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HYC Sailing Captain Report: Opening Day 20 October 2019

posted Nov 4, 2019, 6:45 PM by Admin hycnz

Hi All,

It was great to observe a good fleet from all divisions on the water for the Opening Day of the Summer season. The wind and weather played the game; we had a good breeze on the Div.5 course and shifty but pleasant wind strength on the Dinghy course. It was pleasing to see a full club room at the prize giving, with both Senior and Junior members enjoying themselves post an excellent days sailing. 

In the Div.5 Keeler division, ‘Slipknot’ took home the Silverware, winning on line and handicap, well done to Gary Swain and his crew! Craig and his ‘Firsty’ team had the best start of the day. Great work Greg for sailing with the Keelers and taking out the Multihull division. Good luck to both the ‘Firsty’ and ‘Slipknot’ crews in the Coastal Classic on Labour weekend, hope you enjoy the great race up the coast!

On the Dinghy course four races were completed with Ollie (Starlings), Cohen (Firebugs) and Astin (Opti) winning on the day, well done! Our Junior Sailors of the day were Grace and Astin; congratulations to you both for sailing very well. The spot prizes for the day went to Craig Macmillan and Barnabus Sebesteny, I hope you make great use of the Burnsco Vouchers.

Thanks to the House committee for their excellent efforts in putting on the BBQ and raffles. And thank you to Gill and the Sailing committee for their efforts in in running the racing for the day. 

Handicap Results: Div.5 Keelers
1. Slipknot – Gary Swain
2. Firsty – Craig McMillan
3. Near & Farr – Samantha & Duncan Leach
4. Waterwitch (DNF) – Gary Matthews

Line: Slipknot                   Best Start:      Firsty

Div.1 Results
1. Greg Jones

Div.2 Dinghy Series Results

1. Ollie Smith
2. Grace Munro
3. David McGowan
4. Tamas Sebesteny

1. Cohen Laban
2. Barnabus Sebesteny
1. Astin Thornton
2. Kiera Smit

Sunday 3rd November 2019; 1300 start.

Could I request the Keeler Skippers please commit to racing the Golden Rivet Series; it’s time to take back the silverware after losing it last year. We need a minimum Team of 5 to compete, but the Sailing Committee would really like to see a big turn out to what is always a great day of racing against our neighbouring club, plus a good social event.

We have combined the Mark Foy Golden Rivet series races and Surprise races so the results will also count towards the Surprise series. 

Could you please let Gill and Sean know if you are available to race; our contact details are at the end of this report. 

Next Race: Keeler (Div.5): Golden Rivet 1/Surprise 1

Note: The 1st Wayward is also coming up so the NORs for the next 3 races will be released in the next few days. 

If you have questions Sean can be contacted on 021 713098 or alternatively Gill dinghy sailing dinghysailing@hycnz.org.nz 

Sean’s email is seanmunronz@gmail.com 
Happy racing and cruising, and again good luck to crews on the Coastal Classic!


HYC Sailing Committee

Sailing Captain Report: Winter Series Racing Sunday 15 Sept 2019 & 2019/20 Summer Racing Program

posted Oct 7, 2019, 9:13 PM by Admin hycnz

Hi all, 

Two HYC Keelers got on the water for a Harbour Race with CCYC (9x Boats) on Sunday. It was from what I understand, an excellent day on the water. Firsty managed to come away with the win on line and handicap, well done Craig and his crew! The best start went to Escape, well done to Trev and his team.  

Craig and his ‘Firsty’ team took out the 2019 HYC Winter Series, well done!! 
I am sure Craig will be shouting his ‘Firsty’ team a beer!

Below are the race results:

Results: Race 12 Best Start: Escape
1. Firsty
2. Escape

Overall Series Results (Final)
1. Firsty
2. Escape
3. Slipknot 
4. Eye Spy

The next Dinghy race day is scheduled for this Sunday 22th September at 1200hrs. Sheds open at 1045hrs. We will look to have 3 races, possibly 4.

2019/20 Summer Racing Program: OPENING DAY Sunday 20 Oct 2019
The 2019/20 Summer program is planned to start with Friday night Dinghy Training & Introduction on Friday 18th Oct 2019 at 5pm, and a Keelers/Div. 5 skippers meeting.

