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HYC winter series - Sunday 12th August 2018

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Race # 7:

1st – Blue Beat

2nd – Eye Spy

3rd – Escape

4th – Waterwitch

5th – Cloud 10

Race report from Escape

(Apologies to the Beatles Day in the Life)

I sailed the boat today, oh buoy

A tiki tour round Auckland’s harbour marks

And though the wind was rather sad

Well, we just had to laugh

Will took a photograph

We ghosted round the Rough Rock mark

We thought we’d be there till the tide had changed 

The boats behind us all came past

They watched us drift away

 We weren’t really sure if we could even make it back

We raced the boat today oh buoy

 ‘‘Twas nothing like the race the week before

The leading boat just sailed away

One good puff was all it took

All we could do was look

I’d love to make the mark

Woke up got out of bed

Forgot the kite was in the shed

Fell down the stairs and had some toast

Looked up and saw there was no wind

Found my keys and grabbed my hat

Was at the boat in seconds flat

Made my way inside  and saw no kite

Everybody spoke and I went into flap

I sailed the boat today oh buoy

We found More holes than Blackburn, Lancashire

And though the wind was hard to find

We just had tough it out

Now we know just how to drive the whole crew nuts

I’d love to make the mark

Cloud 10’s race report 


Motoring out from the marina things were looking pretty glassy, not much wind around at all. The call was made by CCYC to move the start around the corner to Meola to search for wind which sounded like a good idea. It was always going to be tricky especially with the tide running very strongly there. We were allowed to keep our motors on to try and combat the tide but as soon as we turned ours off we started being swept towards the line very fast. We were a little unlucky, if we’d had 30 seconds more it would have been a great start but alas we were over and had to go back. As we were making our way back we watched some minor chaos unfold on the line and steered clear. Some boats had put anchors down but then the others who hadn’t drifted into them.


By the time we got going we were well behind but had caught up by the bridge and had some good duels and a few starboard calls going against us forcing extra tacks. Nimble caught up the fleet too after starting well after us, it looked like they couldn’t get their anchor up and remained stuck on the start line for a long time. Eye Spy and Escape were a speck in the distance never to be seen again for the rest of the race.


As we reached North Head we could see Blue Beat and Waterwitch sitting going no-where in close. We thought we had given North Head plenty of space and wouldn’t get caught but no we got stuck in a back eddy too just ahead of them. Two CCYC boats followed us into the hole and we all just sat there for what seemed like forever. Blue Beat found some wind and got away so we followed their path once we finally got moving. Again things didn’t go our way, what worked for Blue Beat didn’t work for us, the wind changed direction and the boats that had stayed in the hole longer eventually got some wind at a much better angle. The extra distance sailed cost us dearly and we ended up last at Rough Rock mark.


We put the kite up after rounding the mark in a desperate attempt to catch up but it didn’t really seem to be helping. Watching ahead we saw a few boats having trouble getting around the Northern Leading mark with their kites up and Bill missed it altogether. So I made the call to drop ours and we successfully rounded passing Bill in the process.


About this point Scotty asked for the steering stick as he wanted a go. I thought why the hell not he can’t do any worse than I had up to this point. He was concentrating hard and Spike and I were being back seat drivers giving instructions. Bill was determined to catch us and was putting every sail in his wardrobe up, he has a lot and we were slightly jealous.


It was a two horse race between Bill and Cloud 10 for last place all the way up the harbour. The wind started to die out and there was shear panic from the crew as the beer had run out. Bill did catch us by Kauri point with their big Gennaker up, we have nothing to respond to that with our only headsail slightly bigger than a number 2. Luckily it came around more on the nose and stayed constant to the finish line so we managed to drag them off to finish just ahead. A very long (6 hr) frustrating race but a beautiful sunny winter’s day to be out on the water.


Race report from Eye Spy:


I was expecting about 9-10 knts from the East and got from nothing to about 8 knts from all over.

JK and I on board today and we got to Taikata start line only to find it had shifted to Meola. Good call as there was no wind at Taikata.

Every one had motors going till the last moment to avoid jumping the start with the outgoing tide. Someone anchored in the start-line and got clobbered by Crewcial fix. Not a good thing to see.

We sat facing away from the line against the tide for what seemed like a lifetime. Neither of us had a watch so the start would have to be a guess. We hit the line well and started just after Champosa. We traded places with Champosa many times down towards North-head and pulled away from the main fleet. Escape came with us and we both got stuck in a hole just after Rough Rock. I had the wrong mark in sight for the next rounding so lost a lot of time getting back on track. Many of the fleet were now ahead and we picked off a few as we went back up the harbour under kite. The HYC boats had all gone past.

We finished just ahead of Nimble after about 5 ½ hours. Long day on the water resulting in a splitting headache. Early night for me!

Would have been easier with another set of hands. We missed Lisa and Mark our kite gurus.


HYC winter series race 6 - Sunday 29th July 2018 (harbour race)

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1st – Escape

2nd – Eye Spy

3rd – Waterwitch

Best start – Eye Spy

Fastest boat - Escape


Race report from Escape!!!

Sunday morning and the gallant crew of Escape, Pete, Gina, Will and I head out for the 10 o’clock start with a few comments about the early hour being tossed about. Consensus is that none of us knew that Sunday had an 8 am let alone been up at that time and promises to be awake by the start time seem both bold and unrealistic. 

Forecast is for a westerly of 15 knots getting up to 25 gusting 35 and an outgoing tide so a early start is probably a good thing! There’s a good fleet out although only 3 from Hobby and the start line is hotly contested. 

We get away in about 4th, well up towards the favoured boat end and with clear air.  It’s a tightish reach so Champosa’s attempt at a kite below us seems a bit bold. They get it halfway up, it tangles so they give it away and that is the last we see of it for the rest of the race. Ours is on the deck ready to go but it’s staying there till we get to Kauri Point and can free off. We’re passing the boats to windward, including Eye Spy who have not got a kite on deck so must be feeling half  asleep like we were earlier. Trevor always goes hard.

Soon enough we are at the point and up goes the kite. We learnt our lesson about not using a Gennaker downwind last week so despite being a bit short handed and the certainty of several gybes being required our very blue and little used extra gets an airing. Up ahead Champosa  has resorted to gullwinging her Genoa, no kite in sight and I m sorry we’re not close enough to give them a bit of “encouragement “. Just behind Eye Spy has also opted for no kite  but there are plenty up in the rest of the fleet and there is enough wind to make it a bit interesting.

