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HYC Closing day - Sunday 14th April 2019

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Great turn out for closing day today with great racing and only 4 minutes between first place and last place.   

1st Eye Spy 
2nd Firsty
3rd Slipknot
4th Near & Farr
5th Satisfaction

Best start - Eye Spy
Line honours - Firsty

Hard luck story  beers awarded to Lou on Firsty who lost his keys ... luckily they were eventually located packed in Firstys spinnaker!!!!

Many thanks to Sean Monro for manning the start tower & to Wendy, Sharon & Corrina for feeding the hungry crews after racing!

Race report from Eye Spy.

I wanted to race from the HYC for this one. The idea was to be seen racing the upper harbour to cement the idea that the HYC was a going concern and the upper harbour was used for recreational sports. Therefore a marine recreational centre is a good idea. It was also better for any of our members to spectate. Course # 2 was selected as the wind should be averaging around 7 knts South.

Eye Spy started with a crew of 6 “on paper” but reduced to four on the day. Lisa. Mark, Nicole and I began the slow motor to HYC. We had to drop the LSO and ODM on the way but ended with plenty of time to have a couple of beers and set things up for what should be a windward leeward course. That was the idea anyway……..

The count down begins and we line up with four others and start first! That’s not like me is it Mark……….

Sean is running the tower and the start is clean. Off to Meola and it turns out it’s a drag race as the wind has swung. No kite work this leg but maybe return?

Its not long before Firsty powered past and we settle in for the battle with Slipknot. We held him for a long time but the inevitable happened not long before Kauri Point. We are now in third place. Satisfaction and Near n Farr are doing battle behind us.

Two laps around ODM, Beachhaven and LSO and across the finish line. We are still third on line but have we done enough to win on Handicap? It will be close! No-one is prepared to call this one.

Just 4 minutes between the corrected times. Well done to all. Thanks to the Eye Spy crew we have a great result. First on start and first on corrected time!

Surprise race 4 - Sunday 31st March 2019

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eye soy 1st
firsty 2nd

Race report from Eye Spy:
Surprise # 4 is the programmed race. My team are keen to go as this may be one of the last races we do before our little race boat sells. A small fleet is predicted and confirmed on the morning of the race. Firsty and Eye Spy head out to be greeted by winds exceeding the predicted 10-16knts. This will be a bit of fun!
I have JK, Mark, Nicole and Dave on board. We decide to go with No.2 headsail and full main. What we hoped to be a windward leeward turned out to be more of a reaching race. Sean Munro did the start via the club rescue boat and I think both boats had to return to the start as the start was not on the hour as advertised.
Eye Spy starts on 14 minutes and Firsty on 27 minutes. Can we keep ahead?
Its all about pointing well on the way to Chelsea. One tack just prior to Chelsea and we are able to lift to Bayswater. The wind has peaked at around 27knots so we decide to keep the kite packed. Turned out it was a beam reach for the most part.
We turn for the bridge as Firsty approaches. We should have the edge. Even managed to get “on the plane” for a few seconds! As we get to Chelsea, Firsty is under the bridge. We take Kauri point wide to keep in the breeze and get hammered. Strongest gust so far!! Big round up then settle down to cross the finish line. Firsty was catching us but ran out of race track. Thanks to Firsty and crew for giving us competition.

Golden rivet race reports for races 2 & 3 - Sunday 24th February 2019

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Race reports from Cloud ten

For the races I have my regular crew, Hooks my co-pilot, Spike the Beale man and Scotty my partner and the brawn on board.

First Race: 
By the time we were getting ready to hoist sails the wind had come up to its predicted 20 knots so after a bit of discussion we decide to go with a reefed main. That turned out to be a great decision. After a pretty good start we take off after Cracka and Near and Farr, Bill was already around Kauri point and we couldn’t even see them but knew they were ahead somewhere. We had seen course 6 on the committee boat so that is what were following, hang on no-one was rounding Meola? A call to the committee boat sorted that out, it was course 4 not 6, great we now know where we are going. The upwind beat was hard work and the wind speed up to 28 knots; I think I said this is nuts or something like that. A gust hit us out nowhere and we were flattened, Hooks was on the leeward side and slipped further down, next minute he was up to his chest in water! He looked annoyed although smiling.  Near and Farr were closing in on all the CCYC boats head and so were we. We had managed to pick of Cracka by the gybe mark but then that didn’t go well at all. I was struggling to bring Cloud 10 down to the mark so everyone was easing to help me, by the time I got around and needed to gybe the main was way out and I didn’t give the crew enough time to bring it in for a controlled gybe. Over she went and it was a “oh shit” moment, luckily the boom hit the water which stopped its momentum or it could have been ugly. There wasn’t a figure 8 in one of the two main sheet ropes and it disappeared out the block, Scotty saw it go and in an instant while we were on our side grabbed it and it was rethreaded, crisis averted and we didn’t even lose a place. We did bust the dodger clips off though but that was a small price to pay really. We all stayed in the same positions on the downwind leg but upwind we started to catch Bill. We ended up doing one less board to get around Kauri Point to the finish which put us ahead. In the meantime Satisfaction had been steadily catching us, she managed to squeeze around Kauri Point too and they were very very close to the wharf. That slowed them down just enough to save us and being able to ease sheets before them we managed to cross the finish ahead and claimed a very exciting second place. 