Keeler/Div5 Skippers Meeting; 
There is a skippers meeting on Friday 18 Oct 2019, @ 7pm, in the club. Agenda is TBA. 

Opening Day
The Summer Racing Program will start with Opening day on the Sunday 20 Oct 2019 for both Keelers (Div5) and Dinghies (Div1&2).  Racing is planned to be around the buoys and close to the club. 
Time is TBA but likely to be around mid-day. This will be followed by a social event put on by the House committee.

NOTE:  2019/20 Summer Racing Program will be released to Social media, the Website and Club members in the next two weeks. The sailing committee are just finalising a few dates and liaising with some external organisations before its release. Our apologies for the delay.   

Happy sailing or more probably, happy pre-summer boat maintenance!

Sean Munro
HYC Sailing Captain 

Sailing Captain Report: Winter Series Racing Sunday 01 Sept 2019

posted Sep 22, 2019, 8:05 PM by Admin hycnz

Hi all, 

Three HYC Keelers got on the water for a Harbour Race with CCYC (5x Boats) on Sunday in a light breeze which built and then died off toward the end. It was from what I understand a great day on the water, all be it a little frustrating for some. 

Slipknot managed to come away with the win on handicap, well done Gary and his crew! Firsty secured the line honours for the combined fleet and the best start, well done Craig and his team.  

Below are the race results:

Race 10 Results:
1. Firsty
2. Slipknot

Best Start: Slipknot

Results: Race 11 Best Start & Line: Firsty
1. Slipknot
2. Escape
3. Firsty


Overall Series Results
1. Firsty
2. Slipknot
3. Escape
4. Eye Spy

The next Keeler race with CCYC is scheduled for Sunday 15th September 2019, 1000hrs Harbour/Fleet Race.

The next Dingy race day is scheduled for this Sunday 8th September at 1300hrs. Sheds open at 1145hrs. We will look to have 3 races, possibly 4.

Happy racing


Sean Munro
HYC Sailing Captain 

Race reports for Sunday 1st September 2019

posted Sep 22, 2019, 8:04 PM by Admin hycnz

Escape Race Report 

Sunday dawned  fine, clear and calm with  emphasis on the calm. The forecast was a worrying 5 knots variable with a huge tide running out until  mid afternoon. The last two races had been similar conditions with course number 1, the shortest harbour course, being chosen on both those occasions.

Crew of the day was Pete, his brother Steve and myself, and for Pete and I it was déjà vu. Motor out to a start in no wind and drift off with the tide. Naturally it was course number 1 again. The sun was shining and a long day on the water was likely if only because the tide meant we couldn’t get back in the marina any earlier than 3.30. Happy Father’s Day!

There might have been little or no breeze but the tide was running at over 2 knots so we were soon making progress in the right direction and there was no rush to get there because the tide still had 4 hours to run. Firsty got too far out to the side at Birkenhead and had to motor clear of the moored boats with no wind to sail. 

We had a tight battle with a piece of polystyrene going under the Harbour Bridge. It passed us twice before catching a back eddy near Bayswater and finally falling behind. The racing between boats was a little less exciting. Slipknot managed to stay in the middle of the tide best while Firsty and ourselves both drifted out to the Devonport side. It was at that point that a light NE sea breeze finally kicked in and we could truly claim to be sailing. 

Out front Firsty picked a slightly better line than Slipknot and was leading coming into the first mark at Rough Rock and while we were behind further than we would have liked once you turned the mark it was into the tide and the gap narrowed a lot. We were doing 5.6 knots across the ground coming into the mark and a miserable 1.4 knots coming away from it. It felt like a long way home at that point.

But the tide was waning and Firsty was soon round Northern leading and hoisting their big yellow kite closely followed by Slipknot with us at the back . Pete and Steve got our blue kite up in quick order and we all set off for Resolution. We would have preferred our gennaker since it’s bigger than the kite but the angle was wrong. All three boats  hugged the wave barrier side at Orakei and benefited from the tidal back eddy there. It was amazing to see how much the speed over ground increased when we got into that counter flow .

