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Closing Day Racing - Saturday 20th April 2013

posted Apr 21, 2013, 7:44 PM by Admin hycnz   [ updated Apr 25, 2013, 2:34 PM ]

Closing day started with the usual light winds, 5 knots NW, N, and NE. All of the mentioned on the start line along with the usual bellowing of nautical vocabulary, (some of the terms I had to look up and some I could not find). A fleet of eight boats drifted off to the start horn with the horizon behind us clouded, dark and menacing.

The squalls hit the fleet as they headed to the first mark – Chelsea, and made for an interesting rounding of the mark for some and avoidance of fishing boats for others. The rest of the race was more subdued in the wind department and all enjoyed the after race refreshments and food.  From Denise Ellis

Race Report from  Stewart on Stinger:
Congrats Stinger. What a great Start! For 0.5 nm. we were passed by moored boats?? Fleet got away only the starting line left behind us. Thinking! Big Yella? Eye Spy launched West Pack. A little more ponder then Big Yella hoisted, Big Red joins in 5 Chickens retain their working rigs. Made some ground on the chickens Tai Rangi  astern. Up came Kauri Point, Unity and Blue Beat stop for a fish, Rental, Eye Spy, Satisfaction and Nona continue on their merry way not to be sighted again. Fishing over Blue Beat passes on the return at Kauri Point Unity nth. of Charcoal Bay, we settle in our usual pecking order. Well done to those ahead of us on handicap, condolences to Rental-handicap and fishers on Blue Beat and Unity. Great race rained only prior 10min. warning at Kauri Pt. and after we returned to the Marina.  

Race Report From Denise on  Nona:
The race was one of two halves. We started off with a gentle drift down the harbour. We were then assailed by strong, wet squalls that allowed us to wash the starboard side of the boat, including the windows, several times.
The four crew of Nona, raised the flag for ageism with a combined age of over 240yrs.
This illustrated that "maturity, experience, cunning and treachery will overcome youth, energy and testosterone" -provided the race is not too long as we need our "nana naps"!

Race Report from Gary on Blue Beat
Blue Beat had a great start and we headed off down to kauri point. 
Our first mistake was to get to close to kauri point. We parked and had lunch as everyone sailed past ( B…..H… etc). 
To lighten the boat we threw the spinnaker pole over the side and we were going to pick it up on the way back. 
But there where pirates on the water and they grabbed it and ran away (or something like that ).  
After that we made great time pasting two boats on our way back. 
Great day wet but fun fun fun!!
Bring on the match racing May 4th!!!

Race Report From Trevor on Eye Spy:
Once again a somewhat delayed start from "Eye Spy"......we like the chase. Call came from the foredeck to hoist the spinnaker after passing the moored boats. Good call in the end as we passed all except the "Rental" by the drop at Kauri point. The weather threatens, dark walls of cloud from both directions and a call to hoist wet weathers came just in time. "Eye Spy" was a little over powered in the squalls and "Nona" was able to carry a little more speed to Chelsea. We were passed at this stage but after a cris-cross manoeuvre at the mark we secured the lead 88 position again. "Nona" pushed back a couple more times heading back to Kauri point but was unable to pass. "Rental" was unable to point as well as the mono hulls so was passed on the leg back to the ODM. One lap of Beach Haven to South Orange and recognised that the course was shortened. First over the line. Good course Spike..........
I have noted that I have a sore neck for the start of the working week. Must of been all that looking back at Nona...........nice racing.

Race Report from Tim on Unity:
Well we started ok.
We missed the wind 
We missed the rain
We missed Gazzas spinny pole
We missed seeing everyone finishing ahead of us (or I may have been looking the other way)
And we missed Craig
That is a lot of misses and I find it hard enough with one!!!!!
Thanks to all for a great day.

Race Report from Darcy on Rental:
Blair and the crew decided to take 'Rental' for a sail on Saturday to contest the Hobsonville Yacht Club Closing Day race 2013. The crew joined the boat early. We knew that Rental needed a 'bit of a tickle' under the waterline so we all took turns scraping off various shellfish, barnacles and mud to leave Rentals hulls with a semi rough underwater surface.

We knew the weather forecast was dodgie so we opted for a cruising main, no.2 jib and fractional reaching sails. This worked out well for the start - we started last with no wind and 2 knots of tide against us. We would have had a sweet start but Blairs boss smashed through our line on Satisfaction and owing to Blair needing to keep his job, we all kept quiet and let him go through.

Foredeck crew Sam hoisted the code 0 and we slowly made ground on the fleet. The wind increased to about 10 knots and we sent Rental hard and held the lead around Kauri Point. Blair and the crew where 'joyous' and had a celebratory chilled beverage. 

Then it rained. It rained hard, and harder and harder again! Torrential rain and zero visibility. The mighty Rental was close haled and touching 9 knots with the mark approaching fast. Some one asked (yelled at) Blair and said 'what the hell do we do'. Blair yelled something back at the crew that we can not print here...

Around the mark and we are in the clear and another refreshing chilled beverage was enjoyed. The sun came out and by the time we where back at Kauri Point the fleet of monos was hunting us down like a pack of hungry Belarusian shot-putters. Rental with her dirty bum did not want to go upwind. A few of the monos past us and at that point we knew we have snatched defeat from the hands of victory!

It was a great day and an even better prize giving!

Worthy of note - Tai Rangi kite work....Take a No1 kite off a 1020 and fly it on Tai Rangi with a thunderstorm approaching..... awesome result! 

Race Report from Phil on Satisfaction: 
Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Something BIG and BLUE.

A very SATISFYING day on the water.