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Golden River - Race 1 - Saturday 1st November

posted Nov 2, 2014, 1:14 PM by Admin hycnz   [ updated Nov 3, 2014, 5:16 PM ]

1st.  Young Entertainer   HYC
2nd. Eye Spy    HYC
3rd. Gaucho CCYC
4th.  Satisfaction   CCYC
5th.  Shekinah CCYC
6th.  Firsty HYC
7th.  Nona HYC
8th.  Waterwitch  CCYC
9th.  Six Gun Justice  HYC
10th. Wild Horses  CCYC
11th. Elan HYC

         Best Start.                                                   Fastest Boat.
1st.  Firsty  + 5 secs.                                         1st.  Firsty
2nd. Young Entertainer + 10 secs.                2nd. Young Entertainer
3rd.  Satisfaction + 11 secs.                           3rd. Eye Spy

Start Boat; Panache.
Thanks to Start Boat crew.


Nona's Race Report
The sun was shining, there was breeze (forecast to 15 ) which led to some debate as to Number 1 or 2. Assuming that the course would probably be a long run off the wind to Rhona and sailing 2 handed, John and I went for No 1. I can still feel the headsail stretching.
 Up to the start line and we are off after Elan and Gaucho. Before passing Elan we commented on their lovely looking sideways spinnaker, but hey- who cares and who would see it.
Pass Elan and look behind at the array of spinnakers going up and decide to sail the 120 lines up to Rhona. A little more distance but faster than flat off. Closing onto Rhona and Young Entertainer and Shekinah come through windward having a little tussle. We keep out of the way, round the mark and then tack over to Chelsea then onto starboard to head onto Pile buoy. We get to the mark before most of the fleet, 4th to 2nd, round the mark then it turns to custard. As we are rounding, smack in the sites of the bow is a sailing dinghy. Question - do I turn him into flotsam or do something. The later was the choice which resulted in a 360 back towards the mark then towards Kauri Point, avoiding the rest of the approaching fleet, the Classic boats coming from Kauri and a seagull. The result, one nicely wrapped headsail around the forestay and 2nd to 7th.
We collect ourselves, tack around and do the 120 angles again up to Rhona dodging a few boats along the way. Closing in and around Rhona Firsty is right behind us so let them have the race track and tack out of the way over to Chelsea. The wind strength is gusting in the high 10's and the odd 20. I apologise profusely to the no 1 for the rough treatment. A few more tacks to round Kauri Point and down to the finish -7th. A good day, no scratches, or calls to insurance firms. Thanks to CCYC for the competition, Jo for the  food , my crew John and fellow team mates.

Race Report from Six Gun Justice

 Saturday morning arrived and we were raring to go.. well I was and unfortunately due to a school reunion Duncan was somewhat jaded..  “Hey ho it will be fun” I say!  He says “are you sure you don’t want to race on Satisfaction???” I reply “Never they are they are the enemy!”
We get down to the might justice and I set up the boat, we decide on racing using the number 2 as the forecast is for 15-20knotts!  Off we motor out of the marina and out to the start where we declare that we shall be double handed!

Sails hoisted stopwatch counting.  Practice a few tacks and we decide that we have plenty of time to get to the line.. wind dies…arrghhh and slight traffic on the line from other boats.. we are a minute late.. can we blame this on the fact that we purchased the stop watch from the dollar shop.. maybe not!

We are in the lead!!! Yay.. hmmm it is a mark foy race and we were the first boat to start so no wonder we are in the lead!!!!  Our first leg was pretty good,  all though the fleet were catching up with us fast– we were going to push Elan up by the first mark but decided not to as they were on our team; so we let them pass.  Bugger classic boats, small boat all different types of boats all racing in the vicinity of our first mark.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  Got round our first mark phew!  And without too many expletives (aka boat Tourettes)  we started sailing back to pile boy – the Justice did us proud!  We avoided Nona who were in irons having had to avoid a smaller boat and got around the mark.. hmmm No2 can’t pole it out… Solution : human pole, it worked well.. although we probably should have had the No1 up!  