Off Chelsea we’re well over the mud and memories of a couple of boats hitting there last week are still fresh so the depth sounder is getting a good watching. We’re up into 3rd behind Champosa and Crucial Fix but no one is far away and Eye Spy haven’t suffered too much for a lack of spinnaker. First gybe goes ok and we follow the leaders through the bridge. Wind speed is steady on about 15 knots and there’s not much traffic ahead.

Gybe 2 is bit more dramatic than the first, with Pete taking a run across the boat rather than let go the pole which he worries might hit him in the head if left alone. He stops when he hits the life lines on the leeward side like a jet  being “trapped” on an aircraft carrier. He wrestles the pole back onto the mast and grabs a quick breath.

If our gybe is a bit tense then Hot Lips soon puts us to shame with a spectacular broach that looks like they are going in for a beach picnic at Stanley Point. Let’s not do that!  Crucial Fix are also having fun with the kite but they’re only 3 up so no surprise there. By now we’re past the container wharf and it’s  time for one last gybe and the team are ready. It’s both our best and worst. Gina and Will have the choreography  in the cockpit down pat and the difficulty of managing 3 sheets between 2 of them when all need attention at the same time is made to look simple.  All I can do is keep the boat steady and watch as Gina  times the mainsail change over to perfection despite the wind hitting 20 knots and Will keeps the kite full. But on the bow Pete is feeling the extra  puff in  the sail and the pole won’t cooperate and when he finally wrestles it on to the mast it’s let go at the guy end. Cue a little help from his friends and we’re away. Not perfect but not bad either. No tangles, no loss of pace or place and everyone in one piece.  Round North Head and heading for Rough Rock the wind has come onto the beam and it’s time for the spinnaker to come down.  That’s done no fuss and suddenly it feels like the fun bits over. A beat home against 25 knots and an outgoing tide are ahead of us but first we round Rough Rock close to Crucial Fix  and with Champosa already stretching their lead, our fight will be for second ( we hope).. Not for the last time we choose a slightly  better line  than Crucial and at Northern Leading we make the turn for home ahead but there’s nothing in it.

The rest of the race? Thats a story for another time. My thanks to Gina, Pete and Will for turning up early and hanging in till the end.


Race report from Eye Spy:

The forecast is for 15-20 knot Westerlies and we have 5 knots at best when we head out to the mooring. The crew today is Lisa, JK and Ben. Ben is new to sailing but keen to learn. We were two crew short so we gave him a call. He had left his number on the club notice board. I encourage all others to do the same if they would like the “Sparkling Upper Waitemata” experience.

We left a couple of things at the club so we got to the BeachHaven cardinal marks and decided we had to return for JK and my smokes. This reduced our time to get to the start line so we gave the engine quite a workout.

Our start went well but we still had two boats ahead and to windward which gave us dirty air and we consequently lacked the power to break free. It was not till we rounded Kauri till we had clear air. Kites were going up all round us but we aired on the side of caution as we were short handed, and elected to Gull-wing. We didn’t lose too much time heading down the harbour and were entertained by various issues on other boats. Most with kites were ahead at Rough rock but not by far. We had two boats behind us, the rest ahead. A broad reach across to Northern Leading gave us an opportunity the change the No.1 headsail to the No.2 for the up-wind slog up the harbour. The tide will also be against us. Lets see how many we can pass prior to finishing. Unfortunately we got held up at the harbour bridge by another fleet start and we were only able to pass three before finishing. Fifth on the water and second on corrected time at HYC. Many thanks to my crew once again and to CCYC race coordinators.

On corrected time: 6 mins between 1st and 2nd and the same between 2nd and 3rd. Well done all, lets try and get a few more boats out next time.

HYC winter series race 5 - sunday 22nd July 2018

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The results.....

1st Firsty
2nd Pretty Woman
3rd Eye Spy
4th Escape
5th Cloud 10

It was a lovely day on the water, apart from the squall which caused issues not just for Cloud 10, but also a number of the CCYC boats.

However we all know that "a bad a day on the water is far better than a good day in the office"!!!!!

Pretty Woman Race Report

We only 4 hardy souls onboard for today’s race, the promise of sun a gentle 15kn breeze obviously wasn’t that appealing to most of the crew. Starting on -26  gave us the opportunity watch how the front runners were getting down the track before needing to gybe. A nice dark front looked to be approaching from the west we took the safe option of a reaching start with a headsail and pop a chute when around Kauri which proved to be the right choice as we saw a good 25kn TWS when the squall came through. Around Kauri we went with the new A2 Big Red as it would be easier to handle with 4 crew. We had a good run down to Baywater and up with the J3 had us on the wind and passing a couple of CYC boats before the bridge. Champosa  looked to have something flapping on the forestay behind us and possibly went bareheaded for a time. The beat up to Meola was challenging with many big knocks some +20deg we were happy to get to the mark where it was a bit congested with 2 CYC boats there at the same time. Around we went and it was up with the kite once more and down to Chelsea. A tight rounding at Chelsea had us sneak above Satisfaction. Escape, Eye Spy and Firsty now ahead, the final chase was on.  Near the Whau channel we had rights on Escape and slid past. The final tack for the finish had Firsty and Eye Spy a long way in front, not much chance of catching them.  A few lengths from the line we were planning on sailing over Eye Spy, Trev took us up, on his hip ,the big ease and under had us over the line in second place.  Thanks for a fun day out all.

Cloud 10's Race report

 With Bronny just home from the UK she had decided to sit on the bench again for this race.

Not paying any attention to the weather report I opted for the “wait for the txt” method, which gladly never came.

So the crew consisted of John “been there done that”, Spike “the sails got a clean”, Dave “my knee can’t take any more of this” & Scott “thank god Bronny’s not here”.

We headed to the line, hoisted the main and where quite happy ( at this stage ) with course and wind direction.

With a 7 minute Handicap we got to the line about 20 seconds after the hooter.  Rounding Kauri Point we hoisted the Spinnaker heading for Bayswater, easy as mate.

In front we could see Bill + Wild Horses & Satisfaction and we seemed to have a good amount of breeze, maybe 10 to 15 knots.

