaded all of the photos onto our facebook page!

Night Race to Kawau - BBq on the beach - January 2015

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It was a slow race to Kawau compared with last year!  However the crews on the boats were up for the challenge and rarring to go.  However with the breeze dropping and darkness coming upon us we had a number of retirements.

Well done to Firsty for coming First!  And to Eye Spy for their determination .. they finished at 05.33am and came 2nd!  

From Our House Officer

This was the first time that we combined our Kawau weekend with Bucklands Beach Yacht Club and the party certainly went off with a bang.  Despite the slow sail up on Friday night and everyone arriving in the wee hours, it was great to see a good turn-out on the beach for the Saturday bbq.
I was particularly impressed with the creativity of the costumes and the effort that people went to – everything from naughty priests & nuns to escaped convicts.  Best dressed prizes went to David Meek for his Bishop costume – how did that bishops cap stay on?   I apologise to all the ladies for not having a best dressed female prize but I absolutely think that Rob deserved a prize for his outfit even though I’m still not sure what he was meant to be – he had lipstick on, so he qualified as a girl lol.  And the best dressed crew went to Satisfaction for their shackled convicts – how did they get in and out of the dinghy?

A big thanks to Bucklands Beach for their party games and getting us involved, and sharing their prizes.  
As night fell, and the crowd thinned out on the beach, a lot of people ‘drifted’ off to Satisfaction & Morning Glory to carry on the party into the small hours (obviously some had had an afternoon nap) – I felt sorry for the neighbouring boats!
All in all, a fantastic weekend, with the continuing sunshine and the additional delight of having orcas come into the bay on the Saturday morning, for those of us that were up and about at 8am.
Looking forward to next year!

HYC Prize Giving Saturday 17th May 2014

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On Saturday night it was HYC's annual prize giving.  The house commitee triumphed with the Teppanyaki  dinner and the band.  

We had an excellent turn out for the night, it was great to see our members swap their sailing gear for their glad-rags!!  

Big cups 

and small cups were awarded....

but everyone got to enjoy the success of their fellow club members....

Many thanks to our club sponsors Craig and Tanya Torckler of Westpark Chandlery.

Trevor May was once again HYC club champion.. well done Trev!!!!

A full list of all the prizes awarded on Saturday night shall be published soon!

Closing Day - Saturday 3rd May 2014

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Saturday 3rd May - Closing Day


We had a great turn out for the closing day racing with nine boats entering - a pity that Mother nature did not join in by giving the fleet some more wind!!  

It was a mark foy start with Isis start on -10 minutes, followed by Che  on 0 and so on with Young Entertaining starting last!  Some of the boats did not have great starts.. but used their time to perform good deeds such as pulling boats Kentucky Woman off the mud and photographing the fleet slowly sail past. 

It was a frustrating day on the water however the Big Blue boat (who retired when they noticed that the tide was taking them backwards) did her best to keep the other boats entertained!!!

Unfortunately only four of the nine boats managed to finish.  Well done to Blue Beat won the race, followed by Firsty, Nona and Eye Spy.

ANZAC day 2014

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Many of our members took the opportunity to go cruising on their boats during the Easter period leading up to ANZAC day on Friday.

And then on Friday it was ANZAC day which allowed our members to reflect on New Zealand service people who have died protecting our county as well as those who continue to serve in the NZ forces.

This is our club member Arthur Pene's thoughts on ANZAC day:

Kia Ora,

Today we remember all our whanau who were killed fighting for our freedom and how we live today.

I think of my Great Grand uncle Charles Rangiwawahia who was at Gallipoli on this day, he was killed in Belgium.

I also think of my dad's two brothers Uncle Pani and Jim who were killed in Italy. We had other uncles that were killed and others like my dad and his cousins who fought in WW2 and returned home as changed young men and what they went through while they were on active service.

To them all, it is a day that we salute and honour these men.

Tena Kautau Katoa

Friday  25th April - ANZAC day

A brief history of ANZAC Day

Anzac Day occurs on 25 April. It commemorates all New Zealanders killed in war and also honours returned servicemen and women.

 Remembering Gallipoli, 1916
 Anzac art 1916

 The date itself marks the anniversary of the landing of New Zealand and Australian soldiers – the Anzacs – on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915. The aim was to capture the Dardanelles, the gateway to the Bosphorus and the Black Sea. At the end of the campaign, Gallipoli was still held by its Turkish defenders.

 Thousands lost their lives in the Gallipoli campaign: 87,000 Turks, 44,000 men from France and the British Empire, including 8500 Australians. To this day, Australia also marks the events of 25 April. Among the dead were 2721 New Zealanders, almost one in four of those who served on Gallipoli.

 It may have led to a military defeat, but for many New Zealanders then and since, the Gallipoli landings meant the beginning of something else – a feeling that New Zealand had a role as a distinct nation, even as it fought on the other side of the world in the name of the British Empire.

 Anzac Day was first marked in 1916. The day has gone through many changes since then. The ceremonies that are held at war memorials up and down New Zealand, or in places overseas where New Zealanders gather, remain rich in tradition and ritual befitting a military funeral.

Saturday 12th April - Wayward 4

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Start at Taikarta with CWCYC                                                                                                    
Division 3 Wayward 4                     1100   
Division 5 Wayward 4                     1100

On Saturday we had a joint wayward with Clearwater Cove Yacht club to Owhanake Bay which is on  the West end of Waiheke Island, just past Matiatia.  

We had four boats racing - Blue Beat, Isis, Eye Spy & Renisssance (Stranger met the boats up at Owhanake Bay).  All of our boats and also CWCYC boats were double handed with the exception of Isis who had their small children racing with them.

John Wicks (CWCYC) did the start boat &  Steve McCabe (our friendly Rigger) on Coastal Rover was the finish boat.