2nd Race:
 After having to drop the main and sort out our mainsheet from the previous race and stuffing our faces with a little food we were ready to go again. I handed the helm over to my trusted co-pilot Hooks, it was a great start and we were off again in the same positions as last time. Satisfaction seem to be a lot closer than the previous race, they must have been on time to the start this time we decided.  Not a very eventfully race and although gusts were still hitting hard the overall wind speed had dropped, our reef was now hurting us a little. The tide was also contributing to us not being able to pick off the CCYC boats ahead of us like the race before; instead the big boats were catching us quickly. Satisfaction was flying and the 2nd upwind beat flew past, Champosa was also making light work of these conditions and past too. We did manage to pass Bill but not Cracka this time. It was noted that Scotty had done all the winching and I had done not much at all, which I fully admit. We didn’t know the results but knew that we hadn’t done enough to keep the trophy at this point. Although saddened we were actually really happy about how Cloud 10 went in these conditions. Thank you to the CCYC committee boat and HYC house committee for the burgers. 

Race report from Firsty

Congratulations CCYC on taking the Golden Rivet. 2 windy races with a good sail combination, but couldn't make up the time. It was lonely out the back of the fleet once Champosa had powered past

Tim, Lou, Tod, Nick and Craig on Firsty.

Race report from Satisfaction (CCYC)

We knew it was going to be our day when it dawned with strong winds, just what we ordered for the day.

Satisfaction was off to a 1.5 minute late start due to Miranda spending too much time at the café getting pizza’s, but they were good later…running only two handed was always going to need lots of pizza!

Heavy winds helped us slowly pick our way through the fleet but we managed to get a headsail sheet wrapped around a mast foot step and valuable time was lost.

The tide was ripping around Kauri Point and we came in Farr too close for comfort, not going to do that again.

We managed a healthy third in that race, and were determined to get a better start in the final deciding race between the two clubs.

With a calming beer and pizza for lunch we got a 1 second late start, not bad for an old girl that’s not particularly nimble (Satisfaction.…. not Miranda).


The wind Gods favoured us as we gradually climbed through the fleet of mainly reefed yachts,… Satisfaction just revels in those 25knot gusts.

We found it best for Miranda to helm whilst Phil tacked and trimmed,  but by the end of the race my arms and back were burning, seventeen tonnes is hard to manage in those conditions and I’d had enough for one day.

We were rewarded with a first place result with Champosa and Near & Farr hot on our tail,  we headed back up to HYC for a celebratory drink.

Well done CCYC and HYC,  a great team effort and well worth all the sore bods and heads the next day.

Big thanks to all the organisers and crews, another very satisfying day out on the Waitemata.

Race report from Eye Spy - Race 2

The Golden Rivet is on!!

A little touch and go for a while as the weather was forecast to be somewhat gnarly. The green light was given so we head out to Taikata with Lisa, Yarn, Nicole and Trev Higgins on board. We watch the early starters and wonder how the hell we are to catch them. They seem to have disappeared way down harbour. We see its course 6 so we prepare for that. No.2 headsail and full main. Others have reefed and I wonder if that’s a good idea. A decision is made to keep full main and reef on the go if required. We get to the line on time, well 8 seconds late, and are soon powered up. I hear something over channel 77 that the course has changed from the posted course 6 to course 4. Start, Chelsea,  Start, Chelsea and finish. We decide not to fly the kite for a lack of experience in what was fairly breezy conditions. We end up sailing pretty much on our own with a battle up front and a battle behind. We cross the line in seventh place. A great sail with very little to improve upon. Well done to my crew and well done to team HYC for keeping the series alive!! One race each!

Race report from EYE SPY  “Golden Rivet # 3”


HYC and CCYC are one race each. The wind is still up peaking around 25 knots so we decide to leave the kite in its bag in order to keep it out of the drink. Just prior to our start we loose the main out-haul containment strap and that takes Lisa a while to replace and strengthen with another sail tie. The No.2 headsail is hoisted and the foot comes off! Up the forestay the sail goes as the wind pushes the lot up to the spreaders! That’s not a good look I thought……… the crew sort it out we jibe and its time to start. Trim on! Whew nothing like putting pressure on ourselves eh. Second best start on this race.

For a time we appear to be catching Satisfaction. They seem to gain another gear and pull away. Now we need to keep ahead of the boats behind. Champosa is the only one we need to slow down. If we can do that we may give Firsty and Slipknot an opportunity. We tack on top of them twice but they are too big and powerful. They cruise ahead downwind of us. Not enough shadow from Eye Spy.

We hoped that others in the HYC team are more successful in slowing him down. The boats ahead of him were all way smaller so he powered into second place. CCYC first and second………pretty hard to beat.

Well done to CCYC. The new holders of the “Golden Rivet”.

