Junior Sailing

HYC has a junior sailing progamme which is great fun for all ages.  

For more information please e-mail Gill at dinghysailing@hycnz.org.nz

Message from Dinghy/Junior Sailing Committee June 2020

posted Jul 5, 2020, 7:47 PM by Admin hycnz

Hi to All Dinghy/Junior/LTS Sailors/Club Members/Parents,

Hope everyone is well and has got through the lockdown period with no issues, and are now looking forward to getting back out on the water!

I thought I would send out a quick email to let you all know what the current plans are for sailing to start again.

At this stage we are planning to start with the Winter Racing Series on the Sunday 12 July 20; 10am sheds/club open for a 12 pm start. The winter series will consist of 10 races, which is only 2 less races than previous years.

We would like to see a good fleet on the water and it would be great to see the confident sailors from the Learn to Sail program on the water too! 

If you are wondering why we have a decent gap between now and the 12th July? 

The key reason is we need to carry out maintenance on the safety boats, racing equipment and the club Firebugs/OPTI prior to commencing the winter program. We had planned to do this earlier, then the lockdown occurred. This break will also allow us to hopefully be in Level 1 when the sailing activities resume.

There will be requests for assistance during this period of maintenance following the long weekend so it would be much appreciated if people could please put their hand up to assist.

Reminder that the Learn to Sail program is run during the summer months so will start again in late October/ early November, once daylight saving starts.

Please let us know if you have any questions



Ph: 022-692-4327 (Sean) or 0211266850 (Tamas)

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Junior sailing report by Tamas SEBESTENY Sailing Coach - Monday 2nd March 2020

posted Mar 17, 2020, 7:50 PM by Admin hycnz

The previous three times we challenged ourselves to find our boundaries. We sailed the whole course by standing in the boat, or for example, took the extreme challenge and even sailed backwards a section of it. Meantime, we also mastered our skills of mark rounding.
Sailing is more than a sport for us. To develop some life skills, we help each other when rigging, launching or docking our boats. If it sounds too serious, just read about our last Friday:

We had an epic day on Friday with the Learn to Sail Team. Juniors in advanced level joined us to share the excitement of the world-famous sponge tag game. We had a nice evening sailing 3 knots in light 5 knots winds on the beam. Heaps of laugh cheeky chats and no cheating or toxic moves :). We love our new boats! 

Thanks for all of the supports of our wonderful volunteer team!!


posted Mar 1, 2020, 5:42 PM by Admin hycnz

Hello to All Dinghy/Junior/LTS Sailors/Parents,

This update has information on upcoming events.

The next Learn to Sail night is this Friday 28 Feb 20.  Tamas and his team will need assistance on the ramp as the tide will be low. Please ensure care is taken on the ramp and the kids have good/protective footwear on.       

 Next racing is this Sunday 01 March 20. Please be at the club @10.00am for a 12pm start. We will look to sail 3 races so we can catch up for the last race day's postponement.

On Sunday 15 March 20 we have the annual Riverhead/Whenuapai race, its a great, fun day where we sail up beyond Herald Island for a picnic and then back again. Further details to follow on this but we will potentially need some support boats on the day. 

Below are the details on the up-coming events;

Please let Sean know if you have any questions

Thanks Sean & 
Dinghy/Junior Sailing Committee

HYC Junior sailing Update - January 15th 2020

posted Feb 3, 2020, 4:37 PM by Admin hycnz

Hello to All Dinghy/Junior/LTS Sailors/Parents,

Happy New Year to you all!!

This is a post-Xmas update with some information on upcoming events.

 The next Learn to Sail night is this Friday 17 Jan 20, with an introduction back into the boats/Opti’s after Christmas. There will only be short land-based instruction on this night for those who can make it, so if you cannot be there it is no problem. The intent is to get on the water.

Tamas and others will be away on Friday so the rest of the LTS team will need some assistance from the parents on the night. One of the Sunbursts will be in the water for a bit of fun and the forecast is for light winds.     


