Match Racing - Saturday 22nd March 2014

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 in conjunction with Hobsonville  Yacht Club 22 March 2014, 10.00 start
Craig Torckler has been kind enough to contribute over $1000 dollars worth of prizes from top brands through out the marine industry.

Supporting sponsors, Oceansouth, Akzo Nobel, Engel, Dirty dog, Hobsonville Travel lift, Harken, Advance Marine Spraying & Styles Ahead.
The famous "I don't take any bollocks from any body" TREVOR HIGGINS will be the Sailing Officer for the day. Any power boat owner willing to let the club use their boat as the committee boat will be greatly appreciated. (please say yes Bruce and Hilton on Morning Glory).
ELIGIBILITY...Any Skipper who can provide an extensive C.V of close quarter sailing on YACHTS from Hobsonville Yacht Club AND Clearwater Yacht Club.
Craig Torckler has entered the yacht he sails on for the CCYC "WILD CARD" she is very light having nothing down below but tired sails.
THE OTHER YACHT FROM HYC IS YET TO BE DETERMINED... (Volunteers are encouraged to register immediately) After approval from the executive committee, there will be a free haul out and water blast the week before the regatta as per previous years.
CREW.... An absolute minimum of 3 crew and a skipper on the boat at all times. ( If Eye Spy enters the regatta a token galley wench by the name of Joss will be onboard handing out refreshments. She will not be counted as crew....)
INTERESTED TEAMS..... To be written on HYC white board no later than Monday 17th March with team name and skippers C.V along with contact details.
COURSE..... We endeavour to sail outside the HYC to entertain our 3 regular spectators but if wind is not favourable a true windward leeward will be set down harbour. A mother ship will be appreciated to keep all crew in one area to make transfers fast. (I hope Satisfaction will come to the party or be entertained on a young/ fortyish entertainer) 
UMPIRES..... Those with the qualifications of being ranked number one in the world feel free to apply. If the application is early enough, a few reds notes may come your way (possible match fixing????)
OTHER INFORMATION.... The briefing will be either on the morning of the regatta or the Friday night before depending on number of entrants. We aim to get started early in order to finish at gentleman hours to have a good prizegiving (thanks to Westpark/Hobsonville Point Chandlery) and drink a few sparkling malt waters.
Any questions or queries please contact the first team Blair.

There are eight teams entered!!!!!
  • Force Eight
  • Pants Off!!
  • Eye Spy
  • The Unsatisfied Ladies
  • Far Canal
  • Retail Reprobates
  • Urban Cowboy
  • Stranger
Match Race Briefing,
Saturday, 0945 sharp in the Clubrooms.
Each Crew must have a team representative present for this briefing.
Racing under ISAF rules with the following exceptions;
Penalties will be a 360 degree turn performed anytime before the finish.
Collisions between boats will lead to the disqualification from the series for the crew/crews judged responsible!!!!

Race Committee

Hobsonville Yacht Club Match Racing Course & Rules  2014

The match racing will be conducted in two Young 88 yachts over a windward leeward course as shown below,

We will race under the usual ISAF rules with the following changes.

Penalty turns will be 360° and may be completed any time before the finish unless two penalties have been awarded against  you in which case one must be completed immediately

In the event of a collision one or both crews will be disqualified from the series.

We will have an on the water umpire. If you believe the other boat has infringed the rules someone on your boat must wave the protest flag (red) and shout loudly “Protest” (ensure the umpire has seen your flag). The umpire boat will show either an all clear flag (green) or assign a penalty to the infringing boat (orange/blue). Penalties against both boats will cancel each other out.

The start sequence will be the usual 5 min sequence  commencing 1 minute after the lowering of the answering pennant  

Teams will race in two pools of four with a semi final and final involving the top two teams of each pool.

The team numbers for the next race will be displayed on the start boat up to the start of each race. Please be ready to go.

The "Wildcard" all tidied up, returning to the tide just in time for the Match racing with Hobsonville Yacht Club.