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HYC 50 miler - Saturday 10th March 2018

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1st Nona
2nd Eye Spy

Race report from Eye Spy:

 The 50 Miler is one of my favourites as we can stretch our legs and play with the trim of the sails to optimise performance. I knew the fleet size would not be great but expected more than two. Nona and Eye Spy were the two starters. Taikata was the start line and we motored at 2000 RPM to prevent any over-heat. At ten minutes prior to start we had No.1 and full main with motor off. We were still 50 meters from the start so with the tide against us we would be late. Nona started well and we would need to work hard to catch them. We being Nicole and I.

We managed to sneak past Nona and hold them off through the tacking duel towards the bridge. The slow going meant that we were not going to make it through the harbour prior to the execution of the exclusion zone for the in-port Volvo race. It was decided that we down head-sails and motor through the spectator boats and restart the race at North Head.

The race started again with me saying GO once we were side by side. The wind was still very light and had turned to create another tacking duel to Navy Buoy. I made the wrong assumption that there would be less tidal flow over the east coast bays and this meant Nona who stayed over by Rangitoto light crept ahead. We close the gap and were only a couple of minutes behind as we rounded Navy Buoy. Nona put there kite up and the lead stretched until we managed the same. The wind increased and at times we hit 8 knots but the kite was veeeery shy. The pole was only an inch off the fore-stay. This was a lot of fun and we were nearly along side Nona by the time we got to Rakino channel. Through Rakino and we see Nona is not shaping to go around Motohui island so we confirm this through VHF and correct our course to do the same (no Motohui in the sailing instructions?) .

I might have enjoyed the kite run but, I knew the kite would eventually need to be jibed. This is very likely to go pear shaped as there are only two of us on board.

We see the kite on Nona gracefully set on the opposite side. We prepare to replicate. What could possibly go wrong?

Jibing!............I take too long to transfer the pole and the kite wraps around the fore-stay. That will shake out I thought………..no it had wrapped around and between the fore-stay and both halyards! We were bare-headed apart from the top of the “wine-glass” filling beautifully. I managed to get the kite down without tearing it and stuffed it down the hatch. A little ”gun shy” now, I hoist the headsail only to find the two halyards wrapped like a hair plat over the fore-stay. I dropped the sail again and separate the halyards. Twas dark so it took quite some time.

We can see Nona. A lovely silohete in front of the city lights. Not much chance of catching them now eh.

We concede that second place is still good points but can we make it to the finish line before the tide turns? A DNF is not happening! We persist and cross the line at 1126hrs. That a hell of a long day at the office!

Thanks to Nona and crew for the competition. Thanks to Nicole for the crew work on Eye Spy…

Wayward 3 - Sunday 3rd March 2018

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Maybe the weather scared everyone off... it was rather gusty on saturday.  However it only takes two boat to make it a race and the big blue boat aka "satisfaction" and "Near & Farr" were up for the challenge after a very calm night in Issey Bay.

Near and Farr woke in the morning.... "wind ... what wind???"  satisfaction eventually woke up.. and race start times were discussed....

*** more coming soon***

however I can confirm

1st Near & Farr

2nd Satisfaction

Shipwright race 4 - sunday 25th February 2018

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Unfortunately the wind never filled in... the start was postponed, and then the fleet of seven were off... very very slowly. Some yachts crossed the start line 4 times.... others anchored a couple of times and some yachts went faster backwards than they did forwards. The race was eventually abandoned .... but still great to be out on the water.

Thank you to nigel in the start tower.

Race report from Firsty

We started, we drifted, got a puff, then drifted some more. Then we dropped the headsail and drifted faster, then got a puff and raised the headsail and sailed until we drifted, then dropped the headsail and started the motor. The End.