Round Resolution , hardened up to get around the container wharf, and set off for Kauri Point. Looking ahead Firsty and Slipknot had adjusted for a beam reach rather than downwind so we dropped the spinnaker and hoisted the gennaker. This certainly paid off initially as we took a bit of distance out of the leading two but the wind came behind again and we experimented with flying the gennaker off the kite pole. All good fun but it didn’t make much difference to our distance behind despite them sailing into a hole and recommencing the earlier drifting match. Our turn to do that came soon enough and it was a relief to finally get to the line feeling lucky to come third in a three boat race! 

We didn’t do too much wrong but we also hadn’t pushed the others too hard so were a bit deflated.  We also couldn’t motor straight home due to the low tide and earlier at Chelsea we saw mud I’d never seen before. Sobering to say the least! Still it gave us more time on the water on a sunny Sunday so first world problems really.  We were home soon enough.

Thanks to Pete and Steve for a well coordinated effort from two guys who hadn’t sailed together for years and to Clearwater for running the race when no doubt Fathers Day lunch beckoned.

Sailing Captain Report: Winter Series Racing July 28th, 2019

posted Aug 12, 2019, 7:52 PM by Admin hycnz

Hi all, 

Four Keelers and five Dinghies got out on the water on Sunday in a near perfect breeze; it was a great day on the water. Below is a quick report from Trev H and I on both sets of racing; thanks Trev for your input.

Trev Higgins Keeler Race Report

Fine weather, a good breeze and smooth seas thanks to wind and tide going the same way greeted the 4 boats racing. On the start line were Eye Spy, Escape, Firsty and after some drama with their house batteries Slipknot. 
A long upwind up tide beat to Bayswater was first up and the four boats had closed up markedly by then. Downwind Firsty was handicapped being only 2 up and not able to fly a kite giving breathing space to Escape out front and letting Slipknot back past them.  Trouble with the drop at Meola saw Slipknot drop back to 4th and positions didn’t change on the next two legs to Chelsea and then the finish.

Results: Race 8 Best Start: Slipknot
1. Escape
2. Firsty
3. Eyespy
4. Slipknot

Overall Series Results
1. Firsty
2. Slipknot
3. Escape
4. Eye Spy

Sean Munro’s Dinghy Racing Report

Like the Keelers, the Dinghies had a great day on the water. Although the numbers were low compared to previous races, the sailors who raced had a great time in the perfect breeze.

Two races were completed, sailing a Windward/Leeward course, and we ran the racing from the Safety Boats. It was excellent to see Tamas out racing and enjoying the winter water temp after a spectacular capsize to demonstrate to the Juniors on how to recover! He had a great tussle with Ollie in the Starling in both races. Cohen, Kaleem and Barnabus had some excellent racing, with Cohen sailing really well to win both races in the Firebugs.
Thank you, Phoebe and Altus, for helping on the Safety boats and with the race starts/finishes.

Ollie (Starlings) and Cohen (Firebugs) are the current Dinghy Winter Series leaders. It will be nice to see a few more Dinghies on the water for the next race day. 
Again, thanks to all for a great days racing and thanks to the House committee for putting on the BBQ. 

The next Keeler race is scheduled for Sunday 11th August 2019, 1300hrs MF Local Race.

The next Dingy race day is scheduled for Sunday 11th August at 1400hrs. Sheds open at 1245hrs. We will look to have 2 races.

Happy racing


Sean Munro
HYC Sailing Captain 

HYC winter series race 8 - Sunday 28th July 2019 (mark foy race)

posted Aug 12, 2019, 7:51 PM by Admin hycnz

1 - Escape
2 - Firsty
3 - Eye Spy
4 - Slip knot

Best start - Slip Knot

Escape Race Report 

Time is a funny thing. It seems to pass slowly in stressful moments which explains why it seemed to take a week to sail behind the Chelsea Meola mudbank.  In the end it was worth it but if I hear the shallow water alarm from the depth sounder anytime soon I might scream.

We were three up for the day, Pete, Will and I, so were pleased it was a simple course with not too many marks although  the long multi tack beat against the tide to Bayswater kept us busy, and warm. 

We were a bit late for the start but Eye Spy hadn’t got too far ahead in the minute we were giving them and a Clearwater boat, Nimble, up ahead of them was marking the edge of the wind shadow at Kauri Point nicely. We managed to stay in the wind all the way round and settled down to try and catch Eye Spy. We crossed tacks a couple of times with them comfortably in front  They were sailing higher but slower and approaching Meola beacon we got on equal terms. We just scraped by the post and it was decision time. Keep going up behind the mudbank out of the tide or take the safe route in deep water.