***Due to circumstances, the Training/LTS Regatta/Fun Race planned for this Sunday has been postponed until March, dates TBA. There we will be no racing this Sunday. It is probably a good thing as the forecast is for light winds and not good for sailing, so enjoy a day at the beach as the weather looks great.******


Per the schedule there is no sailing over the long weekend. Enjoy the long weekend, hope the weather is great!


Next racing is this Sunday 02 Feb 20. Please be at the club @11.30am for a 1.30pm start. This a much better time on a Sunday!


Dinghy/Junior Sailing Committee

HYC DINGHY Racing & LTS Report: 18 December 2019

posted Jan 14, 2020, 7:55 PM by Admin hycnz

Hi All,

Our apologies from the Dinghy Sailing team about this delayed update on the LTS and Dinghy racing program.

Learn to Sail (LTS)

Over the past month the LTS program has been progressing well and the juniors involved are showing great improvement every week. The number of kids each week has been strong, and the weather has been favourable each Friday to allow us to get out on the water. The only challenge has been the tide, which has essentially been fully high one week which has been great, but then dead low the next which has been not so great. 

Two weeks ago, we carried out the Capsize drill at the ramp. Well done to all the kids involved! it was a lot of fun and you all did well. Everyone, including the spectators seemed to have a lot of fun. 

A special thank you to Tamas and his team of helpers for all their hard work to make the LTS program run smoothly.

Well done to all the Juniors involved with the program!

Dinghy Racing

It was great to observe two good fleets on the 2 days of racing carried out in the past month; 01 & 15 December 19. The weather played the game for both days racing, however the wind on Sunday the 15th was very light and frustrating for all the sailors. It’s been great to see a few older Dinghy sailors like Denis, Mark, Tamas and Sean on the water, to show the Juniors how it’s done, or not done is some cases! I heard the remarks like ‘being old’ and ‘OK Boomer’ mentioned a couple of times from the teen sailors out racing. 

Four races were completed in the past 2 weeks and the Pre-Xmas series is now complete. Ollie (Starlings), Cohen (Firebugs), Astin (Opti) and Denis (Div. 2) have generally won on the day, but well done all for some great racing! I would like to especially mention all the sailors have shown significant improvement over the first half of the Summer season’s racing! 
Well done to everyone and thanks to the safety boat drivers and the Officers of the Day for running the racing.

Div.2 Dinghy Pre-Xmas Series Results
1. Ollie Smith
2. Kieran Munro
3. Grace Munro
4. Barnabus Sebesteny

1. Cohen Laban
2. Barnabus Sebesteny
3. Kaelem Swanepoel

1. Astin Thornton
2. Kiera Smit
3. Quinn Heald

Div. 2:
1. Denis & Nixon
2. Mark Jones 
3. Tamas

It will be great to see everyone at the Christmas Function on this Sunday 22nd starting at 2pm, with Dinghies on the water at 3pm for some fun and games. There is a Pot Luck Dinner after the boats a packed away following the water activities.
I hope everyone has a Great Christmas and New Year and we are looking forward to seeing everyone back in the New Year.  


HYC Dinghy Sailing Team


Dinghy racing at HYC on Sunday 9th June 2019

posted Jun 23, 2019, 8:02 PM by Admin hycnz

Seven Junior sailors turned up bright and early on Sunday morning, after a night of celebration at the Annual Prize-Giving the night before. Some of the adults found time to help with the debris from the previous night’s party, before the racing started. The decision was made to race south of the club, in Catalina Bay, to avoid the strong spring tide, which posed quite a challenge with the very light SW wind. Gill set a triangular course, with the start line from a Patrol boat and the leeward mark, and the finish line off the club flagpole well downwind of the course. This gave the sailors some valuable experience of finishing away from the course, and then sailing directly back to the starting area for the next race.

The first race saw the Starlings get round the course in 20 minutes, on a dying breeze, but the Firebugs got becalmed and took forever to finish. With just Cohen and Barnabas sailing the Firebugs, they entertained each other by playing eye spy, while drifting around. The Starlings were towed and tied up alongside the Patrol/Committee boat, and enjoyed the remains of the carrot cake from the Prize-Giving, while waiting for the new breeze to set in. Justine popped to the market and bought coffees for all the Race Management Team - thank you they were much appreciated!