To our starboard there was a Y88 sailing singlehanded, we had started on the same time and we were moving away from him under kite.

At this point it was mentioned that there may be a shower coming so I went below to find a jacket, I am thinking it was about here where things got real.

This is only the second time we had the kite up and the downhaul was a test rig that I may have forgotten to give the correct respect and attention too, my bad.

So the rain hits us and the wind speed jumps up to maybe 20knots, the end result being that the downhaul let go.

I went forward to try and retrieve the situation but we were committed to an epic broach.  

I can’t comment for the crew but I was close to going in the drink, everyman for himself, we had the pole up the mast, sheets + kite flapping around above the mast. 

Not sure what boats passed us but I think we gave them a good show.

We had righted at this stage and Spike brought us slightly up into the wind so we could retrieve our pole + kite & sheets, we turned down and carried on without the kite.

The boys looked amused and I am gutted now that I never re-rigged the downhaul to give her another go.  It is mentioned I had a beer at this point.

Everything else was very uneventful, nice breeze back up the harbour, we caught Bill before Kauri Point and were not far from Wild Horses at the finishing line.

We are after a wind speed indicator for sure now as the old one that never worked is now dangling off the mast.

Great day out.
Race report from Eye Spy:
Eye Spy has a full crew of 5………. JK, Lisa, Mark, Nicol and me the skipper.

We note it is course # 8 which is Bayswater, Meola, Chelsea and home . Eye Spy starts on 12 minutes and this means not many start after us. Those that do start after us are mostly HYC boats. Our start was pretty good and it wasn’t long before we get amongst the “traffic”. The wind is building and I do question my decision to hoist the kite. We get around Kauri point and go for a jibe. Mark reaches for the wrong sheet and we nearly get a wrap around the forestay. Escape is doing the angles and clocking some good speeds. I see a shower approaching and wonder if there is any extra wind with it. We hang in there as true wind speed increases to around 25knts. In front of us is Cloud 10 but we are slowly catching them……….OK that’s an interesting way to fly a kite! We scoot past as they try to retrieve their now large flag at the top of the mast. We hold the kite till just prior to Bayswater and manage to hold of Firsty till then. Upwind with the No.1 headsail mmmmmmmm maybe a little too much rag? As long as the wind doesn’t increase we should be OK. Tacking up to Meola the crew were doing great. Clean fast tacks saw us edge ahead and we see the Pretty Woman on the charge. Around Meola and we decide to gull wing instead of re-hoisting the kite. Firsty gets a kite wrap and we get alongside. Once they get it clear they surge ahead of us but we are not losing much ground to them.

We round Chelsea to port with Firsty not far in front of us. Tacking back to the finish and we were in second place but could we hold off Pretty Woman? They try to sail over the top of us approaching the line. Trev’s not having a bar of that! However they quickly ease off and pass beneath us to take second place…………..nice work.
Eye Spy is still on the podium and have enjoyed a jolly good race. Thanks to my crew once again………a clean, fast race. 

*********more race reports coming soon*******

HYC winter series race 3 - Sunday 24th June 2018

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The results:

1st - Firsty

2nd - Eye Spy

3rd - Escape

4th - Blue Beat

5th - Waterwitch

6th - Cloud 10

Race report from Escape

After 6 weeks on the hard, I was itching to sail despite the need to head for the boat while it was still dark and cold.  I had obviously got soft over the summer! I was soon joined by Pete and Gina but no sign of Will.

A bit of last minute preparation and we were away, without Will. Tide waits for no man and we literally hit as we left the berth and there was still an hour of tide to go.  We eventually collected Him from C pier and headed for the start line. 

No bottle of wine for the start but we had clear air and with the gennaker up and a wide line around Kauri Point the boats ahead became the boats behind until only Champosa iwas ahead. Gennaker down  as the wind came on the nose and we were comfortably in second. 

Nek minit Champosa was on the mud and we were in the lead! Nice feeling but short lived as Firsty  soon came past.   The rest of the chasers  were still struggling to get good breeze and Champosa now clear of the mud had plenty of work still do.

The wind she is a fickle mistress, and the Harbour Bridge  to North Head was a series of gusts and lulls widening then narrowing the gap to Firsty in front and the rest behind. Despite the occasional gust bringing us closer to Firsty she slowly but surely pulled away while Champosa got ever closer and just before Rough Rock she passed us to windward . Two mudbanks in one day clearly too much to ask for. 

Another gennaker leg from Rough Rock to Northern Leading but I never get bored with them. The boat just cruises along and by now the team had the hoist down pat,  Round the mark , reset the gennaker while watching the two in front struggle to hold their kites. Wind direction was good for us and we’re mentally opening a beer at the end of the race when  tight in front of us we witnessed the opening of the Resolution buoy hole which sucks in all wind, all progress and

if you’re in it long enough the will to live. Firsty aced it and headed for the horizon leaving Champosa and ourselves to sail in small circles while we watched the boats behind slowly catching up. 

But good things come (eventually) to those that wait and finally with the fleet nipping at our heels the wind filled in from the North West and we were homeward bound. A beat but a pleasant one with just enough breeze that our no.2 Genoa was working well and we managed to put a bit of space on the following boats to be comfortably alone at the finish line.

A welcome return to the water and winter racing. Here’s hoping the next race is as good.

Race report from Firsty

Race day started with having to tow Champosa out to the race course. I think it was a ploy so that we didn't have too much pre start time.

Anyhow we were off to a good start in the light winds around the start area and thinking that the wind would head us at Kauri point we opted to stay with headsail. Champosa were off, and as Escape was charging outside us with a Gennaker, we decided on hoisting the No 2 kite to get us around. Soon enough we had to drop though, and back to headsail, and began to chase down Escape. No problem catching Champosa as they were aground on the mud.

Managed to get past Escape as we hoisted the kite again at the bridge and we found ourselves in the lead. I'm sure it wont be too long before Champosa overhauls us again. We held the kite all the way to North Head where we dropped and found we were on the lay line to Rough Rock race mark. Around Rough Rock we hoisted the mast head kite but it was a bit more shy than anticipated. A gybe at Northern Leading and it was a tight reach back only just able to make Bean Rock, and well down on course for Resolution, so Headsail up and Kite down. Still a tight reach and quite a way to go to get to Resolution, so the call was made to hoist the Gennaker, then as we approach the mark we are headed so it's up with the head sail again, and the wind drops for a quiet ghost into the mark, then tack and get out into the tide.