 There was a potluck dinner on the beach - where both clubs mingled.

Saturday 5th April - Golden Rivet 3 (the decider for the trophy)

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Saturday  5th April - Golden Rivet 3 (the decider for the trophy)    

The final Golden Rivet race for divisions 3 & 5 was held on Saturday. There was everything to race for... as it was 1 point to HYC & 1 point to CCY.

Great day on and off the water on Saturday for the final race for the Golden Rivet Trophy. HYC entered seven boats, while Clearwater Cove entered six boats. 

The results are done on the first five boats to finish, 1st Young Entertainer HYC (who were also the fastest boat around the course), 2nd Nona HYC, 3rd Shekinah CCY, 4th Tai Rangi HYC & 5th Satisfaction HYC!! Therefore HYC retain The Golden Rivet Trophy for another year. 

Well done to all those who raced and also to the committees of both yacht clubs who made the event happen!  Thank you to the start boat crew on Sirena

1st: Young Entertainer 1:25:00 12* 1:13:00
2nd: Nona 1:26:06 05* 1:21:06
3rd: Shekinah 1:27:40 07* 1:20:40
4th: Tai Rangi 1:28:43 -03* 1:31:43
5th: Satisfaction 1:29:24 10 1:19:24
6th: Gaucho 1:30:05 10 1:20:05
7th: Freestyle 1:31:24 06* 1:25:24
8th: Cracka 1:31:55 09 1:22:55
9th: Eye Spy 1:32:40 12 1:20:40
10th: Blue Beat 1:33:41 10 1:23:41
11th: Waterwitch 1:33:49 12* 1:21:49
12th: Wild Horses 1:35:04 11 1:24:04
13th: Isis 2:02:57 00 2:02:57
*Two/single handed, no extras.

Fastest Boat: 1st:Young Entertainer, 2nd:satisfaction, 3rd: Gaucho

Best Start: 1st: Freestyle, + 2 sec, 2nd=:Gaucho/Satisfaction, + 5 sec., 
3rd: Cracka, + 6 sec.

(please note this is not the actual trophy)

PPC Mullet Boats

Also six mullet boats raced down to HYC - they were welcomed by Satisfaction who then became a mother ship for Tamatea.  Our members made them welcome and our bar quenched their thirsts!  We look forward to them visiting us again.

HYC Fishing Contest Saturday 29th March 2014

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Saturday 29th March - Fishing Contest

Prizes for the fishing contest on Saturday - kindly sponsored by FCO and Alloy yachts.

It was a  great day out on the water. No wind, no tide (what was that all about??) and sadly not a huge number of legal fish, there were a lot that got put back.

Was a great day out on the water, pity about the fishing but the beer was cold and there was ice for the rum!!"  Stephen Watkins organiser of the HYC fishing contest

Prize giving for the fishing contest - photograph taken by Jos Ford.

A big thank you to Alloy Yachts and FCO for the prizes and StephenWatkins for organising the event.

Fishy tales by Jos Ford on Eye Spy 

It was an early start, the sun wasn't even up but the skipper said competition starts at 0700 and we all know that he hates to be late across the start line. Surprisingly the crew were there first, paid up and ready to go. (Lost that bet).
Tactics were discussed in the dingy... get out there first, get a line in then get the skipper to cook breakfast.
The first likely spot selected, engine on full throttle and lucky it wasn't a motorboat race somehow Stranger and others had made it to our spot first, never mind, anchor down, rods out.
I didn't know until Saturday that snapper are attracted to the smell of well-cooked toast, bacon and eggs on a plate resulting in man overboard, unfortunately the knife drowned and the fish was undersize so went back to be caught another day.

It was a day of lots of bites but not much taking the hook and even less worth keeping. Still the sun was shining, there was no breeze, so we couldn't be sailing, almost no tide and the company of friends on their boats nearby as we stooged around the upper harbour in search of that elusive big snapper, all in all a perfect day on the water.  

On Eye Spy we all caught snapper worth weighing and all managed prizes except for the skipper who decided he wanted a kingi, his prize goes to the yellow-tail who swam all day with a hook in his back, had several trips in the bucket and then kept on swimming, RIP little fellow.

Thanks Steve for organising the comp & to the social committee for organising the pizzas.

HYC Match Racing 22nd March 2014

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On saturday we had our famous match racing!!!!
 in conjunction with Hobsonville  Yacht Club 22 March 2014, 10.00 start
Craig Torckler kindly contribute over $1000 dollars worth of prizes from top brands through out the marine industry.

The match racing was once again a very popular day with eight teams entered and could not have been done without our sponsors Craig & Tanya Torckler. 

And also TREVOR HIGGINS will be the Sailing Officer for the day with help from Gary Matthews and friends, Bruce & Hilton who let us use Morning Glory as the committee boat.  Craig Tockler and Trevor May for loaning their boats for the racing. Raynor and Eric who were the umpires for the day, and also Jonathan & Denis who took crews to and from the boats. Jos Ford who was our film maker & photographer for the day.  Not forgetting Blair who once again organised the whole day!
There are eight teams entered!!!!!
  • Force Eight
  • Pants Off!!
  • Eye Spy
  • The Unsatisfied Ladies
  • Far Canal
  • Retail Reprobates
  • Urban Cowboy
  • Stranger
There was not much wind for the racing which meant it was a tricky day on the water, but this did not stop our teams being competitive... and the semi finals and finals kept the umpires busy. 

However there could be only one winner - congratulations to Colin Rickett and his team "Urban Cowboy"

 The top four teams were:

1st Urban Cowboy
2nd Eye Spy
3rd Pants off!!
4th Far Canals

All in all it was a great day at HYC with close competitive sailing, superb organisation and a fun day for everyone involved.

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