Race report from Eye Spy:

We understand the wind to be light and variable today so, not too concerned that Mark has not shown up. We have JK, Lisa. Nicol and I ready to tackle the high winds of the day.
We start well and are moving up behind Firsty to take the lead. The rest of the fleet is behind and a couple don’t appear to have crossed the start line. We stop and have to negotiate the moored boats in reverse. Blue beat drops anchor and immediately makes it obvious this is a good ploy as we drift well back from him. Eye Spy is sitting very close to a mooring so when a small breeze is detected we lift anchor and move away. 50 feet gained and 50 lost so the anchor was deployed yet again. Hobby tower called and asked if we want to abandon. We were quite happy where we were so asked for 15 mins or so. Another call 15 mins later and we conceded defeat and returned to keep Nigel company at the bar. Great afternoon, great weather, company and music but no wind.


Race report from Near & Farr

The day was not looking promising as we drove past the airbase and the wind socks were decidedly droopy...some might say flaccid!!

we motored out .... with the three of us... Duncan, Big Mike and I. Hmmm big tides and no wind. the start was delayed and then Eye spy made a call to start the race as apparently he could see wind...."maybe he should go to specsavers" ... as we had no wind and it took an age to cross the start line.

The other boats were not doing much better although firsty were ahead. (at that point they were going foward... it was later they started going backwards) Forwards, backwards we went... anchor down, anchor up. .......hey ho lovely day to be on the water.

Race reports for Night race to Kawau and also the other race that did have a winner!!!!! Friday 26th & Saturday 27th January 2018

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Race Report from Arosa

The North Western Motorway, 4.30pm, Friday afternoon we started our "Night Race to Kawau". With a short cut and dash down the pontoon we traded the rat race for a boat race and made it to the start line with a few minutes to spare. Eye Spy and Firsty quickly opened up a gap. Blue Beat was still close enough that I could try (copy) a few things. We quickly found a mode that allowed us to maintain a similar speed. We were lucky as the wind curved around North Head, it allowed us to come up to port avoiding a large loss. After passing Rangitoto we decided to head East in search of more wind and Blue Beat disappeared West towards the coast. 5 hours later we were approaching the Tiri Channel in darkness, when I notice a navigation light to port. As he tacked along side us, I made out the shape to be Blue Beat. Literally side by side we sailed for the next hour. With the wind dying, the crew snoring below, me struggling to stay awake and with 6 Nm to go, I decided to admit defeat and motor into Coppermine Bay for a sleep. 

Big thank you to everyone for making us feel welcome and organising such a cool event. We would love to have the opportunity to come out again for a rematch.

Simon and Cherlin.

Race report from Eye Spy:


Start at 1800hrs they said………..a few hours and you will be there they said..

Our start at Taikata was pretty good and we were just behind “Firsty” . It wasn’t long before we edged ahead of him. This put smiles on my crew. The crew was Cristin and Mark. Its going to be a tight reach all the way to the finish so we tuck the kite away and have the Full main and No.1 headsail. We know its going to lighten off but we don’t know when.

We have a comfortable lead over “Blue Beat” and figure that if we sail on port tack towards Rakino we would be tacking back to Tiri channel as the tide changed. Good plan but Blue Beat had done a runner up the east coast bays. Once dark we lost sight of Gaza and now the question had to be asked……..who made the correct call?

Firsty notified us that he was withdrawing as the wind got very light before Tiri Channel. We persevered and got into a nice breeze on the last leg to Kawau. Mark went to bed at Tiri so Cristin and I “dug in” and showed our stubborn streak until finally I lost steerage half way down Motorekireki Island. We withdraw at 0210 and motored to Mansion house Bay. I guess the trophy stays in the cupboard till next year eh.

Great weekend had by all!

The Roval "race report"??!