Unfortunately for Champosa and Escape the wind dropped completely at Resolution and they are left sitting as we power away at 5 knots.

With a beat all the way home however, Champosa is looming behind getting bigger and bigger, but we just manage to hold her off and finish 3 1/2 minutes ahead of Chanposa and 17 minutes ahead of Escape to get line and handicap honours.

Thanks to the team of Tim, Darcy, Tod, Lou and Dave for a good day on the water.

Cheers Craig - Firsty.

Race report from Eye Spy:

A long race……..we have been looking forward to this one! Hang-over anyone? The morning after prize-giving mmmmmmmmmm.

The wind is light but predicted to reach about 15knts so we opt for the No.1 headsail. I haven’t even thought bout the kite as we muscle our way through the fleet and settle into the reach towards the bridge. The lead boats are hoisting kites! I didn’t think that would be an option on this leg. The kite is prepared and the crew of Lisa, JK, Mark and Nicole hoist as we approach the harbour bridge. We manage to hold the kite till North Head and  the No.1 is drawing well for the upwind leg to Rough Rock. One small tack and we are around. The first four boats seem to have a large lead over the rest of the fleet. We see two of the three lead boats stop at resolution Buoy…….out of wind! Firsty gets away and extends the gap.

Eye Spy also is becalmed and we are horrified to see our advantage close down. We do get through the light spot and head after Escape. We do make up some ground but is it enough on handi-cap? Well well…….yes it is!   We have Firsty in 1st, Eye Spy 2nd and Escape 3rd.

Great race!!

Thanks to CCYC for allowing HYC to combine to make for the great fleet.

Race report from Cloud Ten

Ok, the day didn’t start to good. 

Our Captain sat on the bench for this one, so I packed up nice and early to meet Spike and Hooks at the boat.

Kettle on, nibbles + a couple of brews in the fridge.

Silently frustrated as I couldn’t get the motor running, a couple of F words and some consultation with Hooks.

We worked out the crank battery might be a little down on charge, motor sorted we dropped lines and headed to the start.

Good to see 16 boats turnout and a course to head us out to the Rangi Channel, Mechanics Bay & home.

We had a slow trip down the harbour to Northhead, had great breeze back to Mechanics Bay, Wild Horses + Satisfaction close to us at this stage.

A few boats behind us and the rest well on the way up the harbour heading home.

The boat went well and we had speeds between 4 & 8 knots and the boys shared the helm.

After the bridge Satisfaction and Wild Horses got a jump on us, we completed four or five tacks to get to Kauri Point and as we neared the breeze picked up to

carry us to the finish.

Great day out, everyone on board appeared happy enough. 

Thanks Sam for the photo’s of us coming past the City.

See you again in 2 weeks 


HYC winter series race 2 - Sunday 10th June 2018

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The weather gods were kind to the HYC and CCYC fleet for winter series race on Sunday, although the course was shortened due to the breeze dropping slightly.... 


1st Firsty
2nd Eye Spy
3rd Cloud 10
4th Blue Beat
5th Waterwitch

Fastest around the course - Firsty
Best start - Blue Beat (13 seconds - and had the best start out of both fleets!!!!!!!!!!)

Thank you to the crew on Panache for being the start boat for the race, and to Cristin Swain for feeding all of the hungry crews.

Cloud 10 race report, by Scotty.

Our crew consisted of Captain Bronny, Hooks, Spike & The fourth wheel or mate Scotty. Bronny & I  are still very much in the mode of first times and this race was no different,

but with plenty of old hands on board we were up to the challenge. Good to see Near & Farr watching the start, looking very chipper as always.

With HYC & CCYC combining fleets it appeared we would have a great turnout for the race around the can’s.

 We arrived about 1.5 minutes late to the line, whoops, and seemed to have a sluggish start to round Kauri Point. The decision was made to stay close to Meola side of the harbour as it appeared the wind

and tide were not working as well for those on other side of the track, there were plenty of tacks required to try and stay where the wind was and the tide wasn’t without getting to shallow.

When looking astern the fleet was dotted all over the Harbour between Chelsea Refinery and the Bridge. Bronny maintained a good position to the harbour bridge and slowly picking off Satisfaction, Cracker and Wild Horses crossing with each other pretty close at times. It appeared the wind may have been more consistent from the bridge down to Bayswater and getting to the mark first for the downward slide would be a definite advantage. It had taken and hour and a half to get to the bridge so were very happy to hear that the course would be shortened not long after we had started the downwind leg.

We had a few boats who had passed us and were in front, Eye Spy, Firsty, Champosa, Nimble, a couple I didn’t recognise and we still hadn’t caught Bill, they were maintaining great boat speed. Looking behind there were a heap more on our tail.


From Bayswater to the Bridge we devised a plan to get our kite up, ropes and pole ready to go but there was some confusion over how a spinnaker sock worked. The sock was abandoned and we deployed without it.  At this point it was very comforting that Hooks and Spike have the skills to manage the kite, all I have to say it was a pretty site ! It is noted at this point I was a little excited to say the least.

Our speed then averaged 4.5 knots and we closed the gap on Bill & Nimble, gybing the pole just after Meloa successfully in hot pursuit.

As we rounded Kauri point we were a little wider than Bill and finally got passed on the outside. The pole went forward and we tighten up just sneaking passed Nimble right on the line.


Good work from our skipper Bronny on the helm and from Hooks & Spike, their experience greatly appreciated.  All boats appeared in good humour for a reasonably cold day and joining the fleets is a great idea.

See you on the water next time, Scotty.

Race report from Eye Spy:

Well, we have some wind today!!

Eye Spy is now newly anti-fouled and should go pretty well against the large combined fleet. We ensure the motor starts and nurse it along at approx. 3knts towards the line at Taikata. We had issues with a “runaway” on the delivery trip back from Still-water. On board today is Lisa, JK, Erin and I. We get the main up on the way down to Taikata and discuss the headsail options. Eye Spy arrives at the battle ground first and can see a stream of masts snaking down the channel towards us.

First boat to join us is Near and Farr sailing towards us from the other direction. She has been out over-night. Turns out they are not coming to play today. Good to see them enjoying their boat tho.