As the coffee arrived the wind came too; so it required a quick concentration shift back to sailing and race 2 got under way. There was a big wind shift which made it a 3 leg fetch, so only one lap was sailed. A quick shift of the top mark to make a beat, and race 3 got underway. This was the best race, with the tide starting to ebb, a decent beat and a constant (but shifty) wind. The juniors are gradually learning to spot wind shifts, but they are prone to play at follow-my-leader, rather than think about where the best line is to the next mark. With such strong tides, often the shortest route is not the best one.

It was a real treat to eat up some of the left-overs from the previous night, because it was after 2pm, by the time the sailors came off the water. Thank you Justine for dishing it out, sending the kids outside to eat, and tidying up afterwards. Congratulations to James who was racing for the first time in his own Starling; he sailed better each race and went from 4th to 3rd and in the final race came a close 2nd to Harrison. Kieran won the other two Starling races, whilst the Firebugs saw Cohen getting two 1st and Barnabas the other 1st. The next dinghy racing is 23rd June, with the race start time at 10.30am and the shed open at 9.15am. Please make sure you get there early so that you can be ready for the briefing at 1000hours. This gives us the chance to sail an hour either side of high water, which is crucial with these Spring tides!

Gill Moore 
Dinghy Sailing Coordinator 

HYC Dingy Sailing Report: Sunday 31st March 2019

posted Apr 26, 2019, 3:50 PM by Admin hycnz

Friday Training:

There was a good turnout for the last Friday night of summer sailing. After a few weeks away, I was real impressed with how smoothly the ramp operation went to get all the kids on water. Thanks to all the parents who are putting in the effort to make the Friday evening summer training work.

I was equally impressed with the kids sailing in a reasonable wind strength. We just got out on the water to sail on the last night and sail well they did. Tamas and I were very pleased. Kaelem and Barnabus were awarded with sailors of the day, but well done to all the kids! 

We are really looking forward to next summer, we should have our new Optimists by then after the Million-dollar mission. We will also do some maintenance work on the Firebugs over winter, so they are in good shape for the summer.

Sunday Racing:

The Dingy sailing team raced for the last time this summer on Sunday. 

Initially it looked like we would have too much wind, however the wind was up and down from the NE at 0-20 knots in the channel. The sailors were keen, so we got on to the water with a slight delay at 3.15 pm. Like last week we did all our starts on the water in the Safety boats and were able to get in 2 races. 

In contrast to last week, the sailors were frustrated with the swirling winds which had strong gusts at times, followed by lulls with zero wind or wind from another direction. They all did seem to be smiling at the end so believe they still managed to have fun! There was a total of 7 boats on the water. Unfortunately, both Harrison and David had to pull out in the first race.

Kieran (Starling) sailed well to gain to place 1st on line in the first race over a long course and considering the conditions. The second race had a shorter course, where Ollie took 1st place on line from Kieran, in a very close race. In the Firebugs, like last week Barnabus sailed well placing 1st in both races, well done! 

The best starts went to James in race 1 and well done to Ollie in Race 2.

Sailor of the day when to Kaelem who like George last week, gave it a go and raced for the first time. He put what he has learnt on Friday's into practice and he sailed exceptionally well. Well done Kaelem!

Pirate of the day went to Kieran and Ollie. In 2nd race they had a great tussle for first, however while they were concentrating on their own battle they forgot about Barnabus who nearly sailed around them. There were only 5 secs between the 3 boats. In the end, there were some good lessons learnt. 

Race One  Start Time 15:30:00 AM
Place Name Time
1 Kieran (S) 16:12:49 PM
2 Barnabus (F) 16:22:06 PM
3 James (S) 16:22:29 PM
4 Ollie (S) 16:25:11 PM
5 Kaelem (F) 16:30:02 PM
6 David (F) DNF
7 Harrison (S) DNF
Race Two Start Time 16:35:00 AM
Place Name Time
1 Ollie (S) 16:51:28 PM
2 Kieran (S) 16:51:31 PM
3 Barnabus (F) 16:51:33 PM
4 James (S) DNF
5 Kaelem (F) DNF
6 David (F) DNS
7 Harrison (S) DNS

The next racing will be in winter. There will be racing on every second Sunday during winter and the program will be released shortly. There will be a break for a period, however during this time we will need to do some maintenance on the boats, so standby for a date, for a working bee. 