Race Reports from Near & Farr

Our initial plan had been to sail with three of us, Duncan, Big Mike and I.  However of Friday Mike mentioned that he might have a big night so might not be able to make it.  Hmmmm that would mean we would have to race double handed and the forecast was for wind.   On Saturday morning at 8.20am we received an email from Mike, he was not going to be able to make it. This was not so bad as it seemed rather calm.

We arrived down at the marina and discussed reefing the main, nah it is fine.  However as we motored out to the start line the wind picked up.  So we reefed our main and did a couple of practice runs just under main… we were flying.

Race two

We took advantage of the three minute no extra rule and unfurled our headsail as we crossed the start line.  Bill were in the distance.  The course on the committee boat was course 6.  We were rather perplexed that Bill were not heading to Meola but instead heading to Chelsea… hmmm maybe they had got the course wrong.  Nope!  The committee boat had put the wrong course up… luckily for us and Cracka, Satisfaction radioed through to check the course.  “course 4” was the response from the committee boat.  There were a few expletives on our boat, hey ho we headed towards Chelsea under goose wing (or gull wing as kiwis prefer to call it).  Around the mark and in pursuit of Bill with Cracka behind us and the others pursuing us. 

Hard on the wind we headed back … where is Mike when you need him.  The first upwind leg was a killer … our out board sheets were doing grandmas kitting around our inboard sheets.  (we have out board sheets for the down wind legs, but have to have inboard sheets too that go through the stays for upwind sailing… it makes it all rather complicated …. And creates extra work……).  It was not a fun leg and was mighty windy.  It is probably good that we did not have wind instruments.  

Back to the committee boat around the mark and a more relaxing leg to Chelsea again.  Still in hot pursuit of Bill.  Around Chelsea and we managed to get past Bill for the final leg.  Satisfaction and her 17 tonnes were gaining and Cloud ten not far behind us at all…. Go Bronny!!.  

We crossed the finish line first, followed by Cloud ten!  Phew glad that is over.  Head sail furled and time for some lunch… I opted to eat the brownies I had bought for mike!  

Race 3

Start, Chelsea, start, Chelsea, finish (course 4 the same as the first race).

With our muscles aching we started the second race…. Not our best start and this time two CCYC boats started before us, as cracka opted to use the three minute rule.

Another windy race.  Luckily no goose winging in this one .. which was a relief as I did not have to use the boat pole to pole out the No2.  It seemed that the CCYC boats had got their act together and were on a mission. 
We called starboard on Cracka and managed to gain a place as well as over taking Bill.  However the big boys – Satisfaction and Champosa were on a mission and gaining fast on us.  We did a tack and tried to call starboard on Satisfaction… however they got through.. jammy so and so.  
So our final leg of the course we were attempting to catch up with Satisfaction with Camposa behind us … When I mentioned to Duncan that camposa were gaining.. his response was” they are only on their first leg”…… my response “I think they are on their second leg”……. Too late they manged to cross the finish line just in front of us… bummer.

We took third place but quite frankly we raced well in very testing conditions with only two of us.

We watched the other boats finish as we packed up and could tell that HYC had not won the second race.  
Congratulations to CCYC for winning the Golden rivet trophy…..until next year!

Thank you to the committee boat, all of the other boats that raced, the HYC house committee for the awesome food.  And thank you to Duncan for being an awesome skipper!



Golden Rivet Races 2 & 3 Sunday 24th February 2019

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Attached are the results from today's (Sunday 24th.) Golden Rivet Trophy races, Clearwater Cove Yacht Club versus Hobsonville Yacht Club. As Race 2 had to be postponed  from December 9th., both Race 2 and Race 3 were sailed on Sunday 24th February , with Race 2 start time 1100 hrs., and Race 3 at 1315 hrs.

Hobsonville YC took Race 2 with 16 points to CCYC's 21 (Lowest Score System), making it one race each. It all hung on the final race.

CCYC managed to change up a gear in Race 3, including some "Cracka" ;-) starts, to reverse the Race 2 score, thus making it two out of three, and for the very first time in the seven year history of the Golden Rivet, has won the trophy.

Surprise race 3 - Sunday 10th February 2019

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1st Eye Spy  (best start - 8 seconds)
2nd Near and Farr *
3rd Slip Knot
4th Satisfaction *

* double handed no extras 

****more race reports coming soon*****

Race report from Eye Spy:


Eye Spy is back on the water!!!

Repaired, repainted and with a keen crew to put her through her paces once again. The crew on the day is Lisa, Mark, Nicole and Yarn. We get to the start line with plenty of time to spare. Sean and Gill are on station with the club rescue boat to start the race. A couple of practise runs through the start line and we wait for Satisfaction and Near and Farr to start prior to us. The unknown quantity of Slipknot starts well after us.

We start at 14 minutes and hit the line well. We see the two boats well ahead and give chase. Eye Spy is clean and slippery. She feels good to helm again. Steve McCabe tuned the rig the day before……….nice job.