Eye Spy has been given a start time of 11mins so we keep a safe distance off the start box and wait for our turn to join in. We only have two boats starting after us so we have the rest to potentially catch and overtake all the while keeping the other two behind.

Erin is new to sailing and is happy to be on board to learn a few things. She flies to the states on Wednesday so this is the last opportunity to race.

We start pretty well and pass a few boats before we get to Taikata. We have the rest by the Harbour bridge with some good crew work and slick tacking. The wind drops a little just prior to the bridge and I see Cloud Ten closing the gap! We step up a gear somehow and create a large gap between us.

Firsty passes just before Bayswater and increases the gap down wind. We take the kite down just past Kauri point and get passed by Champosa. We have created a large distance to the next boat. We actually can’t see who it is!   Yeeha…….what a great day!!

Third place………..not bad……. we’ll take that. Mmmmmmm, what’s that going to do to our handicaps Craig?

Thankyou to CCYC for allowing us to join your race.


Closing day race - Saturday 5th May 2018

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Results  (as agreed by all skippers at the meeting with Lisa Mackay - sailing judge):

=1st Blue beat
=1st Near & Farr

Eye Spy - DNF
Cloud ten - DNF

Cloud Ten

In the theme of closing day being a bit of fun we had the whole family on board Cloud 10. Motoring out of the marina I got a fright seeing how low we were in the water, 6 people really makes a difference!

We got down to the start line to a postponement which was expected due to how light it was. We discovered that birds had been nesting in our stack pack as the mess they left was all over the main when we hoisted it. My Mum decided to put the kettle on and bring out the biscuits while we waited to start, there was a lot of talking eating and not much concentration going on so when we did start it wasn’t that flash and we were pretty late.

 The clues were great and we figured out our first mark pretty quickly. Blue Beat and Near and Farr had started well and were already in front, Eye Spy was even later than us to the start so we had the jump on them at the first and second mark but they were slowly catching us.

Things went wrong when we got to meola, I hadn’t gone down far enough thinking the little breeze and 3 knots we were doing would get us around. The wind disappeared and we started going sideways with the tide, drifting past a fishing boat rather closely.  By this stage Eye Spy had caught us with their spinnaker up and were trying to pass, the wind left them too and they started drifting and ended up in the same predicament as us.
We slid past the mark without rounding it and started going down the harbour sideways with the tide. The family tolerated this for 5 seconds and then decided they were bored. There wasn’t much hope we would get back to the mark so the engine went on and the sails came down. We then went over to a lovely little bay anchored and had lunch whilst watching the others trying to race still. Eye Spy decided to give up not long after us and stared their trek home, very slowly.  

Despite our DNF it was a lovely day out and the burgers back at the club were excellent. Thank you Lisa and committee for organising it all.

Race report from Near & Farr

Preparation for the closing day race.  

Duncan "Mike will you crew for us?"  
Mike "are there going to be brownies???!!!!!!" 
Duncan "samantha you had better get baking!!"   
Me "Duncan I will make brownies if you make your bacon and egg pie?"   
Duncan " deal!!"

we kidnapped Joe from Grandpa on the way down the dock .... grandpa did not seem to mind.  So we had Big mike , Joe, Duncan and I  for the closing day race.  We were aware of the fact that Lisa had come up with cryptic clues which we had to decipher in order to work out the course.  I had asked if we could get extra time due to being dyslexic however Lisa thought our warped minds would able to figure out the clues.

Only four boats rocked up for the closing day race... Eye Spy (minus Trevor as he could not race as he knew the answers to the clues), Blue Beat, Cloud ten and us.  There was very little wind, a big tide, but it was a glorious day and what better to way to spend a saturday.

We positioned ourselves close to the start line, which paid off and we got line honours - well done Duncan!!  We were in the lead but only running white sails and Blue beat and eye spy were running their spinnakers.  It was a tricky race with huge tides and not much wind.

Due to one of the clues our poor crew had to endure me wailing the words to the sound of music.... Mike is used to my singing but Joe's poor ears were probably burning... "Do a deer a female deer...re - a drop of golden sun......".   I suppose it was an improvement on my other song "allllll by ourselveessssss".

We heard the call that Eye Spy had retired and so had Cloud ten... hmmm now only two of us.  hmmmmm.. hey ho hopefully there will be more wind soon.    The lead between us and blue beat kept changing... they were on the hunt for a trophy and so were we!  

It was all good going with the tide, however getting around the mark to head home was rather tricky.... blue beat had not rounded the mark.... and were going backwards... we manged to get around the mark and edge forward..... quite a while (at least one carlsberg) later Blue beat finally got around the mark.  Not long after this Mark from Eye spy radioed to say that there was no wind by taikarta!  Hmmmm so not wind and a huge tide... neither boat was going to get back to the club midnight at the rate we were moving.  And we did not have enough pie or brownies to stay out for that long.

Duncan and Gary had a shout across the water to each other... and made a gentlemen's agreement that it was a DRAW after taking into consideration both handicaps.    All crews looked rather relieved and both boats turned their engines on, dropped their sails and cracked beers open.

On our way back to the marina, we came across Eye Spy.... they were slowly motoring back to the club against the tide....luckily our engine has a few more horses than theirs!

Back at the club all of the skippers were called to a briefing with Lisa (who is a qualified sailing judge).  It was agreed by all that Closing day racing was won jointly by Blue Beat & Near & Farr.

Lisa had put on quite a spread at the club - build your own gourmet burgers for $6... they were good... really really good!!!!! 

Once again a great day on the water.  Thank you to our crew of Mike and Joe.  And to Nigel for manning the start and Lisa for her judge skills and catering skills.

Wayward 3 - Saturday 21st April 2018

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The results....

1st Near & Farr
2nd Rovel
3rd Satisfaction

****more reports coming soon****

Race report from Near & Farr

The morning of the wayward Scott asked if he could crew with us as Bronny was not feeling well.  We kindly declined his offer as we wanted to take advantage of the double handed rule and are still getting used to her.  Would this come back to bite us?? 

We were the last boat to leave the marina.  Unfortunately there would only be three boats racing and we would be the only double handed boat.  The opposition we rather larger and heavier than us, we would be up against the mighty Rovel -with a crew of six and Satisfaction aka "the Big blue boat also with a crew  of six.

