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Waiemata Cup (race to Riverhead) 
1st Eric King, 2nd/3rd places still being debated?!

Inebriates Trophy (race back from Riverhead) 
1st Keith Flemming, 2nd Mark Jones, 3rd Eric King

Morris Cup (closing day) 
1st Keith Flemming, 2nd Johm Emm, 3rd Lea Moore


Ice Cube Trophy 
1st Firsty – Craig McMillan,2nd Status – George Higgins,  3rd Eye Spy – Trevor May

Morris Cup Handicap (winner of Opening day) 
1st Eye Spy – Trevor May,2nd Ti Rangi – Steve Old, 3rd Escape – Trevor Higgins

Shipwright Trophy (handicap series sailed within the harbour limits)
1st Eye Spy – Trevor May, 2nd Nona – Denise Ellis, 3rd Firsty – Craig McMillan

Munro Cup (handicap winner of the 50 mile classic race)
1st Nona- Denise Ellis, 2nd Eye Spy – Trevor May, 3rd Waterwitch – Gary Matthews

Ladies Race (handicap race with a female helm)
1st Nona – Bronwyn Colquhoun, 2nd Eye Spy – Gill Moore, 3rd Phantasy

J.M. Ellis Cup (handicap winner of the night race to Kawau Island)
1st Firsty – Craig McMillan, 2nd Eye Spy – Trevor May

Wayward Trophy (overall points winner of handicap cruising Series)
1st Six Gun Justice – Duncan & Samantha Leach, 2nd Eye Spy – Trevor May, 3rd Young Entertainer – Darcy Blackmoore

Greenhithe Trophy – Presented to the skipper of the yacht gaining best points for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places for the Shipwright, Wayward, Kawau Night race, 100 miler and 50 Miler
1st Trevor May

Ida Trophy -  Division 5 Champion. Awarded to the skipper of the yacht gaining the best points total from Shipwright, Wayward, Kawau night Race, 100 miler and 50 miler
1st Trevor May

Minature Cup - (winner of closing day race)
1st Eye Spy – Trevor May, 2nd Nona – Denise Ellis, 3rd – Waterwitch – Gary Matthews


Lauthala Bay Trophy – for the most improved helmsman/helmswoman
Darcy Blackmoore

Rob Parr Memorial Trophy – Match racing contest
1st Pants off – Blair Smeal, 2nd Far Canal – Gary Swain, 3rd Eye Spy – Trevor May

Walker Trophy – The HYC Club Champion
Trevor May

Anthony Higgins Memorial Trophy –Awarded  to the yacht crew member/s who best epitomizes the quality of good crew membership during the prizegiving year.
Duncan & Samantha Leach

The Field and de Lange Cup – For the club member, who best contributed to the team spirit within the club
Gill Moore

A presentation of the HYC  flag and junior membership of HYC was initiated by Gary Matthews to recognise Niall Maloney’s contribution to the Junior Sailing Program!