We pass Satisfaction before the bottom mark. The course is No.4 Meola, Chelsea, Rhona, Chelsea, Rhona, Chelsea, Rhona and home.  Looking back we can see Slipknot and wonder if they can catch us. We catch Near and Far and forge ahead extending the distance between us. Near and Far appears to have another go at us. We wriggle free and decide to hoist the kite on the last leg home. The kite is connected and the call came to hoist. The halyard goes up but the spinnaker stays on the deck! Now we have to get the halyard back down. I give the helm away and monkey climb the mast to the spreaders…….got it!

The kite goes up, a couple of jibes and we enjoy a kite ride to the finish. We finish in just over two hours. Slipknot was catching but ran out of race track. Thanks to my crew once again.

Eye Spy: Best start and 1st place!!  Great to be back racing again.

Race report from Near & Farr

We had not been planning to race in the surprise race as we had committed to a Farr 1020 gathering on the Saturday, however that was cancelled….. so what the heck lets go racing with HYC on the Sunday.
When we made the decision to race it was too late to wrangle any crew … well we did finally make the call to race at 9am on the Sunday morning.  So double handed no extras it would be!

As always we were out of our berth with plenty of time and were delighted to see Gill & Sean out by Taikata setting the start line using the HYC very flash safety boat.

Not a big fleet – just the mighty eye spy (who was looking very shiny), Slip Knot and Satisfaction (who were also double handed).

We were the first to start and off we went… followed by satisfaction, eye spy and finally Slip Knot.  We were doing mighty fine… until one of our headsail sheets got stuck in the block (and I mean right royally stuck between the wheel and the casing – ahhhhh aghhhhhhh ….. ) finally got it sorted and re ran the sheet through another block but we lost enough time for Eye spy to catch up with us and then go past.
No one ran any extras until the final leg….. and as Eye Spy popped her kite we watched her disappear into the distance… hmmm.  We were never going to catch up with her but had to work very very hard to maintain our second place as Slip Knot was gaining…. Phew we crossed the finish line in front of slip Knot and maintained our second place.

Thank you to everyone who raced as especially to Sean & Gill for being our start boat!

Slipknot representing Hobsonville Yacht Club in the 44th Tall Ships regatta, Russell, Bay of Islands on 12th January 2019

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Skipper – Gary Swain
Crew – Gaylene  McCaw, Robert Moore, Gary Matthews & Denise Ellis

The course was set at 18 nautical mile from the start line at Russell out to Whale rock, down around Roberton Island and back to Russell.  As we readied ourselves in the pre-start the yachts kept coming out and it was an awesome fleet to see with tall ships, super yachts, cuts and everything in between.

With ten minutes to go we positioned ourselves on the port end of the line.  WE had a great start crossing within seconds of the gun and had an amicable discussion with the skipper of SO’ cat who asked if he could go past and drop below us.  No discussions with the 120ft super yacht which powered past a few minutes later with twenty crew.  We were now in 3rd place.  We passed starboard of the cruise ship and followed the super yacht across towards Kerkeri inlet, where they tacked across the harbour towards Tapeka Point.  As they tacked we got a good lift and did not have to put at tack in!!!  At the next crossing we were only 500  meters behind.  We tacked across to keep in touch only to watch them disappear into the distance.  We rounded the top mark in about 6th position and proceeded down through the islands. 

We decided not to run a spinnaker on the day and had a interesting downwind duel with a couple of local boats through the back of Roberton Island. When we got out of the lee of the island we were off again.  We held our place and went to the finish line between the channel markers on the Paihia side of the harbour.

We were either 7th or 8th across the line out of ALL of the boats, and we were very happy to receive 3rd prize on Handicap in our division.

All in all an awesome day, great winds, perfect sailing, great spectacle and great event.    After racing everyone gathered at the Russell Boating club and enjoyed themselves into the evening.

Gary & Crew 

Golden Rivet Race 1 – Sunday 18th November 2018

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Thank you  to all the boats who competed in the “Golden Rivet” at the  weekend. 

We may not have won but there is always “Golden Rivet # 2” on December 9th at 13.00 hours.

1st Taathra (CCYC)  
2nd Cracka (CCYC)
3rd Champosa (CCYC)
4th Magic Dragon (HYC)
5th Eye Spy (HYC)
6th Blue Beat (HYC)
7th Nimble (CCYC)
8th Near & Farr (HYC)
9th Satisfaction (CCYC)
10th Cloud Ten (HYC)
11th Marimanu (CCYC)
12th Wild Horses (CCYC)
13th Waterwitch (CCYC)

Points  (lowest score system)
CCYC 22 
HYC 33

Best starts for CCYC
1st Nimble / Taathra +0 seconds
2nd Waterwitch +11 seconds

Best starts for HYC
1st Eye Spy +1 second
2nd Magic Dragon + 15 seconds
3rd Blue Beat + 56 seconds

Fastest CCYC boat around the course

1st Champosa
2nd Taathra
3rd Nimble

Fastest HYC Boat around the course 
1st Magic Dragon
2nd Eye Spy
3rd Blue Beat

Race report from Eye Spy:

Been looking forward to this one…………..went and got a hull clean on Friday so no excuses eh.