We would start on 18 minutes past eleven followed by Satisfaction & Rovel at 24 minutes past.  Off we started "all by ourselves" with a nice fast reach to Kauri point.   Rounding the point realised it was going to be a dead downwind with gull winged head sail.   The closer we got the harbour bridge the more the other boats seemed to be gaining with their giant sails.  

We managed to maintain a good lead to North head and realised that there was a big squall heading our way.  We gybed the head sail over so as not to get slammed by the squall and risk crash gybing the main. We were heading towards northern leading and got a big wind shift so we had to gull wing again.  Then the squall hit us and we were heading directly for northern leading,thinking this is not good "we can not come up or down" and did not want o risk gybing in the heavier wind.  We thought it would be best to furl the head sail..... bugger, bugger, bugger the furler was jammed.... so we maintained our course and scraped past northern leading (with out scraping the boat) and were heading towards Rangi wharf.

After the squall went through we managed to gybe the main and get back on some sort of heading. However this did not last long as "samantha went up on the bow to sort out the furling line...."... this time we were maintained a course for Browns island way of the rhum line and in the other direction.  With satisfaction and Rovel having maintained a direct course they were closing quickly.  Duncan was not wanting to put  Samantha under pressure.. but kept asking how long it would take to fix.  

After doing a few more miles we managed to gybe back on course and still maintain our lead.  Having gone so far down we managed to gain some speed by doing a bigger angle and took off through the motohuie channel.  As the wind came forward we got faster and faster "yea harr" and managed to nail the finish in good form if not for a few cuts, bruises and rope burns to Samantha.

If we had not got extra time we may not have got another first as Rovel only finished four minutes behind us.  So no going double handed did not bite us... although our main sheet did bite Samantha a bit!

Great race, great weekend with great friends.

Shipwright 5 - Sunday 8th April 2018

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The results after handicaps:

1st Firsty
2nd Near & Farr
3rd Eye Spy 
4th Satisfaction
5th Cloud 10

**Best start Cloud ten!!!!!!!!*

Eye Spy Race report by Lisa

The last of the summer series probably saw our largest fleet, which was Awesome!!  With Cloud 10 and Near and Farr both coming out for their inaugural round the cans races… lets hope we see lots more of you guys!!
With the dream team of Trev, Mark and Lisa on board Eye Spy was maybe a little light on crew, but we would be sweet (fingers crossed 😉 ).   The wind was showing signs of being a little stronger than forecast, but still definitely No. 1 weather, and was swinging a little bit more westerly, so we canned the original idea of a spinnaker start and set up for a good reach down to Kauri point.
Bronnie showed her pedigree as a dinghy sailor, and absolutely nailed the start (you go gal!!), and with Eye Spy as the smallest boat in the fleet, we were definitely going to have to work hard for this race.  But we managed to get away with clear air and took an early lead… OK only for about 100m, when Firsty came charging past.  But with Near and Farr, Cloud 10 and Satisfaction chomping at our transom, we weren’t going to give any places away easily.

Near and Farr were coming up fast, and we held them out through the moorings, but with a freshening breeze, then stretched their legs and got passed us, and were now running Firsty down hard, and they were gaining!!  But Firsty had spotted them so went for a high line to get the Big yellow out as early as possible.  Eye Spy also headed for the high line, whilst Near and Farr, Satisfaction and Cloud 10 headed the more direct route to Kauri point as they weren’t flying spinnakers.
The big yellow popped up, followed closely by the Eye Spy kite.  Firsty quickly stretched her lead, but would we manage to get round Near and Farr?  Despite, pushing hard Near and Farr was still ahead of us as we rounded Kauri Point, and our gains were only minimal, the 1020 is definitely a fast boat!

With the wind building, and Satisfaction and cloud 10 coming up fast behind us, we opted to change down from the No. 1 to No. 2 whist we had had the chance.
Holding the kite all the way through to Bayswater we had closed the gap on Near and Farr, but we were still lying in third.  We opted for the early Kite drop, rather than the potential frantic stuff up at Bayswater, and managed to get it down and stowed perfectly.  Near and Farr had been making some dodgy claims about pointing higher than Eye Spy, so now was the chance to prove them wrong, and also use a bit of Lisa’s downtown racing knowledge to get past them.  We certainly proved that we could point higher, and by taking a big leg across the hardour we managed to clear the harbour bridge in 1 tack, rather then Near and Farr’s 3 tacks…so we were closing the gap, but could we get past?

In the strengthening Breeze, Satisfaction was now in her element and catching fast, so we were now chasing down Near and Farr, and trying to keep Satisfaction at bay, you could get whiplash with all this boat watching!
A good beat up to Kauri Point saw the 3 boats still in the same order, but much closer together.  And bearing off on to the reach round Kauri, Near and Farr got onto the reach and just pulled away… darn… but would Satisfaction get past??  Luckily for us they had a bit of a knock inside Kauri point and had to tack out, giving us a bit of breathing space.  But we still had to trim furiously all the way up to the finish if we were to hold her out…. But we made it!!

A fantastic race everyone. Brilliant to see so many boats out, and look forward to many more battles with the new boats to the fleet of Cloud 10 and Near and Farr!   

Race report from Firsty

The Thirsty Firsty team consisted of Tim, Lou, Dave and Craig. Nice breeze for a change.

Nice start from Cloud 10, but we are about 3 boatlengths   back from the line when the gun goes. We have good boatspeed though so soon hit the front. Thinking of running a gennaker for the first leg, but it proves too shy at around 60 deg apparent so we 2 sail reach to Taikata at which time we were able to bear away and hoist big yellow, the masthead kite.

Looks like it will be a gybe to keep Chelsea to starboard then the wind backs and we find ourselves heading for Chelsea without needing to gybe.

Rounding Bayswater we come on to the wind with a board out into the harbour to try to get some help form the last of the tide to the bridge. Despite the time saying that the tide has changed, there still appears to be some incoming tide in the middle of the harbour, so we keep to the middle up to Chelsea wharf. Nice breeze of around 17 or 18 knots and the boat is going well with the no2 headsail.

Past Chelsea we put a board in to the southern side of the harbour and hug this side of the channel to Kauri Pt where we get a lay through, then ease sheets to the finish for a first on line and first on handicap.