Well after some heated debate about where the start line was, and some serious argy bargy in the pre-start, we were off!  But this was going to be a seriously hard-fought race, with all the vessels crossing the start line together there was some close jostling.  With Satisfaction 3 up, they were exercising some definitely dubious distraction techniques.... and were they breaching rule 42?  Roval had also decided to opt for the more subtle, underwater, rule 42 breach, only to have satisfaction collide with said propulsion, and cause a capsize.  Meanwhile, Blue Beat was powering off into the distance, followed closely by Crocodile.  Roval finally broke free of the start area in hot pursuit of near and farr... who were now far in the distance.  But roval showed her power, and, by the first mark was hot on the tail of Crocodile.  But Crocodile was not going to go down easily and was snapping hard at Roval during the mark rounding.  Luckily Dolphin joined the fray, and both roval and Dolphin managed to overtake crocodile.  But blue beat was a full half leg ahead... could they make it?  It wasn't looking good, but then Goldie (having still not escaped the start area) started to luff blue beat, would she managed to hold him off long enough?  Sadly no, Blue beats, superior speed and maneuverability paid off, and he slipped past to get a well-deserved win!!


HYC Wayward 1 - Sunday 14th January 2018

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The first wayward of the series, saw the HYC boats congregate at Rocky bay on Saturday afternoon in preparation for the race on Sunday morning.

The race was a mark foy and those double handed were allowed to take advantage and start 6 minutes earlier than their calculated handicap as long as they used no extras!

The results:

1st Near & Farr
2nd Pretty Woman
3rd Young Entertainer
4th Cloud Ten
5th Roval
6th Satisfaction

Race report from Satisfaction

Satisfaction and Roval started together at Rocky Bay on 24 mins with Satisfaction just pipping Roval on the start line, both yachts revelling in the beam on Nor Easter.


A very evenly matched race with the lead swapping a few times, Satisfaction finally hoisting our Gennie and creaming past Rovel at Rangitoto.

As the breeze freshened to 17 knots at Devonport the maximum wind for the Gennie was reached and we depowered to the headsail.

Unfortunately we were  not able to control the drop and ended up with a major clustermuck, ….Roval seized the opportunity and once again regained the lead to the finish mark, well done Lisa and Trev…(we came, we tried and we failed)

A great sail home and a great weekend away as usual, thanks to HYC for organisation and racing fun, thanks also to my crew Humpalot and Zana, the food and RUM was delicious!


Race report from Near & Farr

Duncan and I decided to take full advantage of the double handed rule for the wayward race... well makes sense when there are only two of your and we had never planned to fly the spinnaker as we are still getting to know the old girl.

We started first.... not much wind and right up the bum.... off we pottered slowly and were able to watch the rest of the fleet slowly start..... hmmm it maybe might have been more fun to start with Cloud ten.

Looking back we wondered where Roval and Satisfaction were going heading North and correctly decided that they were messing with each other.

The wind came forward to a nice reach and we took off with a fast passage to Browns Island and managing to keep the same distance lead as we started with.  Rounding browns island the wind went astern again and we dropped down to 4.5knots but managed to pick up a bit more speed by poling out the No 1, until we got a sudden wind shift at North head with a rather tangled and quick pole drop.   We then shot up under the harbour bridge at 8.2 knots and we could see that Young entertainer and Pretty woman were starting to close in with their reaching speed.

We managed to hold our lead to line and watch Pretty woman and Young entertainer battle it out for second place.

Yay a first, first place for the Near & Farr... very happy and a great sail!  Bring on the next wayward... although I think our handicap may be changing slightly.   

ps Duncan's ears were very relieved that I did not sing/wail my song "allll by ourselveeeeeeees".... we were all by ourselves but this time at the front with the rest of the fleet behind us which makes a nice change!

Race report from Roval

Friday night saw Cloud 10, Young Entertainer, Roval and Arabesque heading out to Issy bay ... with the inevitable drunken revelry!!

After a nice slow start to the day, we headed on down to Rocky bay were we were joined by Satisfaction, Near and Farr, and Pretty Woman.

The right side of the bay looked favored, and plenty of space for everyone.....Unfortunately, there seemed to be a very large party of teenagers/young adults on shore have a very big party, and with a sound system to challenge Satisfactions... so the gauntlet was down, who could party harder?  The aged sailors, or the young kids?... and yes you have guessed it, we totally out partied them!