We meet at Eye Spy at 1130ish and have Lisa, JK, Nicole, Yarn and I on board. We get to the start area with lots of time to spare and begin a few timed runs to the line. We have full main and the No.1 hoisted as the winds are predicted to get to around 8 knots. This should suit the 88s more than most. Our start is pretty good and we start with Nimble.  We are able to ride over the top of Nimble and begin the chase. There are many boats starting before us so, lets go get em…….

Just prior to Kauri point we hoist the spinnaker. It’s a bit of a learning curve for some but the hoist goes well and we continue to gain on the bunch in front. We have to jibe about at Chelsea and that goes pretty well all things considered. If we had a experienced crew we would have done another jibe before Bayswater mark but decided on dropping the kite first. Around Bayswater and begin the long leg up wind to Meola. We pick off 5 boats upwind. Loving the clean hull!

Around Chelsea and the kite goes up again. No issues and we settle in for……….oooops a wrap around the forestay. I know what to do so, Lisa swaps places with me and I grab the windward ribbon. A little bit of weight and the twist is out,,,,,,,phew! Our concern was our hard work and position would have eroded away.

The leg to Chelsea doesn’t take long as the wind has increased to about 15 knots at times. Just about to round Chelsea and I correct myself just in time. I was shaping up to do a starboard rounding. Port Trevor Port!!

We’ve done well and only have two in front of us. We do see the two big boats charging from behind. Don’t think there’s too much chance we can hold them off but we may be able to slow Champosa to give Magic Dragon a chance. We hold our course to prevent them from tacking. They are too fast and still manage to tack and clear our bow.

Across the finish line in 5th place………….2nd HYC boat home. Sadly not enough to retain the trophy but as it’s the best of three we still have an opportunity to redeem things.

Thanks to the Five HYC entries. You did great! Hopefully we can entice a few more entries next time.

Thanks and well done to CCYC on your team win. See you on the water where we will do battle again.

Cloud Tens race report

This was Cloud 10’s first Golden Rivet, we had been briefed on team strategy by Trev and had John and Spikes experience on-board so were ready to go. Our start was really good, only 17 seconds late. I actually only figured out on Monday why our great start didn’t get mentioned at prize giving……lets just say we were more than 17 seconds late.

We took off in blissful ignorance of my mistake and once around Kauri point the big kite was hoisted. Something was wrong but what, it wasn’t until we furled up the headsail we could see the problem. It was up sideways! It actually set for a second and was pulling us along but of course it had to be corrected. Scotty did the fastest packing job in history and the second time all went well.

We were lucky only to lose one place in the spinnaker incident and once away again we passed a couple of competitors. We knew we had to do well on the down-wind leg as up-wind is not Cloud 10’s strong point. We dropped the kite early to avoid any issues rounding the mark and we started the beat in a good position.

The beat was interesting and we did get over-taken as suspected, we had to dip Near and Farr and then they had to dip us. We were playing nicely being on the same team. I noticed that our headsail was a bit baggy on the forestay and thought someone might have accidently let the jammer go. It was fixed but then I watched it go out the jammer by itself…argh! Whilst sorting this out the GPS went for a skate from where it’s mounted, I made some comments about bloody racing and breaking things but luckily it had survived the fall.

Satisfaction had caught us and we were extremely close to each other rounding Kauri point, the big blue hull looming underneath us was quite unnerving. The crew were working hard and Satisfaction were making sure they kept a position which could push us away from the finish line. A great tussle to the end and we were just pipped at the post.

Not the overall result HYC wanted but a great day out on the water and the Hawaiian costumes back at the club added to the fun. Thank-you to the CCYC committee boat and the HYC house committee for the fantastic burgers.

Near & Farr’s Race report.

We decided to go double handed for this race, taking advantage of the three minute rule.

We ummmed and arghhhhed whether to take our new battoned number 2 off and put the number 1 on… and  finally decided to stick with the No 2…  hmmmmm!

Our start was not the best nor was it our worst……we furled the no 2 out on the start line and off we went (with Wild horses quite a way behind us… they had the same start time).  It became quite apparent that our strategy of using the no 2 was not our best decision as the first leg was a very very long leg (especially if you are poling the sail out with your boat hook).   There was not much we could do without a kite but we worked hard  to try to stay ahead of wild Horses 

Under the harbour bridge and it seemed to take an age to get to Bayswater … the longer it took the further we slipped behind.  We finally got to the mark nearly at the same time as Satisfaction and Wild horses and around the mark we went.   Now was our time to put our foot down on the accelerator … Our No2 could finally shine in all of her glory …. Pointing pointing and getting great height.  Right time to make up some places.

Down to Meola around the mark  … At the top mark we found ourselves wedge between Satisfaction and Champosa… rather alarming as Champosa somehow did not see us and were jostling with their own team ….. A loud shout from Duncan  “CHAMPOSA….!!! Look behind you we don’t have brakes” …phew that was close.

A short downwind leg to Chelsea (thank goodness).  Around Chelsea (not our best rounding someone was not fast enough on the winch.. and then the sheet came of the winch).  and then it was a drag race to the finish.   Duncan’s helming was exceptional …. We were gaining on the boats ahead of us and finally got ahead of Satisfaction and Cloud ten…. Arms burning … we crossed the finish line…. Yay.