Race report from Eye Spy:


So……….this is the last programmed “round the cans” race for the summer series. It was great to see a good turn out of entrants.

I have Lisa and Mark on board today. Just enough to get the kite work achieved………nice.

The fleet all start pretty well but Bronny was on the button! Eye Spy stays high and out of the tide and wasn’t long before we were up into second place behind Firsty. This wasn’t to last as Near n Farr charged past to give Firsty a challenge. Firsty and Eye Spy show there intent to hoist kites and sail high. Others appear to be taking the shortest route. The course is Chelsea stbd, Bayswater stbd, home. Once the kite was safely hoisted we set after Near and Farr. Some good pressure at times down by the harbour bridge had us catch Near and Farr. We dropped the kite early and all goes well. Eye Spy settles in for the long beat back to Kauri point. We appear to be pointing a little higher than Near and Farr and at times gain a little distance. The bigger boats suited todays conditions so we enjoy the sailing and keep very wary of the fast charging Satisfaction. He catches up a lot on the broad reach to the finish line but we cross a couple of minutes ahead.

It turned out to be one of those memorable days where the conditions are perfect, the crew work was flawless and no breakages on board.

Many thanks to my crew and the tower team. It wouldn’t be a race without my fellow competitors so thanks for making the effort supporting our much loved HYC.


Race Report from Cloud Ten

I decided to put my big girl pants on and give racing a go in Cloud 10. We popped down to the club on Friday night and were lucky enough to score Spike as crew, yay!


We started making our run for the line, watching how fast we were going against the land I suspected we may have jumped the gun. Scotty then pointed out a fizz boat coming straight towards us, I gave them a few moments to adjust their course and get out of our way. They didn’t do anything so we decided to gybe around and avoid them, even with that manoeuvre we were still to early and had to do another circle back away from the line. By this time Satisfaction was making her run and I didn’t want to get entangled with them so committed to going for it knowing we could have stuffed it up. The hooter sounded and we were off, I waited for the second hooter and it didn’t come, there were big smiles all round, we weren’t over. We didn’t have the momentum like the rest of the fleet though and they all successfully sailed over the top of us, bugger.


We kept in touch will everyone on the first reach but on the downwind leg without a spinnaker and a very dirty bum we lost the rest of the fleet and were very much last. That was okay as Scotty and Spike seem to be enjoying themselves anyway. Spike was educating us on all things nautical on the way around the course and we changed they way the headsail sheets were rigged too. We weren’t pointing as high as I thought we perhaps should but that will have to be investigated next time. Tacking all the way up the harbour was another learning curve, we weren’t used to having three in the cockpit and were tripping up on each other but after a few tacks we had it sorted. The last reach home was a blast and very enjoyable Cloud 10s boat speed was sitting at a steady 7 ½ knots which we were pretty happy with. Just before the finish line Scotty really wanted to call the Nigel and ask if we could buzz the tower but I discouraged it, although it would have been pretty funny.

 Winning the start was an awesome debut for Cloud 10. Thank-you Spike for coming with us it was much appreciated.

Race report from Near & Farr

Me on friday night... "duncan I am not being cajoled into racing on sunday... we have so much to do at home".    Saturday morning ... duncan "we are going racing on Sunday and I have already asked Mike, and he has agreed to crew for us!!"   Me.... "hmmmmm ok I will only do it if I can have a tuna mayonnaise subway..."   

Sunday morning arrived and off we went to subway... I placed my usual order jalapeno with tuna mayonnaise...yum.  Ok pan pan..... no tuna "what the f!!" duncan suggested seafood delight with jalapenos... me ok... I need to try these "kiwi things".

Anyway armed with lunch we headed off to the boat.  Mike as always arrived promptly and we were the first boat to leave the marina.  Only being three handed we decided that it was a white sail day... that and the fact that we are still learning to use her and would need another three crew to fly the spinnaker.

Our start was not bad, but not perfect.  Cloud ten had an awesome start.  Off we went and we are in pursuit of the mighty Firsty.  We did well against Firsty until they launched their spinnaker... and I then became a human pole.  

It seem to take quite a while to get to chelsea... and the bayswater.  I was rather concerned that "big mike" was rather quiet.  I checked that he was ok, he replied that he was "in the zone!!"  He then mentioned that he had to let the big blue boat know that he could not crew via text...apparently his text read something like this.....

"phil really sorry I am not going to be satisfied this sunday, however I will not be Farr away!!!"""" legend !!!

Around bayswater and a beat back to the club... our leech line on the heady went... and I could not undo the knitting to tighten it.  Noisy,  and eye spy who were pointing higher than us were catching up.... hmmm.

It was quite a slog back to the club with many obstacles in the way... ie fishing boats.  We did not even see Firsty finish!  However maintained our distance on Eye Spy and it was quite a relief to be able to crack off the heady... the leech cord or lack of it was driving us nutty.  

A nice hoot from the tower and we finished... phew.... now time for a beer.

We headed back to the marina, tidied our boat up and then helped Cloud ten back into their berth (we recall Escape doing the same for us when we raced on the Justice and recalled how nice it was to have a helping had).

Great day on the water, great result for us... we still have lots to learn.

thank you to Nigel for his tower duties.

Ps never ever ever have the seafood delight from subway.... ewwwww... although the 
jalapenos did manage to mask the sugary taste of the wierdness

HYCs unofficial race The Inaugural Man-war to Owhinaki…no home bay… OH OK Why-Kill-a-Booboo Race!

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Race report from Eye Spy

After battle talk was done &  dusted Saturday night over a nice meal & a few drinks onboard roval in man o war it was decided that the race start would be 10:30 destination onetangi. Over the weekend we have myself & Jenny onboard the Eye Spy as it would seem Trevor's starting to enjoy his home comfort's onboard Roval, like hot showers etc & ice maker for Rummy's, luckily for me & Jen tho he kindly offered the Eye Spy for us to use. As we turn up to the start line we all hoist sails & have a fleet start Wahoo race on, as we head out we have Jen on the helm & I'm trimming + galley wench duties, ofcourse this weekend being the first time Jen has really ever sailed a boat, quick crash course a, as we get round the corner of bottom end we start cranking sheets in & the breeze starts filling in, including a few good gusts Jen decides to hand the helm over to me & take up galley wench duties, heading up the coast line we hear the call & decision was made to change destination to Waikalabubu which suited us as we were out the back & getting good lift & looking like we could make it on one tack, as we head up to rakino we manage to get ahead of Roval & Shakina with me steering at GPS like a hawk probably could of made it on the one tack but decided on the safe option & tack out to see Roval charging up on port looking good so i decide to dip rather than make a nuisance of myself one more tack & off to the finish in 3rd. A quick nana nap then over to Roval for prize giving, drinks & bbq. Totally enjoyable weekend away with great company.

