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Junior Sailing - Friday 22nd January 2016

posted Feb 8, 2016, 3:36 PM by Admin hycnz

Just over a week ago, the 2016 Junior Sailing Programme got under way on Friday 22nd January at 5.00pm. Nine children turned up and five Optimists took to the water helmed by Corin, Harrison, Devon and Rory with Mackenzie as crew, and Lindsay as an adult to challenge the youngsters. I took out my little Okura sailing gig, which is a replica of an old classic boat, with Jack and my two grandchildren, Stanley and Sage. It was the first time that Devon had gone "solo" in an Opti, and initially he found it not quite as easy as he expected. However he remained undaunted and by sheer persistence got the hang of sailing in the designated area, and following the other Optis.

We played a follow my leader game with all the Optis following me in The White Pearl, and they enjoyed overtaking me at every opportunity. Returning to the slipway got a bit chaotic, as everyone tried to arrive at once. In the debriefing I explained that coming into the slipway was a bit like landing an airplane at an busy airport. You need to wait your turn, and circle around until instructed to "land"!

There was no Junior Sailing this last weekend, as everyone was away with the club Night Race to Kawau Island. Next Friday 5th February is the next session, starting at 5pm. We are looking to find more helpers within the club, as we are often undermanned particularly with qualified sailors on the water as well as willing, strong helpers to launch and recover boats.

My thanks again to Gary Matthews getting all the dinghies up to standard so they can be sailed as well as mending the various bits that get broken. Yet another tiller sheared off! Also to Denise and Stuart who are sterling workers and never get phased by anything. We need to get a Junior Sailing Committee up and running as soon as possible, so please contact me, Gary or Denise if you are willing to get involved and we will have a meeting after sailing on the 5th February.

The club is planning a Have a Go Day on Sunday 14th February to coincide with the YNZ week of promoting sailing, which is the day after the last Golden Rivet Race. Tides are round about midday so a 1000 hours start, and finish by 1330 would be ideal timing. We need a roster of four strong and able dinghy sailors to be in charge of the Omegas to take out any adults wanting to try dinghy sailing. Also is anyone willing to take punters out on a yacht? Any Junior sailors wanting to help would also be very welcome.