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posted Nov 2, 2020, 6:50 PM by Admin hycnz

Hello to all Dinghy/Keeler/Junior/LTS Sailors/Club Members/Parents and prospective new club members,

Welcome all to the 2020/21 HYC sailing season!
Let’s hope the interrupted 2019/20 season does not repeat itself and we have a great summer with some fun and exciting sailing.

This update will cover the 2020/21 Sailing Program and has information on upcoming events including the

• Learn to Sail ‘Have a Go’ and 2020/21 program,
• Opening Day 2020/21,
• And Pre-Xmas Dinghy Racing.

Further information will follow in due course on Keeler Racing and a Prize-giving. Of note, the Prize-giving is long overdue due to Covid 19 and will cover the racing back to winter 2019.

******The full 2020/21 Sailing Program is attached****

Learn To Sail (LTS) Program

The Learn to Sail program will start with two LTS 'Have a Go'/ Introduction / LTS Refresher/ Sail Fast Training sessions on Friday 30th October and Friday 06th November 2020. Arrive at 4.30pm for a 5pm start. The sessions are open to all sailors and will provide new or prospective sailors an opportunity to ‘Have a go’ plus last season’s LTS sailors and Dinghy sailors an opportunity to get on the water for a refresher or a bit of fun!

The 2020/21 LTS formal program will start with a first land-based session on Monday 9th November 20 at 5pm. This session will be an introductory session with the LTS sailors and will include a meeting with the parents. There will be four land-based sessions throughout the summer to cover the theory aspects of the LTS course; this will allow more time for on-water activities on Friday nights.

Note: Apart from the first LTS Introductory night, the programmed Monday nights sessions could be subject to change, however there will be plenty of notice in advance of any changes.

The first on-water LTS session will take place on Friday 13th November 2020; 4.30pm for a 5pm start. Tamas and his coaching team will need assistance on the ramp and please ensure care is taken on the ramp and the kids have good safety gear and protective footwear on.

This season we have had to increase the LTS fees to $75 pre-Xmas and $75 post-Xmas, plus the club membership fees. The reason for this increase is to cover our costs running/maintaining 3x Safety boats and the maintenance of the HYC fleet of yachts. The fees are very reasonable in comparison to other programs. There will be limited places for the program due to the number LTS Opti Boats and restrictions on the ratio of safety boats/coaches to LTS sailors.

Our volunteer coaching resources this year have had a major boost with six coaches (4x Full, 2x Associates) qualified by Yachting New Zealand in past month. This coaching resource increase will provide our Head Coach Tamas more in-depth support to manage the program. It is please requested that Tamas and the coaching team are provided support and assistance from club members and parents to help run the program. Please remember the coaches and LTS team members are all volunteers and there may be times when individual coaches may be unavailable due to work, school commitments etc.

HYC Opening Day

The Summer Racing Program 2020/21 will start with Opening day on the Sunday 08 November 2020 for all divisions. Notice of Race will be posted in due course.

Racing is planned to be around the buoys and close to the club. This will be followed by a social event put on by the Sailing and House committee.

• Dingy Divisions (1 & 2) 2x Races starting at 1300hrs
• Keeler Division (5) 1x Race starting at 1230hrs
Sun 08 Nov 20 1333 HW 2.9 1100/1230/1300 Opening Day (All Divisions)

*****OPENING DAY NOR ATTACHED - 2 pages******

Dinghy Racing Program 2020/21

The Dinghy racing program will start with the opening day races followed two weeks later by the first three races of an eight race pre-Xmas series.

Date; Sun November 22th 2020; Race 1, 2 & 3
Time; 11am sheds open, for a 1pm start.

Sun 22 Nov 20 1402 HW 3.1 1100/1300 Training/Race 1, 2 & 3 - Pre Xmas Series

We will have a pre-race briefing at 12pm; all to attend and please be on time.

Following racing we will have our race results briefing and presentation 45 mins after the last boat, including the Safety boats, are back at the HYC compound.

Keeler Racing Program 2020/21

The Keeler Racing program will start with the Opening day racing on November 8th and the rest of the program is to be announced at this stage. Bronny and the skippers will publish the program once it is sorted. The focus for racing this year will be more aligned to cruising so look forward to some fun exploring the Hauraki Gulf this sea

Please let us know if you have any questions.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone down at HYC for an exciting, fun summer of sailing!

Sean Munro
HYC Sailing Captain