After the usual pre-racing debate about Handicaps, Roval's first mate decided to offer to start at the same time as Satisfaction... on the proviso that they went no extra's!!

So with a lovely North-easter, Roval was in her sweet spot... a bit of argy bargy on the Rocky Bay start line saw Satisfaction win the start... oh, but wait, maybe we should put the other sail out! (actually, this is not a bad way to handle Roval short handed as the headsail is huge, the winches are somewhat ancient, and close quarter tacking is not easy!)

With only a few boat lengths between us we were all working hard... but yes, much to Phil's dismay, the caravan overtook!!  He was working his crew hard, so Lisa decided the only sensible option was to pour the drinks, get out my book, and work on balance up the tan.... with the added bonus that this was distracting the other skipper😊.

After about an hour of Satisfaction trying everything (and failing) to get past, he decided to do away with the "no extra's" agreement and pulled out the Genica about Browns Island.  But this still wasn't going to be easy, he did eventually get past, but certainly wasn't pulling away, and when he dropped the kite around the tank farm, we smoked past doing a very healthy 9.4 knts.  

Young Entertainer and Pretty Woman had already passed us by this point and were doing a nice we battle up ahead, Cloud 10 was playing the angles, and Near and Farr were so farr out in front we couldn't see them

All the time we had been gaining nicely on Cloud 10, but was there enough race track to real her in?  Sadly not, but with all the boats finishing within site of each other, it was a great race, and thanks to my awesome first mate, Trev, for helming (not that I ever actually get a look in on the helming!!)

Race Report From Cloud Ten

Starting the wayward race home from Rocky bay was a real treat. We upped anchor with only enough time to hoist the main and then head straight to the line, remarkably we were right on time. Near and Farr started ahead of us and our sights were set on them. We held our own not gaining but not losing them either until we came round Browns Island and started running flat off. They then started to creep away. Looking behind us Satisfaction and Roval looked like they were heading to Rangitoto so clearly a tussle was happening which meant we were safe for now. Young Entertainer was tearing up behind us at a very fast pace though. They caught us at North head and although we had a slight gain being able to switch to reaching faster since we hadn’t poled out our headsail it didn’t save us for long and they took off again passing with ease not long afterwards. Pretty Woman appeared from nowhere caught us under the bridge and then burned us off like we were standing still! We definitely weren’t standing still though and this was the fastest sail ever for Cloud 10 hitting speeds we hadn’t done before in the few months we have owned her. We were very glad to see the finish line looming closer though as the enormous headsails and bow waves of Roval and Satisfaction were steadily catching us. We were very happy with our first race and it was a fantastic weekend, thank you to all the people who make these events a success.

Shipwright 2 - Sunday 9th December 2017

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1st – Nona
2nd – Firsty
3rd – Eye Spy
All finished within a minute on corrected time after 2.5 hours.

Race report from Eye Spy:
Tis the season to be jolley tra la la…………….
Crikey, that’s a long way from the marina to the start line. Eye Spy is a little late……………

Where to race to today? We decide on Bayswater as the breeze is stronger than predicted. We are getting a good 15 knots and decide to run the No.1 anyway……..rig for the lulls Blackie always used to say………

The start was as expected, we are a little behind Craig and ahead of Nona. Soon we were able to launch the kite but were often over running it. The wind has done a runner to the southern ocean and left us to navigate the mine-field of holes around Kauri Point. Finally through to clear air and we are maintaining position in the three boat fleet. The course is shortened to Chelsea as we have taken over an hour just to get past Kauri. A tight reach then a kite run back to Kauri point. The question is……………where to drop the kite? Too soon and Nona will catch up………too late and Nona will catch up.

The run to the finish was busy with a number of tacks. We increase our distance over Nona and appear to have made ground on Firsty. Is it enough on corrected time? Sadly no…………third for our efforts……….can’t win em all eh.

Many thanks to my awesome team on board Eye Spy.

