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Junior Sailing Sunday 10th May. " Mother's Day"

posted May 24, 2015, 7:39 PM by Admin hycnz

The original planned date for the youngsters to sail clashed with the Closing Day Race, so we offered any of the Juniors a chance to go racing on the Keelers. Only two took up the offer and Harrison Wills went racing on the fourty footer, Waterwitch, and his sister Mackenzie went on the Young 88, Eye Spy. They both had a fantastic experience and spent over two hours racing up and down the reaches of the Upper Harbour, in a steady 10 to 12 knots of breeze. Mackenzie learnt to pack a kite, so she will be in high demand in the future. All the downwind trawling and knitting we performed on Eye Spy were self inflicted by Greg and Gill, the kite was packed perfectly both times!

Six children turned up on Sunday raring to get on the water and go sailing. We had three new additions with Lindsay and his three boys, Corin, Rory and  Devon arriving well equipped with two Optis and a paddle board on a double-decker trailer. It was wonderful to have some more experienced children in the fleet, who were keen to share their knowledge with the beginners. Stuart and Simon took charge of the Safety Boat and had plenty of helpers on board with both Denise and Gill, who instructed from the boat, and Connor as another pair of hands. He thought he was just there as a spectator, but when Harrison capsized after an exciting gybe, Connor helped to fish him out of the water and take photos. Mackenzie started off two up in Opti no1, with Bronwyn to help her get safely to the sailing area in Hellier's Creek. Once there and a few trial runs of the course Mackenzie then went solo, and quite surprised herself how fast she could go without an adult's weight to slow her down. Turning the corners proved to be more of a problem and she tended to go for the easier, but far more exciting option of gybing, then broaching immediately into another tack. And lo and behold she was back on her original course! Nothing wasted as this skill can be utilized at a later date when they all start school team sailing and have to take 360 degree penalties..........a challenge for the future.

After Harrison's capsize he was up and sailing again, and even started to race around the triangular course against Corin. Mackenzie stepped out of her Opti to give Jaz a go at sailing accompanied by Bronwyn in Wipeout, we really need to stop the bung at the back leaking so much. It is such a wet boat to sail in and should be renamed Emptyout! After an hour and a half on the water it was time to pack up and with quite a long beat back to the slipway, all points of sailing had been covered by the time they reached dry land. There were no dramas on the slipway as there was still plenty of water, just an hour after HW.

At the debrief the first capsize was celebrated with cheers, and all the children had something positive to feedback about their experiences. A perfect end to a perfect day on the water. My thanks again to Gary, Stuart, Simon, Denise, Bronwyn, Lindsay and Connor who give freely of their time to make this happen, great teamwork!

See you again on 23rd May, briefing at 11.00 hours. I'll be sending out an email reminder and please RSVP so we can match helper numbers to kids on the water!

Cheers Amigos,