Great day on the water…. Next time we need to get our kite up!  Anyone want to be our crew??

Thank you to Sharon and Corrina for the burgers, they were fantastic.  And thank you to all the other boats for a great race.


Coastal Classic 2018 Results and Race reports

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Results from the Coastal Classic 2018 for the HYC boats

144 boats started the Coastal Classic on Friday, only 117 finished!  Well done to Firsty, Pretty woman and Nona who all finished the the race in very trying conditions and who all did really well in their divisions!!!

When they have had a chance to recover hopefully they will share their race reports with us all to read!!  And maybe some photos too!!!

Pretty woman
came 55th on line overall
15th on line in her division out of 29 entries (28 finishers)
17th in PHRF in Div 2

came 70th on line overall
8th on line in Div 3 out of 24 entries ( 21 finishers)
9th in PHRF Div 3

came 102 online overall
11th on line in Div 5 out of 29 entries (19 finishers)
10th on PRHF in Div 5

Firsty's race report for the Coastal Classic 2018

Craig, Tim, Darcy, Blair and Kelvin on board for the 2018 Coastal, looking light and forward of the beam. Starting with the No1 light, and full main, it looked like we were in for a good start, but got forced over just on the gun. That’s not a good thing in the Coastal as there is a penalty even if you return. With all the starboard tackers, it was hard to find a slot to get back without infringing further. Anyhow, we made it back and started the early beat out the harbour. Made up a few places on the wind favouring the right side of the course by Rangi light in about 12 knots breeze. Tacked on to starboard about ½ way to Tiri to take another dig out in a short sharp sea. Falling off one wave with a ripping sound the power went out of the boat with the No 1 light split into 2 pieces. Without a moment’s hesitation it was on the deck with the No2 up in its place.

Holding to the right of the channel as we went through Tiri we were able to lay through to the Eastern side of Kawau, then a slight ease sheets to Takatu. Thinking that this was the trend we hoisted the Jib Top Reacher for all of 10 minutes, before changing back to the No 2 headsail.

Just managed to lay through Cape Rodney, then we were able to ease sheets a touch to Sail Rock. Picked up a few places here, then in for the long haul through to Cape Brett which we rounded at about 3AM.

Managed a shy Gennaker ride to Red Head, then a Masthead kite toward Tapeka Point. With the wind peaking at 2 knots, we picked up a south easterly breeze with a lay through to the finish into a sea fog. Just when you think you can relax, the wind veers to a Southerly so it’s a final beat in to the finish.

Finished off Russel wharf at 7:30 AM, 6th on line in div 3, but relegated 2 places for start infringement.

Pretty Woman Coastal Classic  Report

Well that was a long day! Our start wasn’t the best, late and wrong end of the line. Breeze was 8-12 from the East. There were a few other 35 footers in our division which was to make for a great race. Seeing the other 1050s well ahead from the outset we made the decision to tack up the East Coast Bays and across Whangaparoa to Tiri in the hope of staying out of the tide. First 1050 into Tiri was Gale Force who went straight up the middle of the Rangi Channel, from there all we would see was their stern. Ken and Sam sailed a brilliant race beating us by 50 minutes most of which was gained near the end of the race at Tapeka Point. 

From Tiri it was a lay all the way to Takepa. In short, on the wind to somewhere near Rodney, crack sheets to Sail Rock, up with the Jib Top that turned out to be the wrong decision as we gave Gale Force about a .2kn advantage for a few hours. Upon darkness we went back to the Genoa with the breeze softening and more going more north to carry us through to Cape Brett. Boy did things get interesting from here. We caught Obi-Wan, a Bakewell White 38 when they fell into a big hole at Brett, we snuck under them and carried enough speed to get through and pop the A3, boat speed at this time was about 7kn, in not much TWS more than that, direction was N. We were off on the rhumb line for the finish. Around Urupukapuka, sail change to S1.5 (big mistake) and pointing for Tapeka point boat speed dropped to 5.5kn, thinking it was nearly rum time. Navigation lights seemed to be coming from all directions and we weren’t able to make out who was who, we heard a bit of commotion on other boats. A quick check of the Nowcasting let us know of the upcoming wind shift in the bay, a big 2 kn now coming from the South. A quick sail change, Genoa up, kite down and we were deep under Tapeka and needing to get around and upwind to the finish. From the tracker we saw Gale Force on the West of Tapeka, and making straight for the finish line, lucky buggers, it would be another 50 mins for us before we could have our rum! The upwind slog unfortunately saw Obi Wan and Valium (Vickers 1060) pip us at the line, our finish time was about 5.30am

We held off a few other bigger boats for a mid fleet finish in our division, and the unofficial title of second Elliott 1050 in our class :).

This was Ruth and my first coastal, Thanks to our regular crew of Chris and Jason, together with the Hooters (GBE 8.5) crew Ellen, Arran and Carey. I’m sure we will be back next year for another crack, hopefully with a kinder breeze, maybe the elusive SE that never comes in. It was great to see the sun come up while in post match mode and seeing the Craig and the Firsty crew at prize giving.
The delivery was an uneventful motor home and glassy water conditions.

