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Forward hands race - 6th November 2016

posted Nov 13, 2016, 1:01 PM by Admin hycnz


1st Waterwitch
2nd Eye Spy
3rd Nona

Race report from Nona 

The crew today is me and David, as Bronwyn had rung in sick. 10 knots of breeze would be good – but it will not be. Three Youngs line up for the start, the course to Bayswater and home. Our start is not flash and we are behind Eye Spy with Waterwitch on the inside. Past the moored boats and ES hoists their kite and WW and us trade positions on the water, two sailing then gull winging  alternating all the way up to Kauri Point. 

Going around, and ES on the inside has found a hole to hang his kite ( the breeze had been ranging from 11 knots to 4 knots) with us in the middle and WW further out. The breeze began to pick up and WW pined his ears back and surged ahead. We managed to pass ES before  Rhona and set our sites on Bayswater, where the water is looking a little choppy. Around the mark behind WW, not a good rounding – sorry David, and we head for home. The wind has picked up and we are needing to tack to get around Kauri Point (the wind speed is 12 to 21 knots – so much for 15!). David thought I needed some exercise so it was winch some sail, stagger forward, skirt the sail , stagger back and finish the winching. In the process David filled up my seaboots twice when I was skirting the sail. He thought that would improve my weight allowance on the side rail. I think not.

Round the corner and it is on the nose and I tell my muscles” it is mind over matter”, all the while knowing that ES would be making ground on every one of our tacks.

Through the moored boats, we are on the mud side and finally the wind gods seem to be smiling as it is giving us a line just inside the ODM, while ES is heading from Beachaven to the ODM. Spoke to soon, the wind eases and we start to drop and ES is cutting the water between us and to rub salt into the wind calls “starboard”. For a fleeting moment I have very unflattering thoughts about the tactical advisor on ES as we have to tack, losing momentum as they tack again and cross the line ahead of us. Time to massage the body and prepare for the Ladies race.