The two Clearwater boats ahead of us had opted for the shallow route and seemed to be going ok and the tide was coming in so what could possibly go wrong! In we went. The depth sounder dropped steadily until it hit the 1m mark (below the keel) and there it stayed for what seemed an eternity. Occasionally it would drop to 0.8m to keep us sweating or taunt us by flicking up to 1.2 and the hope we were through. All the time the alarm set for 1.5 metres dinged infuriatingly on.

When we finally did come out near Watchmans Island, less tide and a bit of a lift meant we had opened a lead up on Eye Spy and kept Slipknot and Firsty at bay . It was slow going upwind and tide but eventually we were through the bridge and on the lay line for Bayswater.  We had a small lead on Firsty and Slipknot at the mark which widened by getting the push from the tide first.

Pete and Will did a slick job of hoisting the gennaker and  we set off for Meola. The GPS was showing 7 to 8 knots across the ground so it was a quick leg. Being only two handed Firsty were without a kite and Slipknot got back in front of them and looked like they might give us a run for our money. We decided to push things at the mark by keeping the gennaker working til the last second before tacking at the mark and dropping it to windward. It wasn’t perfect but it was pretty good as drops go and when we had cleaned up and looked back Slipknot  was having a ‘mare with their drop and were no longer a threat.

We knew if we could make it to Chelsea first then Firsty and Eye Spy  who had got past Slipknot would struggle to catch us on the down wind leg to the finish. So once more we pushed well into mud territory  before tacking on what proved to be a tight .layline to Meola. We scraped around the mark with  half a metre to spare, dodged the boat fishing just past it, hoisted the gennaker and set off for the finish.

We managed to gain a bit on other three and took the gun with a comfortable lead.  We cleaned up in slow time on the sail home and put the boat away feeling pretty pleased with how we went.All in all a great days racing. Thanks to Pete and Will and to the Clearwater team for running the race.

Race report from Eye Spy:

Seems as if its been a while since we raced……….

Lisa, Mark and I on board on this occasion and the wind is predicted at 9-16 knots from the East.

As we set the boat ready to go from the marina we note the wind may have exceeded the predicted high so, we opt for the number two and full main.

The course is # 8 which is Bayswater to starboard, Meola to starboard, Chelsea to port then finish. Pretty much windward leeward today then. The crew were not too keen on the idea of flying a kite but I will convince them yet!

We start at only a couple of seconds pass our allotted start time of 14 minutes. It seems the majority of the fleet are already too far away for us to catch! Oh well, who is closest? We line up cracka as the closest to us but not to forget the chasing four behind us. Gezzzzzz, speaking of those behind, we get pounced on by Escape up wind. We don’t manage to hold off Firsty or Slipknot who pass us just before the bridge. Tacking, tacking……. bugger………..spilt the beers all over the newly cleaned cockpit.

On to Bayswater and we are just ahead of Champosa. Round the mark and I call for the kite…….say again what? They love it really and up she goes!  Doing well now and decide to brave another beer, thirsty work eh. Champosa is trying to pass so I head up to avoid getting monstered by their humungous kite. They eventually pass us and we now hold the envious last position.

Issues at the bottom mark!  What has gone wrong on board Slipknot? The kite is up and they have rounded Meola! That’s goin to end in tears! The kite drop on Eye Spy was clean and we pass Slipknot who is stationary still with issues. Eye Spy scoots by Cracka and we also pass the Pied Piper who got stuck in the hole at Kauri point.

Over the finish line with Cracka on our tail determined to fly his kite till the end. Twas not to be………the wind turned on the nose at the finish boat.

Third boat to finish from HYC. I wonder if Escape would have been caught if Firsty flew a kite……we will never know. Well done to all……….especially my crew.

Sailing Captain Report and Keeler Winter Series: Race 5 June 16th, 2019

posted Jun 23, 2019, 8:07 PM by Admin hycnz   [ updated Jun 23, 2019, 8:08 PM ]

Hi all, 

It was great to see the Keeler’s out on the water on Sunday in a good breeze, compared with recent weeks of having either no wind or lots of it, or the influence of the long weekend. I was very pleased. My apologies for the oversight of the long weekend in our Winter racing program; with the combination of racing with CCYC I did not realise before the start of the series there was scheduled racing that weekend.