Thank you to all for everyone’s efforts during the summer sailing program.

Sean Munro
HYC Sailing Captain

HYC Junior Sailing report - Sunday 24th March 2019

posted Apr 1, 2019, 7:42 PM by Admin hycnz

The Dingy sailing team rescheduled their race day on the 10th March to the 24th March, and we could not have picked a better day.

Initially it looked like we would have no wind, however we got on the water at 1015 am and timed this nicely with a wind change into the Northeast at about 5-10 knots. We did all our starts on the water in the Safety boats and were able to get in 2 races. Based on the banter and smiles a lot of fun was had by all that raced.

There was a total of 8 boats on the water including our Sailing coach Tamas and his son in their RS Feva.  Kieran (Starling) sailed well to place 1st on line in both races but had a good tussle with Tamas to achieve the 1st place in the second race. 

In the Firebugs, Barnabus sailed well placing 1st in both races. Of note both Barnabus and Cohen managed to beat some of the Starlings on line in the second race, through good starts and tactics. 

Sailor of the day when to George who gave it a go and raced for the first time. He put what he has learnt on Friday's into practice, and although he was DNF both races he managed to sail around the course 1x Race 1 (2 Laps) and 2x Race 2 (3 Laps). Well done George!

Pirate of the day went to Mackensie for calling starboard on Kieran during the start sequence with a grin, when she was knowingly on port. Kieran rightly held his course and there was no crash!
The best starts went to Kieran in race 1 and well done to Cohen in Race 2.

Race One  Start Time 10:30:00
Place Name Time
1 Kieran (S) 10:46:33
2 James (S) 10:49:19
3 Mackensie (S) 10:49:53
4 Barnabus (F) 10:52:00
5 David (F) 10:52:04
6 Cohen (F) 10:52:47
7 George (F) DNF
Race Two Start Time 11:05:00
Place Name Time
1 Kieran (S) 11:24:01
2 Tamas (RSF) 11:24:48
3 Barnabus (F) 11:26:08
4 Cohen (F) 11:28:22
5 Mackensie (S) 11:28:57
6 James (S) 11:29:10
7 David (F) 11:29:30
8 George (F) DNF

It would be great to see more sailors out on the water for racing on Sundays. George has set a great example, and it would be good to see more sailors giving racing a go. It is one of the best ways to learn. There will be racing on every second Sunday during winter and the program will be released shortly.

The next race is this weekend, Sunday 31st March first race starts at 3 pm. The sheds will be open early so please start getting the boats ready at 1.30pm so we can get on the water as soon as possible.

See you all Friday for the last training night of the Summer and on Sunday for racing. 
Sean Munro
HYC Sailing Captain

Junior Sailing Report Friday 1st Feb 2019

posted Mar 25, 2019, 6:17 PM by Admin hycnz

This was a fabulous start to the New Year, with 15 youngsters out on the water, with 3 new families joining in too. The sailing groups were divided into 4, with a coach allocated to each team. Tamas had the beginners in Optis, whilst Sean took the older beginners in Firebugs combining them with the Improvers and helped by Nicol as assistant coach. Gill took the Advanced group covering the mark rounding rules and Buoy Room, then applying it on the water in a multitude of scenarios. All groups had plenty of time on the water, and each group was de-briefed as they finished putting their dinghies away. This system worked really well, but we were only able to do this with the very generous help of Claire and Carl, friends and neighbours of Sean,  who very kindly came in their large RIB, and added extremely competent Patrol Boat cover. Thank you Carl and Claire, and we hope you enjoyed the fun on the water and we’d love to see you again!

It was great to see Kaelem, Anthony and Athena out on the water, sailing on their own and enjoying it. Next week when the Smiths, Thorntons and Devta’s are back, we will be at full capacity in the Junior Sailing section. A big thank you to Mark Jones who also came out on the water and helped instruct. Look forward to seeing you all on the 8th February, except the Wills’ who are off to the Cricket Test.

Gill Moore
Dinghy Sailing Coordinator 

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