Golden rivet race 1 & 2 - sunday 3rd December 2017

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Gary Matthews of CCYC presenting the Golden Rivet trophy to Trevor May HYC division 5 rep after Sunday's Golden Rivet races.

Once again team HYC won both of the  Golden rivet races on Sunday, it was a team effort.  Thank you to all the HYC boats as well as our competitors from CCYC.

Results - race 1

1st Firsty
2nd Eye Spy
3rd Nimble
4th Blue Beat
5th Near & Farr
6th Waterwitch
7th Nona
8th Champosa
9th Satisfaction
10th Cavalier 2

Best starts

1st Waterwitch
2nd Blue beat
3rd Champosa, satisfaction & Eye Spy

Fastest Boats around the course
1st Firsty
2nd Eye Spy
3rd Champosa

Points - CCYC 36  HYC 19

Results - race 2

1st Firsty
2nd Nona
3rd Champosa
4th Blue Beat
5th Near & Farr
6th Wild Horses
7th Eye Spy
8th Waterwitch
DNF Satisfaction

Best starts

1st Firsty
2nd Near & Farr
3rd Nona

Fastest Boats around the course
1st Firsty
2nd Champosa
3rd Nona

Points - CCYC 27   HYC 19

Race report from Near & Farr

We have always historically supported HYC by racing in the Golden rivet series... so once again we decided to race with the HYC team..... this time on the newly purchased Near & Farr.
Having only taken her out once since the sea trial it was going to be a case of learning what she could do.  With three of us on board... Skipper Duncan, Big mike (i will crew if you bake brownies) and I ... we were early to the boat with the stash of brownies stowed.
Off we motored and we were for a time "allllllllllll by ourselvesssssss" until the committee boat arrived and the other boats showed up.
We checked start times for the other boats, who was starting first and our start.  Good turn out from HYC with youngs, Firsty, the cavalier and us.  
Our first start was not brillant but we were off chasing the cavalier and the big blue boat.. in not much wind.  On the first leg Blue beat requested that we try to slow down Nimble from CCYC...we did so and BB sped ahead ..... in hindsi we should have raced our own race but it was a team effort.
we got around the course and had an exciting finish for the first race with a cluster of boats around us Nimble, blue beat, Nona and waterwitch... exciting finish that saw us just get ahead of Waterwitch on the line and we came 5th.... Duncan did a great impression of a cheshire cat as we crossed the line.
Ok... we all agreed it was a great race and that the boat points high and we did less tacks that the other boats...."good N & F".
For the second race the wind was not very windy and the tide was picking up... same course was chosen as it allows for the committee boat to shorten it.
We were very very happy with our start... high fives all around.  Off we went we knew the course and were getting to know the boat... hmmmm "this is thirsty stuff" announced Mike... and out came the beers to quench the thirst and the brownies to reward the crew.  
We made a decision to stay close in, eye spy stayed out.... it could have gone either way... but worked well for us and not so well for Trevor.   The wind and tide were causing everyone issues... however we had a good race and were happy that the course was shortened.   5th again... but... we did get the second best start.. Yay!
Interestingly at not one point during either race did I get to wail my song "allllllll by ourselvessss!!" - which I am sure that Mike and Duncan were very pleased about!
Great to be out on the water with the HYC team and big thank you to the committee boat, sailing captains and cristin for the bbq.  And also thank you to Mike for crewing for us!

Race report for cavalier II

It was a stunning day for the races but we knew that with light winds forecast, it wasn't ideal sailing conditions for us. However, we put our best foot forward with a clean bottom, empty water tanks and anything not screwed down removed, we were ready for action! 

Off to a slow start, we rounded kauri point into a decent breeze and lots of enthusiasm heading toward the meola reef buoy. 

With inconsistent wind and pushing the ebb tide, we were overtaken coming back round kauri point and that trend continued in the fickle breeze. Oh well, we were having fun anyway. 