Trev Higgins kindly put a race day report together for me, thanks Trev! See below.  

Thanks to the House committee for putting on the BBQ yesterday and for their excellent efforts in organising the Prize Giving. Also, thanks to all who helped to make it a great night!

The next Keeler race is scheduled for the 30 June 2019, 1300hrs MF Local Race.

The next Dingy race day is scheduled for this Sunday 23 June 2019, 1030hrs, with a 0915hrs sheds open. We are also likely to have 1x possibly 2x Opti’s to trial as a part of our due diligence on the purchase of our new ‘learn to sail’ fleet.   

Race Report by Trev Higgins - Escape

Once the odd shower had passed through it was a good day for sailing with good breeze and a bit of tide making things interesting. 

The course was Start- Bayswater- Meola- Rona- Finish

Four club boats in combination with a good number from Clearwater Cove meant there was always someone to pace yourself against and the Mark Foy start handicaps saw some close finishes.

With the wind straight down the harbour, spinnakers were the order of the day for the downwind legs while the upwind legs suited most boats number 2s. While most boats flirted with the mud at some point and the rum bell was ultimately not required some of the near misses were skin of the teeth stuff. 

Escape made the most of a full crew and a good start time to lead from start to finish while Firsty made her usual late run from the back of the fleet to pick up firstly Slipknot and then Eye Spy (on the short reach to the finish) for second. 
Slipknot by her own admission had too many headsails to choose from, chose the wrong one and had to settle for 4th. All in all, a great day out on the water. 

Best start went to Firsty!

Results: Race 5
1. Escape
2. Firsty
3. Eye Spy
4. Slipknot

Best Start: Firsty

Overall Series Results

1. Firsty
2. Slipknot
3. Escape
4. Eye Spy

Happy racing


Sean Munro
HYC Sailing Captain 

race reports from winter series race 5 - Sunday 16th June 2019

Race report from Escape (regarding both fleets not just HYC)

No worries about a lack of wind for this race. A lack of water was today’s story. Low tide at 12.30 meant we were on the boat and motoring out early but even then the depth sounder read 0.1m as we left the marina so we were just in time.

On board with me were Gina, Pete, Will and Richard and our first aim was to dodge a shower going through and we almost managed it. Almost. No lack of water there! That done we settled down to getting the boat ready and with plenty of time we were relaxed when the start rolled round.

A quick reach to Kauri Point and then for the first time in quite a while we were flying a blue kite instead of a white Gennaker. It was dead down wind and the occasional gust gave us enough of a roll to keep the skipper on his toes. But the kite did it’s job well enough for us to drop Eye Spy further astern, catch and pass Water Witch before the bridge and make inroads into the leading boats. The team pulled off a great drop and we rounded Bayswater smoothly in 5th place for the combined fleet, first for HYC and settled in to see what we could do up wind.

Plenty of breeze against a strong incoming tide made for a choppy but quick beat through the bridge and on to Meola. We squeaked through the bridge with a few metres to spare avoiding the need to put in another two tacks and caught the Lotus at the same time. The next few tacks were uneventful but up ahead a crash tack by Satisfaction had us wondering if they had hit the mud but they moved smoothly on so it must have just been an illusion. A couple of minutes later and the depth sounder was doing a quick countdown so we threw in our own quick tack and when I looked back I could see a swirl of brown water where our turn had disturbed the mud. Close call.

4th around Meola, a quick gybe and we were hoisting the kite to chase Satisfaction when it got a bit interesting. The halyard was caught behind the spreader and trapped there by the main. We found that out when the spinnaker was halfway up and starting to fill. Cue a scramble to sort that and then to make it more interesting the depth alarm started to ding. When I looked at it it was at 1.0 m and falling fast. As we crash gybed it hit 0.3 and it bottomed out at 0.2m. 20cm between us and a sudden stop! On a positive note it cleared the spinnaker halyard so when we gybed back a minute later the kite went straight up.

