Night Race to Kawau - BBq on the beach - January 2015

posted Feb 8, 2015, 1:22 PM by Admin hycnz
It was a slow race to Kawau compared with last year!  However the crews on the boats were up for the challenge and rarring to go.  However with the breeze dropping and darkness coming upon us we had a number of retirements.

Well done to Firsty for coming First!  And to Eye Spy for their determination .. they finished at 05.33am and came 2nd!  

From Our House Officer

This was the first time that we combined our Kawau weekend with Bucklands Beach Yacht Club and the party certainly went off with a bang.  Despite the slow sail up on Friday night and everyone arriving in the wee hours, it was great to see a good turn-out on the beach for the Saturday bbq.
I was particularly impressed with the creativity of the costumes and the effort that people went to – everything from naughty priests & nuns to escaped convicts.  Best dressed prizes went to David Meek for his Bishop costume – how did that bishops cap stay on?   I apologise to all the ladies for not having a best dressed female prize but I absolutely think that Rob deserved a prize for his outfit even though I’m still not sure what he was meant to be – he had lipstick on, so he qualified as a girl lol.  And the best dressed crew went to Satisfaction for their shackled convicts – how did they get in and out of the dinghy?

A big thanks to Bucklands Beach for their party games and getting us involved, and sharing their prizes.  
As night fell, and the crowd thinned out on the beach, a lot of people ‘drifted’ off to Satisfaction & Morning Glory to carry on the party into the small hours (obviously some had had an afternoon nap) – I felt sorry for the neighbouring boats!
All in all, a fantastic weekend, with the continuing sunshine and the additional delight of having orcas come into the bay on the Saturday morning, for those of us that were up and about at 8am.
Looking forward to next year!