There was even talk of running in the club division next year.. Firsty, Pretty Woman and one more needed..


The Crew of Pretty Woman enjoying post race drinks!

Race report from Nona!!!

As far as an upwind coastal went it wasn't bad. After a gun start right at the boat in the middle of the line which set us of on a good start. 

We elected to short tack up the Rangitoto side of the channel with a choppy few tacks across to Tiri then it was a lay through on Starboard from there laying to Flat rock, which turned into a lay to Cape Rodney and it was all pretty pleasant with the water flattening out and solid 8 / 10 knots of boat speed. Only having 4 crew on-board meant that the other Young 88's stretched out on us abit.

 Approaching sail rock the wind lightened and we decided to take the opportunity to lay through outside both the Hen and Chickens, this allowed us to catch up a bit of the distance on the leading Y88's and other Div5 boats. With the breeze lightening throughout the early morning meant the 0630 am rounding of Cape Brett and the even further lightening breeze. We were all working hard and kept the boat moving throughout the morning with the breeze getting down to 0.5knots for a fair bit! Switching between the kite and jib throughout the morning to make most of the little breeze.

Finally crossing the finish line about 1pm it was straight to grab a vacant spot at the wharf and into the rums! Overall a very fun and enjoyable race with its challenges. The first time Chris and myself had done the race on our own boat after being on some of the bigger 50's more previous races and looking to give it another crack next year! Return trip back home in the glass out was good for the sore head motoring the whole way back to Hobsonville!

10th Line Div 5

9th Div 5 PHRF

Closing day - sunday 30th September 2018

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Six boats raced on closing day....... however only three finished... it was a tricky day on the water for everyone.

Results (not confirmed)
1st Firsty
2nd Escape
3rd Blue Beat
DNF Near & Farrr
DNF waterwitch
DNF Cloud Ten

**more race reports coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***

Escape Race Report 

Last race of the winter series and not a breath of wind as we arrive at the boat. Today’s crew is Georgina, Pete and Tim, the same as the last race and all the races before that. It feels like putting on a favourite t-shirt, comfortable and relaxed. 

Start is at Hobby and it’s like a long time since we have been up there. The wind is slowly picking up as we motor to the start and we opt for the new no.2 Genoa rather than the no.1 which might not last the race! Wind will be from behind at the start and after a brief discussion about  kite or gennaker, we settle for a kite. We are windward end of the line and first or second to cross  and in the lead. I’m feeling pretty cocky. Two hundred metres later the kite has collapsed, Firsty has passed us to leeward and Waterwitch to windward and the crew are wondering out loud how I turned their perfect start into a pile of ...... . Hero to zero in 200 m. I love yachting.

The wind eventually comes back but is up and down for the whole leg to Kauri Point. We manage to claw back to second behind Firsty and even get a bit of space behind but the northerly has become a westerly and in the space of 150m Kauri Point serves up first a southerly then  an easterly.

We manage the change from kite to hard on pretty well and I’m feeling pretty good on the beat to Meola and then on to Chelsea. Craig in front is showing us  the shifts so we make Meola without losing too much. We try a spinnaker hoist without a pole and it’s not the best call but we get it under control with no damage done.  Halfway up the leg it’s gybe time and short handed it’s a bit tricky. I don’t help the cause by forgetting the thing in my hands is a wheel not a tiller and thereby rounding the boat up big time.  By the time I have the boat pointed the right way my long suffering crew have the kite working and the rest of the leg passes smoothly.

A good drop and mark rounding and we’re back on the wind again.  The shifts are brutal and both Firsty and ourselves  get crash tacked before finally making it to Chelsea safely. Spinnaker up with the pole this time and the long haul home against the tide begins. We stay as wide as we can and as we come back up to Meola Post we are still in touch with Firsty and have a comfortable gap back to Blue Beat and Near & Farr. 

Kauri Point is literally the turning point for the race. Firsty has stalled as the wind changes back to a westerly and is racing to get their kite down. We take the risk on cutting the corner and it’s looking promising for a couple of minutes but we get the kite down seconds too early and don’t quite bridge the gap to the new breeze. It’s only metres but the tide is running against us and the GPS has us down to 0.2 knots for what seems an age. Firsty is clear and heeling to the new breeze as she shows us a clean pair of heels. The GPS speed slowly starts to rise. 0.3, 0.4, 0.6 as we crawl past Kauri Point and then we too are away.

Looking back it’s all bad news for the boats behind  and they are still not around as  we pass Island Bay and then on through the moored boats. Firsty finishes well ahead and gives us a wave as they head home. Before long we are breathing a sigh of relief as the tower gives us a horn  crossing the line and we too head for home. 

The sail back to Taikata is warm and sunny and hopefully a sign of a great summer to come. All too soon we are back at the berth tied up and tidy and the winter series is over. We’ve had a bit of drama and a lot of fun and we’re slowly learning how to get the best from Escape. Roll on next winter just not before we have some summer fun.

