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Junior Sailing Reports for Friday 25th Nov and Friday 2nd December 2016

posted Dec 11, 2016, 3:49 PM by Admin hycnz

As my internet was down for a week I was unable to write a report last week, so two for the price of one this week. Friday 25th started with quite a gentle breeze and plenty of water as we launched pretty close to high tide. With six Optis and a Sunburst we had two safety Boats in attendance, which was ideal as the wind freshened. I set a challenging course with a windward/leeward (beat/run), and a strengthening outgoing tide. There were some very wide roundings, and also some contact depending which mark was being negotiated. However it is a wonderful way to learn about tide, and they did improve. 

The highlight of the evening was performed by Hunter and Aman in the Sunburst, when Aman, who is new to the game, firmly cleated the jib and sat to leeward. Result a quick capsize, and Hunter swimming nimbly round to climb on the centreboard. He quickly righted the dinghy and Aman was still sitting in exactly the same place, but a trifle wet!

Most of the children were reluctant to go in, but the tide was becoming fiercer, and the shore crew were getting cold. This was one of the best sessions on the water this season, with the juniors facing a challenging course and learning to sail properly upwind and using the tiller extension. Sailor of the day went to Eoghiain Waldock; well done. 


Friday 2nd December 

This turned out to be another fun session with eight  juniors out in six Optis and two Safety boats in attendance. The two spare crew rode in the Safety boat as there was no-one to take out the Sunburst. I set a reaching course between two buoys, which gradually turned into broad reach followed by a long beat against an ever strengthening tide and wind. So it was another steep learning curve for the children. Aman was first time solo in an Opti and did a grand job steering to the first mark, once he learnt how to steer, and concentrate! However tacking was really entertaining, and after about four circuitous attempts he finally got to head back to the buoy by the slipway. The other five Optis were having a wonderful tussle with places in the lead changing all the time. They caught up with Aman, and he found it easier sailing in company with other boats to follow.

And then suddenly Aman got stuck under the boom, and hey presto he capsized. We were right beside him in seconds, and we told him to hold onto the boat, as it had turned turtle. There is not much to hold onto when an Opti is upside down, but he managed to get hold of the centreboard! We got him on board the safety boat, and proceeded to return both him, and the Opti, to the slip. He was keen to go back out again, but by now , the rest of the fleet were starting to come in. All except for Harrison, who was trialling the brand new Firebug, “Piwakawaka” which has been very kindly donated to the club, and Grace and Kieran, who were having so much fun, and wanted to stay out sailing forever! 

Another great session an the water, and Grace Munro was sailor of the day, as she showed wonderful wind awareness and was sailing her Opti well trimmed and at speed most of the time. Thanks to Tina for womanning the BBQ all night and even feeding the members who had attended a Racing Rules Forum. Thanks also to Sean, Stuart and Orson for manning the Safety Boats, and Denise and Gary in charge on the slip to minimise damage whilst launching and recovering the boats.