Working Bee - Saturday 2nd February

posted Nov 13, 2009, 4:16 PM by Admin hycnz   [ updated Feb 17, 2013, 5:35 PM ]
 Bee Working will be held down at the Clubrooms this Saturday 2nd February - 9am start.  

The Club House needs a spring clean inside and most importantly outside.  John Key will be walking around the hardstand area on Sunday for the opening of the new ferry terminal, so we need the yacht club to be looking at its best.


  1. Remove all trailer sailors and cradles from the sea wall and place in our fenced compound - (this is a requirement of HLC and needs to be done by Saturday) 
  2. Relocate dingy rack to inside our fenced compound
  3. All boats and structures inside our fenced compound need to be lined up straight and in order
  4. The compound fence needs to be straight and tidy
  5. All areas need to be swept, rubbish removed and cobwebs removed
  6. All the windows need to be cleaned
  7. The canvas covers outside the toilets need to be cleaned
  8. Smoking room needs to be cleaned from top to bottom - its a mess so lets do it right
  9. Plants and flowers need attention - Darcy to buy new flowers Saturday morning
  10. The inside of the club needs to be tidied, old posters removed, crap removed from bar and around the floor
  11. It would also be nice if we could paint the outside of the plywood double doors white - so that they do not stand out as much when you drive down the road.

Shouldn't take long if we all chip in.

Successful Working BEE

The Working Bee on Saturday was a huge success, with over 30 club members turning up to lend a hand/ grinder/ welder/ trailor/ paint brush/ water can etc.  

Work was meant to start at 9am, however a few very busy bees started earlier, and work stopped at approx 1.30pm.  Which by my calculations means that we did over 135 hours work.  

Sharon and Corina's sausage sizzle was very much appreciated.   Such thirsty work meant that commodore's shout did not last too long!

P.s Darcy planted some lovely flowers - please feel free to admire them and also water them when you are next at the club!