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HYC DINGHY Racing & LTS Report: 18 December 2019

posted Jan 14, 2020, 7:55 PM by Admin hycnz

Hi All,

Our apologies from the Dinghy Sailing team about this delayed update on the LTS and Dinghy racing program.

Learn to Sail (LTS)

Over the past month the LTS program has been progressing well and the juniors involved are showing great improvement every week. The number of kids each week has been strong, and the weather has been favourable each Friday to allow us to get out on the water. The only challenge has been the tide, which has essentially been fully high one week which has been great, but then dead low the next which has been not so great. 

Two weeks ago, we carried out the Capsize drill at the ramp. Well done to all the kids involved! it was a lot of fun and you all did well. Everyone, including the spectators seemed to have a lot of fun. 

A special thank you to Tamas and his team of helpers for all their hard work to make the LTS program run smoothly.

Well done to all the Juniors involved with the program!

Dinghy Racing

It was great to observe two good fleets on the 2 days of racing carried out in the past month; 01 & 15 December 19. The weather played the game for both days racing, however the wind on Sunday the 15th was very light and frustrating for all the sailors. It’s been great to see a few older Dinghy sailors like Denis, Mark, Tamas and Sean on the water, to show the Juniors how it’s done, or not done is some cases! I heard the remarks like ‘being old’ and ‘OK Boomer’ mentioned a couple of times from the teen sailors out racing. 

Four races were completed in the past 2 weeks and the Pre-Xmas series is now complete. Ollie (Starlings), Cohen (Firebugs), Astin (Opti) and Denis (Div. 2) have generally won on the day, but well done all for some great racing! I would like to especially mention all the sailors have shown significant improvement over the first half of the Summer season’s racing! 
Well done to everyone and thanks to the safety boat drivers and the Officers of the Day for running the racing.

Div.2 Dinghy Pre-Xmas Series Results
1. Ollie Smith
2. Kieran Munro
3. Grace Munro
4. Barnabus Sebesteny

1. Cohen Laban
2. Barnabus Sebesteny
3. Kaelem Swanepoel

1. Astin Thornton
2. Kiera Smit
3. Quinn Heald

Div. 2:
1. Denis & Nixon
2. Mark Jones 
3. Tamas

It will be great to see everyone at the Christmas Function on this Sunday 22nd starting at 2pm, with Dinghies on the water at 3pm for some fun and games. There is a Pot Luck Dinner after the boats a packed away following the water activities.
I hope everyone has a Great Christmas and New Year and we are looking forward to seeing everyone back in the New Year.  


HYC Dinghy Sailing Team