Welcome to HYC

Welcome to HYC

Competitive sailing began at Hobsonville in the early 1930's which led to the formation of the Hobsonville Boating Club (HBC) in 1934. With the Defence amalgamation of Hobsonville and Whenuapai in 1966 to become RNZAF Base Auckland, the HBC was retitled RNZAF Base Auckland Yacht Club (RNZAF BAYC). However since the airforce base has moved from Hobsonville we are now known as The Hobsonville Yacht Club. Our aim is to keep the  tradition of recreational boating alive at Hobsonville.

We now also have a Facebook page - "Hobsonville Yacht Club"

HYC Junior sailors perparing for their long races on Sunday 11th March 2018

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What is happening at HYC this week????

Just a quick reminder!!

Please could  all members  have their membership cards on their persons, and for all visitors to sign in when on HYC premises for the purposes of retaining our liquor license. 

This week at HYC!!!!!!!!!!

This Friday is the last race night for the HYC juniors after a busy season.  And the seniors are racing in a mark foy race on Sunday.

Wednesday 14th March  - Wednesday Club Night

The bar shall be open from 5pm, closing time at the discretion of the bar manager on duty. 
Friday 16th March - Junior sailing at 5pm
Twilight race 8 - red and blue fleets

Club Night

The bar shall be open from 4-30 closing time at the discretion of the bar manager on duty. 

Sunday 18th March- Surprise race 3 starting at 12.00

Good morning all,
Please see attached NOR for Sunday, Suprise race 3, which is a mark foy race.

 The summer season is coming to a close. There are only five races left! Lets make the most of the warmer weather and enjoy the sparkling upper Waitemata.
Your Div 5 rep

Club afternoon

the bar shall be open 3pm, closing time at the discretion of the bar manager on duty. 

Forth coming events at HYC

Friday 23rd March - Junior sailing at 17.00 - End of season fun night !!!!!!

Sunday 25th March - Surprise 4 at 12.00 - mark foy race

Sunday 8th April - Shipwright 5 at 12.00

Saturday 21st April - Wayward 4 

Saturday 28th April - HYC closing day!!!!


9 junior sailors participated in races to Whenuapai and back today. It was a quick downward run and a long haul home beating into the wind and tide. 

A great day for all involved in challenging conditions testing both skills and endurance of our young sailors. 

A very big thanks to the owners of the privately owned boats used to replace out stolen safely boat.



HYC 50 miler - Saturday 10th March 2018


1st Nona
2nd Eye Spy

Race report from Eye Spy:

 The 50 Miler is one of my favourites as we can stretch our legs and play with the trim of the sails to optimise performance. I knew the fleet size would not be great but expected more than two. Nona and Eye Spy were the two starters. Taikata was the start line and we motored at 2000 RPM to prevent any over-heat. At ten minutes prior to start we had No.1 and full main with motor off. We were still 50 meters from the start so with the tide against us we would be late. Nona started well and we would need to work hard to catch them. We being Nicole and I.

We managed to sneak past Nona and hold them off through the tacking duel towards the bridge. The slow going meant that we were not going to make it through the harbour prior to the execution of the exclusion zone for the in-port Volvo race. It was decided that we down head-sails and motor through the spectator boats and restart the race at North Head.

The race started again with me saying GO once we were side by side. The wind was still very light and had turned to create another tacking duel to Navy Buoy. I made the wrong assumption that there would be less tidal flow over the east coast bays and this meant Nona who stayed over by Rangitoto light crept ahead. We close the gap and were only a couple of minutes behind as we rounded Navy Buoy. Nona put there kite up and the lead stretched until we managed the same. The wind increased and at times we hit 8 knots but the kite was veeeery shy. The pole was only an inch off the fore-stay. This was a lot of fun and we were nearly along side Nona by the time we got to Rakino channel. Through Rakino and we see Nona is not shaping to go around Motohui island so we confirm this through VHF and correct our course to do the same (no Motohui in the sailing instructions?) .

I might have enjoyed the kite run but, I knew the kite would eventually need to be jibed. This is very likely to go pear shaped as there are only two of us on board.

We see the kite on Nona gracefully set on the opposite side. We prepare to replicate. What could possibly go wrong?

Jibing!............I take too long to transfer the pole and the kite wraps around the fore-stay. That will shake out I thought………..no it had wrapped around and between the fore-stay and both halyards! We were bare-headed apart from the top of the “wine-glass” filling beautifully. I managed to get the kite down without tearing it and stuffed it down the hatch. A little ”gun shy” now, I hoist the headsail only to find the two halyards wrapped like a hair plat over the fore-stay. I dropped the sail again and separate the halyards. Twas dark so it took quite some time.

We can see Nona. A lovely silohete in front of the city lights. Not much chance of catching them now eh.

We concede that second place is still good points but can we make it to the finish line before the tide turns? A DNF is not happening! We persist and cross the line at 1126hrs. That a hell of a long day at the office!

Thanks to Nona and crew for the competition. Thanks to Nicole for the crew work on Eye Spy…

HYC junior Summer sailing progamme 2017 - 2018

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