For sale, for rent and wanted!!!

Drofin 13hp Diesel Marine Engine **PRICE REDUCED -BUY NOW FOR $100 & 1 BOX OF CARLSBERG!!!!!****Sold!!!!

This sweet little Italian thumper has done more miles the Pope mobile. 
With the Engine casing Resplendent in Faux mustard one will notice the addition of The Tropic orange full mechanical gear box which was replaced in 2011.
In the words of an award winning architect “ This juxtaposition of colours accented by the orange injector saddle and white air filters is pure genius” he goes on to add “ the carbon marking caused by a previous unseated injector reflects the its rustic roots as a tractor engine in the Tuscan country side.” 

Cast in magnesium alloy by the Francisco monks ( and one frisky nun) its’s light weight design and unsettling clunky running noise should scare every one of its 13 horses right out of the farm gate. At revolutions above 5 its decisive unbalanced nature has caused so much vibration, many whales have beached themselves rather than stay in the sea any longer. In a statement from the New Zealand department of conservation “We once had a vessel powered by a droffin cruising 20 miles offshore past golden bay at the top of the south island. This caused such a large number of whales to strand that we had to sell them to the Japanese.” 

With no heat exchanger, thus sucking seawater straight through its inner workings the drofin attempts to pollute the water column in even the most pristine of environments. Once you throw caution to the wind and push the throttle past 10 rpm you will note the beginnings of what you may think is the apocalypse. In the words of a war hardened veteran “ no, no this is surely the end” 


The engine has been removed for re powering from a marauder 8.4 and was in working order however I would not recommend installing it without a full professional mechanical check. 

Maybe good for hard to find parts, especially the gear box. 

Sold as is, where is. 

Comes with 

Engine Mounts 
Solenoid electric shut off 
Instrument panel – rpm – temp – oil pressure – volts. (no wiring support offered)