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Junior Sailing Friday 9th December 2016

posted Jan 15, 2017, 12:11 PM by Admin hycnz
Numbers were down with only six children getting out on the water, but the level of expertise has certainly got higher. With a steady onshore breeze, launching from the ramp required skill and care, to avoid any damage to the boats. In the pre-sailing briefing I instructed the children on how to stop the dinghy, by easing the mainsail, and heading the dinghy up into the wind. This was going to be a very necessary technique to land ashore safely at the end of the session!
Darroch came out on the Safety Boat with his camera and took lots of photos and videos. We hope to get these showing on the club TV next week after sailing. Eoghian, Grace, Aman, Mackenzie and Harrison each took out an Opti solo, despite a few nerves about it being windy. Once out on the water all anxiety evaporated and the juniors had a brilliant evening sailing to and fro between the ramp and a mark laid just off the clubhouse. They took it in turns to come alongside the Safety Boat, on the correct side under control slowing and stopping. 
Coming ashore was equally as good with each Opti circling in one at a time, alongside the slip and head to wind. The fast outgoing tide tricked a few who got a little stuck in the mud close to landing, but a quick lift of the centreboard sorted that out. Sailor of the Day went to Aman, who managed not to capsize, despite a couple of close tips, and he is showing great promise, as well as loads of enthusiasm.
This coming Friday 16th December is the last one before Christmas, and we will be starting early at 3pm, and aiming to get ashore by 6pm, to join the club Pot Luck Dinner and maybe play a few games and have Fun. Even if you cant make the sailing please come and join in the social event afterwards.

Gill Moore
Dinghy Sailing Coordinator