No more drama followed for that leg. A conservative drop and we rounded Rona still in 4th place. Some issues with the headsail took a couple minutes to sort out and then it was just sail it as well as we can to the finish. Satisfaction and Bill were just in front at Kauri Point while Nimble was almost finished. It was a drag race to the finish and Satisfaction showed us a clean pair of heels so we had our sights on 3rd but in the end Bill beat us off and we had to settle for 4th on line. First of the Hobsonville boats was a pretty good consolation prize though.

Thanks to my crew and to Clearwater Cove for running a great race.

Race report from Eye Spy:

Today is a good day for racing. Wind Guru predicts 10-18 knots and we have three on board. Lisa, Nicole and me the skipper.

The start was not as close as I could have been but I was told not as bad as it has been. Sometimes the obvious should be kept silent eh.

Many boats have already started and we see Slipknot, Firsty and Champosa waiting for their start. They are a fair way behind. They are fast and start at these times for a reason. The leg 1 to Bayswater was a little frustrating as we decided not to run a kite as we needed a few more sets of hands. Those who ran a kite made gains but we hoped to make our own on the upwind legs. Our sail choice was a good one. Number two and full main worked a treat. Balanced and not overpowered in the gusts. Wind getting to 20knots at its peak I am told.

After rounding Bayswater we see Firsty has made big gains. She is ready to pounce. We hold position for this leg and the next downwind as the kites didn’t get hoisted for a while. This is going to be close!

Firsty does one less tack on the leg to the finish and sneaks past just prior to the finish. This was not too upsetting as given the handi-cap system we should get some relief.

So……..we finish third in the HYC fleet. Don’t think we saw Escape all day………….well done Trev and team for coming first.

The list of all of the trophies and prizes awarded at HYC prize giving Saturday 8th June 2019

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Winter series race 3 - Sunday 26th May 2019

posted Jun 9, 2019, 8:54 PM by Admin hycnz

Not much to say on the Winter series R3 but 'Two boats, No wind but we have a Result'

**quite a few of our fleet made a call not to race due to the the lack of wind, and instead used their time to do some boat maintenance instead***

Well done to Gary and Craig and their crews for getting out there and enjoying a very pleasant afternoon on the water, all be it with no wind and a shortened course. 

'Slipknot' finished First with 'Firsty' second. And 'Firsty' had the best start.

1. Slipknot
2. Firsty

Best Start: Firsty

Current Winter Series standings 'Firsty' is currently leading.

Thanks to the House committee team for turning on the BBQ for some Sausages post racing. 

The dingy racing was abandoned and will be rescheduled. 



Winter series race 1 - Sunday 5th May 2019

posted May 27, 2019, 7:46 PM by Admin hycnz


finish        h/cap    corrected

1st FIRSTY           1504:35      .815     4:08.24
2nd EYE SPY         1604:00     .721     4:22.44
3rd ESCAPE          1556:24     .735     4:23.02
4th WATERWITCH  1608:02     .745     4:34.18
5th SLIP KNOT      1558:15     .770     4:35.85


Winter series race 1 - Sunday 5th May 2019.  There was not much wind at the beginning of the race, but a bit filled in enabling the race to be completed.... eventually.

Race report from Eye Spy
1000hrs at Taikata for the first race of the Winter series combined with CCYC.

I have Lisa, Mark and JK on board for the programmed “Harbour Race”. The start was a bit of a lottery as the wind was so light if you had crossed the line early you may not have got back. We start pretty well if I do say so myself…………and for a moment we were in the lead. I think all boats were in the lead at some stage over the next 15 minutes or so. It was so light that some lost steerage and were no longer facing the right direction. Eye Spy seems to be going well sniffing out the breeze. Firsty and Champosa are in front of us at North-head and the little breeze we had coming down the harbour looks to be disappearing altogether. The course from here is Rough Rock, Northern Leading Resolution then home. Eye Spy did best at finding the biggest hole and got passed by the entire fleet. Once we arrived at Northern Leading the tide had changed. Firsty and Champosa were nowhere to be seen. They had got to the mark in time for a tide assist and are now about an hour ahead!

We are confident we can make up a few places up wind as the breeze climbed to about 10-15 knots!! We pass 5 boats and finish after 6 hours 4 minutes and 8 seconds on the water. A long frustrating day and pretty much the same conditions as last year. Not one of Eye Spy’s best races but great to be on the water all the same.

Thanks to Lisa for the chicken nibbles………..we had plenty of time for nibbles and refreshments.

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