HYC Fishing Contest Saturday 29th March 2014

posted Apr 6, 2014, 4:35 PM by Admin hycnz
Saturday 29th March - Fishing Contest

Prizes for the fishing contest on Saturday - kindly sponsored by FCO and Alloy yachts.

It was a  great day out on the water. No wind, no tide (what was that all about??) and sadly not a huge number of legal fish, there were a lot that got put back.

Was a great day out on the water, pity about the fishing but the beer was cold and there was ice for the rum!!"  Stephen Watkins organiser of the HYC fishing contest

Prize giving for the fishing contest - photograph taken by Jos Ford.

A big thank you to Alloy Yachts and FCO for the prizes and StephenWatkins for organising the event.

Fishy tales by Jos Ford on Eye Spy 

It was an early start, the sun wasn't even up but the skipper said competition starts at 0700 and we all know that he hates to be late across the start line. Surprisingly the crew were there first, paid up and ready to go. (Lost that bet).
Tactics were discussed in the dingy... get out there first, get a line in then get the skipper to cook breakfast.
The first likely spot selected, engine on full throttle and lucky it wasn't a motorboat race somehow Stranger and others had made it to our spot first, never mind, anchor down, rods out.
I didn't know until Saturday that snapper are attracted to the smell of well-cooked toast, bacon and eggs on a plate resulting in man overboard, unfortunately the knife drowned and the fish was undersize so went back to be caught another day.

It was a day of lots of bites but not much taking the hook and even less worth keeping. Still the sun was shining, there was no breeze, so we couldn't be sailing, almost no tide and the company of friends on their boats nearby as we stooged around the upper harbour in search of that elusive big snapper, all in all a perfect day on the water.  

On Eye Spy we all caught snapper worth weighing and all managed prizes except for the skipper who decided he wanted a kingi, his prize goes to the yellow-tail who swam all day with a hook in his back, had several trips in the bucket and then kept on swimming, RIP little fellow.

Thanks Steve for organising the comp & to the social committee for organising the pizzas.