During the second leg, Champosa passed us and sailed into a big hole and we laughed our heads off as we gained 100m on them as they parked up and went hunting for the breeze line, proving again (as if we needed reminding) that sail boats need wind to sail. 
With a failing breeze, knowing we wouldnt finish on time, we decided we’d finish the race in our time and that would be that. We didnt want our slow elapsed time to hinder our fellow HYC teammates overall performance. 

We enjoyed the day and the company of the other boats and look forward to sailing in a decent breeze sometime in future. 


Race reports from Eye Spy

Golden Rivet race one.

This is one of my favourite races and look at the weather!

Everything is panning out to be a great day of two close races. Two races which could in fact decide the holders of the coveted “Golden Rivet” trophy. Nervous times as we head out to the race course as we look around at the emerging opposition.

Eye Spy has Lisa on the foredeck and JK and Mark in the cockpit with me. Everything is set to go with the No.1 and full main. We do a couple of runs towards Kauri point and note that the wind direction changes three times each way. This may prove to be an issue especially if we are close to other boats.

Our start was a doozie and we settle in to a battle with Nimble. HYC is doing well at the early stages and have kites up first on the return leg from Meola. Things tighten up as we round the ODM and somehow Eye Spy pops out the other side of the “ruck” in front. We sail a lonely race but are very happy with our performance. Firsty has also broken free of the “ruck” and is in hot pursuit. We go to hoist the kite for the second time and …………….bugger…………the clip on the halyard comes off the spinnaker head. We can’t re-clip as the halyard is now swinging around 3 meters off the deck. I see an opportunity to demonstrate youth-like exuberance and hand the helm over to Mark. I scale up the mast and stand on the spinnaker pole. Still about two feet from the fingertips Ahhh got it, Eye Spy rolls over a boat wake and the clip swings toward the mast and me. The kite was hoisted again…….the clip comes off again……..Lisa wraps some insulation tape around the quick release pin…………we hoist again……….success. We have lost a lot of time and Firsty is able to pass us prior to the finish. In a teams race its about the lowest score. Can’t get any better than 1st and 2nd. Well done Craig.

Well done to all in the “Golden Rivet” participants. Thanks to Kristen with the Sausies post racing.
Golden Rivet race two.

We have a slightly reduced fleet for the second race. We also have a slightly reduced wind. Various alternatives were discussed and the officials decided to run with the same course with an option to shorten if required.

Mark-foy start and we are probably only a few seconds late. Once again we truck after the boats in front and pass many. We fall into a hole off Kauri point and those we passed sail by. Both sides we had been passed. Still stopped dead………….

We struggled with every thing this race. Great to see others from HYC picking up the slack. Nice work on Near and far and the other two 88s with Firsty powering to the front. Teamwork pays off with another comfortable overall win.

HYC has quite the team………….I bet CCYC come at us with all guns blazing in the third race tho. Bring it on………

Suprise race 2.....hmmmmmm sunday 19th November 2017

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Race was a non-event. Eye Spy only got two channel markers out of the marina before returning home. The wind was good but the cooling through the engine was not. Blue Beat offered to tow us to the start (thanks Gaza) but I had to gratefully decline as one should have a motor when racing………just in case. JK jumped ship onto Blue Beat and they continued to the start only to find no one to race against.

I discovered and replaced a very munted impellor after returning to the marina. All is now well again in the land of Eye Spy.

Where are our fleets of the past?
Anyone with suggestions about how to increase numbers on race day please let the sailing committee know or email Trevor May!!
Your div 5 rep

Forward Hands race - Sunday 5th November 2017

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Forward-hands results:
Nona 1st
Firsty 2nd
Eye Spy 3rd
Ladies race postponed due to lack of wind and boats entered.

