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Coastal Classic 2018 Results and Race reports

posted Nov 4, 2018, 6:37 PM by Admin hycnz

Results from the Coastal Classic 2018 for the HYC boats

144 boats started the Coastal Classic on Friday, only 117 finished!  Well done to Firsty, Pretty woman and Nona who all finished the the race in very trying conditions and who all did really well in their divisions!!!

When they have had a chance to recover hopefully they will share their race reports with us all to read!!  And maybe some photos too!!!

Pretty woman
came 55th on line overall
15th on line in her division out of 29 entries (28 finishers)
17th in PHRF in Div 2

came 70th on line overall
8th on line in Div 3 out of 24 entries ( 21 finishers)
9th in PHRF Div 3

came 102 online overall
11th on line in Div 5 out of 29 entries (19 finishers)
10th on PRHF in Div 5

Firsty's race report for the Coastal Classic 2018

Craig, Tim, Darcy, Blair and Kelvin on board for the 2018 Coastal, looking light and forward of the beam. Starting with the No1 light, and full main, it looked like we were in for a good start, but got forced over just on the gun. That’s not a good thing in the Coastal as there is a penalty even if you return. With all the starboard tackers, it was hard to find a slot to get back without infringing further. Anyhow, we made it back and started the early beat out the harbour. Made up a few places on the wind favouring the right side of the course by Rangi light in about 12 knots breeze. Tacked on to starboard about ½ way to Tiri to take another dig out in a short sharp sea. Falling off one wave with a ripping sound the power went out of the boat with the No 1 light split into 2 pieces. Without a moment’s hesitation it was on the deck with the No2 up in its place.

Holding to the right of the channel as we went through Tiri we were able to lay through to the Eastern side of Kawau, then a slight ease sheets to Takatu. Thinking that this was the trend we hoisted the Jib Top Reacher for all of 10 minutes, before changing back to the No 2 headsail.

Just managed to lay through Cape Rodney, then we were able to ease sheets a touch to Sail Rock. Picked up a few places here, then in for the long haul through to Cape Brett which we rounded at about 3AM.

Managed a shy Gennaker ride to Red Head, then a Masthead kite toward Tapeka Point. With the wind peaking at 2 knots, we picked up a south easterly breeze with a lay through to the finish into a sea fog. Just when you think you can relax, the wind veers to a Southerly so it’s a final beat in to the finish.

Finished off Russel wharf at 7:30 AM, 6th on line in div 3, but relegated 2 places for start infringement.

Pretty Woman Coastal Classic  Report

Well that was a long day! Our start wasn’t the best, late and wrong end of the line. Breeze was 8-12 from the East. There were a few other 35 footers in our division which was to make for a great race. Seeing the other 1050s well ahead from the outset we made the decision to tack up the East Coast Bays and across Whangaparoa to Tiri in the hope of staying out of the tide. First 1050 into Tiri was Gale Force who went straight up the middle of the Rangi Channel, from there all we would see was their stern. Ken and Sam sailed a brilliant race beating us by 50 minutes most of which was gained near the end of the race at Tapeka Point. 

From Tiri it was a lay all the way to Takepa. In short, on the wind to somewhere near Rodney, crack sheets to Sail Rock, up with the Jib Top that turned out to be the wrong decision as we gave Gale Force about a .2kn advantage for a few hours. Upon darkness we went back to the Genoa with the breeze softening and more going more north to carry us through to Cape Brett. Boy did things get interesting from here. We caught Obi-Wan, a Bakewell White 38 when they fell into a big hole at Brett, we snuck under them and carried enough speed to get through and pop the A3, boat speed at this time was about 7kn, in not much TWS more than that, direction was N. We were off on the rhumb line for the finish. Around Urupukapuka, sail change to S1.5 (big mistake) and pointing for Tapeka point boat speed dropped to 5.5kn, thinking it was nearly rum time. Navigation lights seemed to be coming from all directions and we weren’t able to make out who was who, we heard a bit of commotion on other boats. A quick check of the Nowcasting let us know of the upcoming wind shift in the bay, a big 2 kn now coming from the South. A quick sail change, Genoa up, kite down and we were deep under Tapeka and needing to get around and upwind to the finish. From the tracker we saw Gale Force on the West of Tapeka, and making straight for the finish line, lucky buggers, it would be another 50 mins for us before we could have our rum! The upwind slog unfortunately saw Obi Wan and Valium (Vickers 1060) pip us at the line, our finish time was about 5.30am

We held off a few other bigger boats for a mid fleet finish in our division, and the unofficial title of second Elliott 1050 in our class :).

This was Ruth and my first coastal, Thanks to our regular crew of Chris and Jason, together with the Hooters (GBE 8.5) crew Ellen, Arran and Carey. I’m sure we will be back next year for another crack, hopefully with a kinder breeze, maybe the elusive SE that never comes in. It was great to see the sun come up while in post match mode and seeing the Craig and the Firsty crew at prize giving.
The delivery was an uneventful motor home and glassy water conditions.

There was even talk of running in the club division next year.. Firsty, Pretty Woman and one more needed..


The Crew of Pretty Woman enjoying post race drinks!

Race report from Nona!!!

As far as an upwind coastal went it wasn't bad. After a gun start right at the boat in the middle of the line which set us of on a good start. 

We elected to short tack up the Rangitoto side of the channel with a choppy few tacks across to Tiri then it was a lay through on Starboard from there laying to Flat rock, which turned into a lay to Cape Rodney and it was all pretty pleasant with the water flattening out and solid 8 / 10 knots of boat speed. Only having 4 crew on-board meant that the other Young 88's stretched out on us abit.

 Approaching sail rock the wind lightened and we decided to take the opportunity to lay through outside both the Hen and Chickens, this allowed us to catch up a bit of the distance on the leading Y88's and other Div5 boats. With the breeze lightening throughout the early morning meant the 0630 am rounding of Cape Brett and the even further lightening breeze. We were all working hard and kept the boat moving throughout the morning with the breeze getting down to 0.5knots for a fair bit! Switching between the kite and jib throughout the morning to make most of the little breeze.

Finally crossing the finish line about 1pm it was straight to grab a vacant spot at the wharf and into the rums! Overall a very fun and enjoyable race with its challenges. The first time Chris and myself had done the race on our own boat after being on some of the bigger 50's more previous races and looking to give it another crack next year! Return trip back home in the glass out was good for the sore head motoring the whole way back to Hobsonville!

10th Line Div 5

9th Div 5 PHRF