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Junior Sailing report - Saturday 2nd April 2016

posted Apr 10, 2016, 4:35 PM by Admin hycnz

The last session of the Summer Junior Sailing Programme was well attended with some new faces very welcome, and ideal conditions on the water, with sunshine and a gentle breeze. This gave everyone the chance to helm and practice tacking using the "5 Ps" - Prepare, Plant, Push, Pivot, Push back to the middle and Point the boat in the right direction! I've added the sixth P!

Alice and Caleb took one Opti, while Jack and Eoghain took another and Gill took Tiotiana and Isaac out in the Sunburst called Custard Slice. It was quite a mission launching the dinghies and Safety Boat through a cluster of fishermen who filled the slipway with picnic baskets, bait and hooks and lines. They did ask me where the youngsters were going to sail and we laid two buoys well out of their casting range and hoped the helms would stay under control, and clear of the fishing lines. The children did an amazing job, sailing too and fro, tacking and sometimes gybing between the buoys. All had a go at helming and there were only a couple of close shaves when the boats got a little too close for comfort. And No, it is not a good idea to try to do a High Five with another Opti whilst meeting on opposite tacks; the rigs and sails will clash and tangle and it will end in tears! We finished the session with a two lap race, which was hotly contested. Jack ably assisted by Eoghain managed to sail the fastest and came out clear winners ahead of Alice (Opti) and Tiotiana (Sunburst); well done Jack helming an Opti.

Landing and recovery of the dinghies went very well, with lots of parental help and enthusiasm. Thanks to all the supporters who watched while we sailed and then helped put all the gear safely away. Many hands make light work!

The next Junior Sailing session will be on the 16th April starting at 1100 hours. This will be an introduction to Race training and will combine with some of the adult dinghy sailors, who want to improve and hone their skills too. You will learn how to start a race, sail a course and finish, and you will have the opportunity to sail with someone experienced in some match racing! If any of you parents want to join in just let me know.

Gill Moore
Dinghy Sailing Coordinator