Night Race To Kawau - Jim Ellis Cup

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HYC had the annual Night Race to Kawau, competing for the Jim Ellis Cup.  We had six boats racing - Young Entertainer, Eye Spy, Nona, Satisfaction, Blue Beat and Renaissance.  Clearwater also raced with us and they too had a good number of boats racing.  It was a great night for racing with light airs and clear skies.


1st Nona - Winner of the Jim Ellis Cup!!!
2nd Eye Spy
3rd Young Entertainer
4th Satisfaction
5th Blue Beat
6th Renaissance

Prizes shall be awarded on Sunday after racing

Race reports on the "race report page!!!!"
Dingy Race 3pm Saturday

We had a dingy race on Saturday afternoon in which we had eight teams competing.  Pete Robinson (sailing captain) organised the rules, in which the object of the race was for each crew to tow another dingy (containing two crew) around the course - however the crew being towed could row against their opposition and fill their dingy up with water ballast to make it heavier... And then the crew who towed rowed their opposition around the course.  The object to win was to be the fastest crew to tow their opposition around the course!

It was great fun and many of the boats anchored up in Mansion house watched the dingy racing with fascination.

Cow-wow anniversary weekend report from the House Officer

The theme for the Saturday night party was Cowboys and Indians and it was great to see how many of the club members put a lot of effort into their costumes.  I can safely say that everyone had a ‘cow’ of a time especially the random kids who somehow got hold of our water guns - they had great fun chasing Mark Jones around the park.

The winners of the best dressed were:

Crew – Eye Spy – Joss and her cow-boys were definitely thinking outside the square

Male – Scott – was that a bondage horse?

Female – Joss – made a very convincing Indian

The lasso competition was a hit although it’s obviously a lot harder than you would think, despite the fact that the lovely pink mare got herself stuck in the fence and was immobile.  Well done to Commodore Gary for getting 3 out of 3 and to Dana for being the only female to lasso the horse.

And of course the food was plentiful and the drinks flowing -  we were clearly having a much better time than the boat club (Bucklands Beach?) partying in the other area of the reserve because they made noises about combining with us next year – they should be so lucky!
Looking forward to next year!

BBQ on the beach

On saturday night we had our annual BBQ on the beach at Mansion House.  This years theme was "Cowboys and Indians".

Our social committee provided snacks and entertainment; including a lasso competition and can shooting (using a water pistol).

For the second year in a row "Eye Spy" won the best dressed crew!  Jos Ford won the best dressed woman and Scott from Gr8fun won the best dressed man!
Eye Spy - best dressed crew!!

Scott of Gr8fun and his crew!