Cheers Trevor

Cloud 10 Race Report

Well we started the race with a hiss and a roar in a good position and with good speed and were feeling confident that this was going to be a great day for Cloud 10. That was despite not having the HYC courses and having to ask where we were going before the start.

On the first leg down the harbour our newly painted bottom and polished hull looked to be working. As the kites started popping out we decided we’d have to follow suit in the light airs or be left behind. Our big kite really helped and we were keeping up and challenging Blue Beat and Waterwitch. That was short lived though and just before Kauri Point all the kites had to come down and we found ourselves in an awkward position sandwiched between Blue Beat and Waterwitch. We got out of that unscathed and then had to tack to Meola.

We came into the mark on starboard in a great position to mess with Blue Beat coming in on port. The breeze had increased and we were moving. Blue Beat kept coming and things were going to get close. Scotty said, “They’re coming in hot”, and started shouting starboard at the top of his lungs. They managed to get around the mark and tack underneath us, there wasn’t much water between the two boats by this stage.

More upwind work saw Near and Farr catch up and pass us, we struggled to point as high as Blue Beat so they slowly started to get away on us too. Our cruising rig set up and small headsail means this is not going to be Cloud 10s point of sail and won’t change without a considerable outlay of money for a new sail. This is not happening anytime soon so we will have to live with it.

The fleet weren’t out of our reach though and we were hoping for a long downwind leg home with our big kite up, if we went fast enough we might even be closer than normal to Firsty and Escape. Scotty was up on the foredeck doing the spinnaker work with John instructing, he was doing really well and the light airs meant that the learning mistakes were easily undone.

Our plan was working on the downwind leg and we caught Near and Farr and were looking at possibly passing them and it happened, the wind just disappeared! Our new wind instrument showed the direction going around in circles every few minutes. We had to get the kite down and mucked around a bit which meant our forward momentum stopped before the others and we couldn’t get going again.

Blue Beat and Near and Farr looked like they were going to make the finish as they finally got some wind ahead of us and made it around Kauri Point. We didn’t get that wind and were having a backwards race with Waterwitch, the crew were being really positive and pointed out that we were thankfully losing that race. We nearly got around Kauri Point but then stopped again, that was enough for us. Once we saw Near and Farr pack it in ahead of us the call was made to head home too. So sadly another DNF for Cloud 10.

It was a beautiful day to be out on the water and an excellent training session for Scotty whose sailing ability has gone from zero to hero in 12 months. Thank you John for being a great teacher and putting up with the squabbles between Scotty and I. Thanks for the team who manned the tower and Bruce for cooking the sausages to feed the hungry sailors.

HYC winter Series race 10, Sunday 16h September 2018

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The Results

1st Waterwitch
2nd Escape
3rd Blue Beat* (*double handed)
4th Firsty
5th Eye Spy

Best start:  
Firsty +4 seconds
Blue Beat + 10 seconds
Escape +12 seconds

Fastest around the course

Eye Spy

Race Report from Eye Spy - by Lisa 

Well the Skipper had some lame excuse that he had to work, and the first mate was off working on his own boat... so this left Lisa to organise the A+ team of Nicol, JK, Greg Jones, Stuart and McKenzie Wills... but with a 14 minute handicap we were going to have our work cut out for us!  And then, to add insult to injury, Blue beat was starting on 6 minutes.  

The team turned up nice and promptly so we were off the mooring and heading for the start line by 12noon in a nice 12 to 15 knts, and beautiful sunshine.  We hanked on the No 1, hoisted the main and had a lovely sail out from the Hobsonville Club.  But as 1pm approached, the gusts started getting somewhat bigger, and we were getting rather overpowered even with just the main up, so we decided to do a quick pre-start sail change down to the No. 2.  

Champing at the bit to get underway we watched as the vast majority of the fleet sailed off into the distance... but finally the 14-minute call went and we were off!  OK, not the best start in the world... my excuse is its probably only the 2nd start I have ever helmed eye spy!

With a tight reach round to Rona we quickly overtook Nimble who had started with us and were gaining nicely on the rest of the fleet.  As the wind started to swing, a lot of the boats were getting knocked, but with some wicked main management from Greg, we managed to gain height and make it though to Rona on one tack.  The reach back to Meola did see us a little underpowered with the No 2, but it was too tight for a kite, and a sail change would have cost us more time.  Heading back to Rona we were neck and neck with Nimble and Origin, but to leeward.  We were trying for all the height we could but were not quite going to make Rona, so we sacrificed a bit of height for speed and got clear ahead of Origin and Nimble to complete a tack onto starboard.  Tacking back just above them, they both got through and we followed them into the mark rounding... but, miracle of miracles, a gap opened up and we were able to do a tight rounding, and, thanks to some awesome crew work, managed to come out above and ahead of both of them... great work guys!

Approaching Kauri point around for the final leg to the finish we had Firsty charging down on us, and could see a few boats getting caught in the dreaded Kauri Point hole.  So we kept wide and were gaining on some of them.  But, inevitably, they sailed out of the hole before we got there, so we ended up last over the line for the Hobby Boats.  But it was a lovely sail, and thanks to the crew :-) 

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