Thanks again to Trevor & everyone that came out & made it an enjoyable weekend in our beautiful paradise that we have as our back yard


Race report from Rovel

Man-o-war bay saw the (somewhat) inevitable congregation of the Hobsonville Yachts, and by Saturday night after a couple of wee sherries (OK copious quantities of rum!) it was decided that a race to Owhinaki the next morning would be fantastic idea.  
The rules of the race were, everyone up anchor at 10.30am and head off from there.  Thank god for day light saving as “10.30am” came and went with limited amount of movement, luckily it was still only 9.30am so we weren’t actually late for the start!  

Trevor was so determined to race he even took the mainsheet cover off… a pretty rare occurrence on Roval, mainly because he hates pulling up the halyard!  But we have extra muscle power on board with Dom and Hilton … so it was all on.
Motoring out towards Pakatoa the sails were hoisted, and Roval lead the fleet of Near and Farr, Eye Spy and Shakira out round Stony Batter.  Early wind indications were for a nice reach all the way round, but as we approached hooks bay the wind started to swing move into the south west.  Not so great for Roval who doesn’t do close hauled.  Near and Farr were champing out our transom, but the Mighty Roval got into the groove and had a convincing lead as we rounded the end of waiheke.  Unfortunately the inability to point above about 80 degrees meant that we had to take a very wide line towards Maria Island, whilst the rest managed a much closer in-shore course.
However, by this point the wind shift was such that Owhinaki wouldn’t be looking so good, so we had a chat with the rest of the fleet and decided that home bay was a better bet…. but eventually (and  with was nothing to do with the fact that we were sailing straight at Why-Kill-a-Booboo) we decided that that would be a much better place to spend the night, so lets all agree that as the final destination!

Most of the race we were so far down that we were totally out of touch with the rest of the fleet, however, as we approached Rakino we realised the race was still on… Shakira was passing only a few boat lengths in front of us, and eye spy was close on her tail!!  So, we started to concentrate on this racing m’larky again and after a couple of superb tacks, and some great boat speed from Roval, we had managed to  pass Shakira and Eye Spy, but had to do some seriously tight pinching to make it past South Island… but we made it!

So where was Near and Farr???  Had we won??
No, Near and Farr were happily ensconced in Why-Kill-a-Booboo Bay, the champions again!

So congratulations to Near and Farr, thanks to Trevor, Dom and Hilton for Excellent Crew work, and thanks to the Hobby family for another Awesome weekend!

Race report from Near & Farr

We woke up at nine am (after adjusting our watches the night before) and I reminded Duncan that the plan was to race to Owhinaki.  He was not brimming with enthusiasm and mumbled that we would do our own thing... hmmm, so while he made our marvellous breakfast of scrambled eggs and choritzo I got the boat ready for racing.  I was concerned that we might be late, however breakfast eaten, washing up done and anchor up in lightening speed.

We found Shekina pootleing around and hoisted our main, and Eye Spy and Rovel joined us.  Rovel was the first to start, followed quickly by Eye Spy, us and finally Grant.  And we were off ....with Rovel and Eye Spy infront of us.

Reaching, then pole on and goose winging, at which point we pasted Eye Spy and were on the hunt for Rovel.  The wind came forward and taking the pole of took longer than anticipated so we lost ground and height.   Trimming, more trimming and more trimming we we started pointing higher than the others.... "oh the joys of owning a Farr 1020!!".  

We had good boat speed and were making great progress.  A small speed bump of having to go down due to another Farr 1020 on our race course... obviously he did not realise that we were racing... hey ho.  I contemplated using my booming voice to shout "dont you know we are racing" however thought the better of it, he was single handed and the volume of my voice might have given him a heart attack...I have been known to even give myself a fright when shouting "Starboarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd"

I took over helming for a while while duncan relaxed, until it was time for him to take over when I decided to wash the starboard deck.... we both agreed that it looked much better for the wash.   Duncan back on the helm and concentrating.  We kept an eye on the rest of the fleet and noted that Rovel seemed to have set a course of Portugal??!!  Shekina and Eye spy were following us but we had better height.

A call was made to change the destination twice and eventually agreed to finish at Why kill a booboo... good choice especially for Rovel.

We could not quite make it past South island and had to do a couple of tacks... but we were nearly there.... I thought about singing my song " alll by ourselvessssssssss" but quite frankly I knew the rest of the fleet were not too far behind and we were busy racing.

We reached why kill a booboo, dropped our anchor and cracked a cold beer or two while we waited for the rest of the fleet to arrive.

It was a great day to be out on the water and race the other HYC boats.  And as always we had an awesome weekend!  Bring on the final wayward!

No booboos were hurt during the after party!

Surprise race 4 - sunday 25th March 2018

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The results:

1st – Firsty

2nd - Eye Spy

3rd – Blue Beat

4th - Waterwitch

Race report from Eye Spy:

Very light day for a race so we have No.1 headsail and full main. On board today is Lisa, Mark, Nicole and I. JK opted to help in the tower as the weather was soooo light. I decided to gybe before the line when I should have tacked which meant I was late for the start. We like a challenge tho eh!!

The course was set to Meola return x 2. If the predicted 10 knots does not come in the race can then be shortened. We are against the tide and tacking against a very light breeze. Starboard tack is the most productive so we hold starboard tack longest. Pushing limits with depth is always a risk but it allowed us to get past Bluebeat and extend a bit of breathing space. A discussion about shortening the course to finish at Meola was had over VHF. The call was made and it seemed the result would be as the boats sat on the course. Firsty, us, Bluebeat then Waterwitch. Bluebeat gave us a scare just before the mark. Couldn’t work out how he was catching us so quickly……….turns out we had half a tree wrapped round our rudder.

Lovely day to be on the water………maybe fishing rather than sailing tho.  

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