Race report from Eye Spy:
Only the three boats turned up for the forward hands race. The wind was very light so the course was set for Meola to starboard and return. The tide was huge so we were always going to get to Meola but against the tide on the way home................who knows?
Mark is on the helm and Lisa volunteers for fore deck. I put myself on main and JK is on the winches.
We start mid fleet………behind Nona but ahead of Firsty. The first leg is full of holes and we find all of them. We watch the lead two rounding Meola and note the tracks they take.
The tricky rounding was executed perfectly by Mark and we find ourselves in first place for a time as the other two have been doing battle with the tide. No wind and a huge tide meant we really needed to stay behind Meola reef till the wind turned up. When we ventured out into the tide we were instantly swept past Meola.
On realising there was a little pressure we forged ahead with First beside us. We thought about calling for “water” but I decided we had enough room to let Firsty continue on his way and for us to turn within the gap between us and dip before continuing. This proved inaccurate as we clip the pushpit on Firsty. Sorry Craig………..I guess my perception of distance is not as good as it was……..
We carry out a 720 turn, then continue with the course.
The distance to catch the lead two is too great and we settle for third position. We get good speeds on the last leg to the finish and Mark finally has a smile on his face. I think he enjoys the helm.
Thanks to Nigel and the tower team.

Sunday 29th October 2017- Surprise race 1

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The Results:
1st Satisfaction
2nd Pretty Woman
3rd Firsty
4th Waterwitch
5th Eye Spy
6th Nona
7th Cavalier 2

There was a coin toss between Eye Spy and Nona for the best start,  Eye spy won the coin toss.

Firsty's race report

On board today, Tim and the Commodore as well as yours truly. Starting at 16 min past, we had the no3 headsail, and full main, in a gusty NorEaster. Reach down the first leg toKauri Pt, then on the wind, and we have the right sails up for these conditions gusting to 20knts true wind speed. On the wind the Firsty is loving it.

Pointing 5 dev higher than other boats, we are making short work of the windward work. Pass all but Satisfaction on the wind, it’s a Gybe around Bayswater, then coming out of Bayswater, we notice that somehow our beautiful carbon Kevlar main has ripped.   We decide to pull in the leach cord to take the weight, of the tear and hopefully reduce any further damage. Under the lee of Birkenhead we decide to drop the main to apply some sticky back repairs in the hope that it won’t rip any more. Pretty Woman passes us by to windward as we effect repair then with the main back up we try to maintain our position in the fleet. Waterwitch is looming from astern, and it’s all we can do to hold them off to the finish as we nurse the broken main over the finish. 3rd on line on a Mark Foy start behind Satisfaction and Pretty Woman.

Looks like more boat vouchers required for a mainsail repair :-(

Pretty Woman Race Report

We learnt a lesson leaving late for the opening day race and thought it would be prudent to be at the boat 10am and get away a little earlier. Damn Auckland Marathon threw a spanner in the works with that one, there is nothing better than a 2KM walk carrying sails to get to your boat! However, we made to the the start line with time up our sleeves as we where on minute 20. Having everyone ahead gave us a little bit of an indication on what to expect and plan for as we only had a crew of, myself, Chris driving and the Skipper on bow. A favorable course for the NE that had filled in had us only need to put in one tack to get above the Chelsea bouy.  Up ahead was the fleet and some confusion on Waterwitch rounding Chelsea rather than leaving to Starboard.. Up to the bridge and breeze now constantly upwards of 15+ Kn had the bigger boats in their element. Through the bridge where we were able to over the top of the 88s, Phil and Craig both rounded well ahead at Bayswater. Gary on WW snuck around with a clean mark rounding. Off on the reach we go.. MHO was the option for ease of the furler... Sometimes the easy option should be overlooked as we had a few issues with the deploy. Once we were up and away we saw Firsty drop their main for a repair which gave us the opportunity to slid past. Around Kauri and back up with the genoa and Satisfaction in our sights.

