Saturday 5th April - Golden Rivet 3 (the decider for the trophy)

posted May 4, 2014, 5:53 PM by Admin hycnz
Saturday  5th April - Golden Rivet 3 (the decider for the trophy)    

The final Golden Rivet race for divisions 3 & 5 was held on Saturday. There was everything to race for... as it was 1 point to HYC & 1 point to CCY.

Great day on and off the water on Saturday for the final race for the Golden Rivet Trophy. HYC entered seven boats, while Clearwater Cove entered six boats. 

The results are done on the first five boats to finish, 1st Young Entertainer HYC (who were also the fastest boat around the course), 2nd Nona HYC, 3rd Shekinah CCY, 4th Tai Rangi HYC & 5th Satisfaction HYC!! Therefore HYC retain The Golden Rivet Trophy for another year. 

Well done to all those who raced and also to the committees of both yacht clubs who made the event happen!  Thank you to the start boat crew on Sirena

1st: Young Entertainer 1:25:00 12* 1:13:00
2nd: Nona 1:26:06 05* 1:21:06
3rd: Shekinah 1:27:40 07* 1:20:40
4th: Tai Rangi 1:28:43 -03* 1:31:43
5th: Satisfaction 1:29:24 10 1:19:24
6th: Gaucho 1:30:05 10 1:20:05
7th: Freestyle 1:31:24 06* 1:25:24
8th: Cracka 1:31:55 09 1:22:55
9th: Eye Spy 1:32:40 12 1:20:40
10th: Blue Beat 1:33:41 10 1:23:41
11th: Waterwitch 1:33:49 12* 1:21:49
12th: Wild Horses 1:35:04 11 1:24:04
13th: Isis 2:02:57 00 2:02:57
*Two/single handed, no extras.

Fastest Boat: 1st:Young Entertainer, 2nd:satisfaction, 3rd: Gaucho

Best Start: 1st: Freestyle, + 2 sec, 2nd=:Gaucho/Satisfaction, + 5 sec., 
3rd: Cracka, + 6 sec.

(please note this is not the actual trophy)

PPC Mullet Boats

Also six mullet boats raced down to HYC - they were welcomed by Satisfaction who then became a mother ship for Tamatea.  Our members made them welcome and our bar quenched their thirsts!  We look forward to them visiting us again.