Unfortunately for us we ran out of race track and Phil took the gun, although I hear that he wasn’t driving, thus congrats Duncan! Thanks to the tower team and other boats for a great afternoon out. Brad

Nona's Race report

The first mark foy for the summer. The forecast is 15knts, NE. My crew is John and Bronwyn. Scott we have loaned to Waterwitch. The race line is overcast, with a gusty breeze funnelling out of Helliers Creek. Seven boats line-up including new member Mike with Cavalier 2. Welcome. The course is (S) of Chelsea, Bayswater (S) and finish. Cavalier 2 starts as scratch boat followed by Satisfaction +8 and then Nona and Waterwitch sailing two handed. We hit the line to perfection with full main, number 1 and incoming tide.
Some of the gusts coming through the valleys are fresh, our highest recorded at 18knts. We get to Kauri and it tightens up as we try to sail a line to Chelsea and with Eye Spy not too far behind. The ensuing battle with ES will continue for the rest of the course. The first time we cross, we are ahead of ES. The second time we have to dip ES and third time to make Chelsea (S) we are back in front. Satisfaction is a speck in the distance, we have past C2, and Pretty Woman is powering behind. Through the bridge, there is another fleet between us and Bayswater which we navigate with care. PW powers past and ES catches us just before the buoy and we have to let him in. Our rounding is a little undignified while ES seems to be very close to the nav light on the buoy.

Ease sheets and we set our sights on ES who is running a number 2 headsail which gives us some hope . Through the bridge and we close up  and probably look like synchronised performers as one goes up, then the other, then down, up – you get the picture. We just can’t get past as we look at ES’s boom over the life lines.

We spot our chance. A lone fishing boat ahead and we are like conjoined twins, heading right for them. This will give us separation. We bare down on the fishing boat ... then the plan dissolves as the fishing boat, probably looking at our bows heading right for him lifts his anchor and makes a hurried exit. Around Kauri Pt and the breeze is more gusty and bending in direction.  The anchored barge up ahead should give us separation. We go via the shore line and ES heads out  (where the breeze seems a little stronger).  He has the edge all the way to the finish. Well done ES and the fleet of six others. Thanks to the start tower, although ES and Nona are given the same time at the start for the bottle of wine. We toss, we lose. Oh well, it was a good day and fun tussling with another boat.
Satisfactions race report

Satisfaction was once again rather sparse on dancing girls for the first race of the Surprise series.. hmmm ... skipper, four crew. we were going to have to concentrate.
But before the racing thing we had some traditions to continue .... we knew it was going to be a good day when the champagne cork was caught. 
We motored down to Hobby and had enough time to practice a few tacks and jibes .  Our start was eight minutes which meant we were second to start after new club boat Cavalier 2.  Off we went .... "YES!" we all shouted with excitement "there is going to be good breeze!!"  we all agreed that once again it was great conditions for  Satisfaction!
The crew were working like clock work.  However due to the gusty conditions the champagne bucket went flying across the cockpit  washing the floor with pink bubbles... bugger. We caught up with Cavalier 2 - shouted encouragement at them and welcomed them to HYC and then pasted them.  
The whole fleet was behind us, however Water witch were going great guns. I was sure they would catch up with us, however at the first mark they gibed around and started heading home??!! ":What the blazers.. have we got the course wrong??" nope we had not got the course wrong.... unfortunately for Gary they had!  We continued on to Chelsea while trying to avoid the Squadron 7's boats.  Around chelsea and time to head home.  A very brief discussion was held regarding the genniker and we concluded  that it was too fluky.
Still at the head of the fleet all we had to do was not let anyone past us.  Phil retired to  a bean bag and Duncan took over the helming, while mike and I trimmed.  We had to concentrate and were surprised that Firsty was not catching us and that she was still under white sails... not a spinnaker in sight.
There gusts kept most of us concentrating and so did the fact that Pretty woman were gaining on us (and she was looking very pretty!), as were the rest of the fleet.  Lots more trimming and concentrating, and finally across the line first!  Lots of high fives.
Head sail furled and cheese in the oven?!  On the way back to the marina it was observed by Duncan and myself that "ranger rock" - isolated danger mark ... has had a make over... very pretty!
Great day on the water and luckily us the conditions were perfect for our 17 tonnes.  Also great to see Cavalier 2 out on the water.   Thank you to the start tower and Nigel!

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