Back around the mark and once again boats everywhere.. with great concentration we managed to get through them all. .phew!!!! Now just to get to the finish, Nona had snuck past us, we had Wildhorse and Elan close by.  More concentration and we muttered to ourselves that all we wanted to do was beat Wildhorses and Elan!  Wildhorses shackle on their headsail departed and we went past them to finish just before them and Elan finish shortly after them!
Great day on the water.. another pair of hands would have probably been good!

Well done to Young Entertainer, Eye Spy, Firsty, Nona and Elan.
Also thank you to Jo our amazing House Officer who cooked all the burgers after racing!

Race report from Eye Spy.

We look forward to the “Golden Rivet” races. Look after those in your own team and hunt the opposition.

We had a pretty poor start (my bad) so Eye Spy had some work to do.
The kite was hoisted soon after Kauri point. Somehow the small cord on the quick release clip tangled round the upper safety line. Couldn’t clear it so had to drop again. Sorted so rehoist………well that didn’t help our cause!

Nice drop and tacked cleanly around Rhona which was surprising considering the number of classics congregating in the same area. Got passed a few more boats on the beat to Pile Buoy and prepared for the second kite hoist. Joe packed the kite (first time). Had to dodge Nona and a 470 who nearly tangled at the mark. Hoisted the kite with a sheepish looking Joe complete with crossed fingers. Sweet as………never a doubt Joe.

We could see Goucho a long way ahead but did not entertain the idea we might catch him. Catch him we did……..beat him by one second. So second over the line. Well done to Darcy for coming first. HYC getting one hand on the trophy. Well done to all concerned.
Thanks to the Eye Spy crew for a job well done.

Race Report from Young Entertainer

What a great day for a yacht race. Blair and I decided to race Young Entertainer two handed for the first race of three for the Golden Rivet trophy against our mates at Clear Water Cove Yacht Club. We got a good start and headed off after the fleet of boats in front of us. Half way to the first mark we caught up to Elan and Shekinah. Shekinah and Entertainer traded places until the mark rounding. We had Nona join us at the mark too. We came out on top due to some sweet tactics and helming and sent her off up wind. We did very well up wind and had another sweet rounding. We had to catch Goucho - the lead boat for CCYC. We got her before Kauri point and eased sheets for a fast ride across the line in 1st place. It was all about tactics and it seams that today all went our way with pretty mush a perfect ride. Thanks Blair! Thanks to CCYC and Jo and the HYC crew for a great after match function at the club.

Race Report from Firsty

The decision was made on the motor out that we would go with the No2 rather than the No1 light. With the wind speed hovering between, 12 and 15, it was a marginal call. However once out there the decision was proven to be the right one.

Starting at 20 past, we had our timer set for the 15 min gun. But at 14 min we were hailed by the start boat that our life buoy had gone over the side. No matter, we will get the time then go back and pick it up. However we were too late, Gary on Water Witch was on short finals for the life buoy with a boat hook and expertly picked it up. Nice.

After the start we got the No 2 Kite ready and had her hoisted before Kauri Pt to chase down the fleet.

Just managed to get through Waterwitch before the bottom mark then with a nice kite drop we headed up the beat. The boat was feeling nice on the beat as we picked up a few places to go around the mark just after Elan. Elan was quick up with the Kite, as we hoisted and made a run down to Leeward of Elan. Nona was coming up from below us on a hot angle and got in front of us to round ahead at the bottom mark. Fortunately Nona tacked shortly after the mark rounding, so now it was off to try to catch that Satisfaction. We were pointing nicely up the beat and making time on Satisfaction. As we tacked at Meola it looked as though we may lay Kauri Pt with help from the incoming tide. As we went across the tide we could see we were making on the Kauri Pt Wharf, and Satisfaction had to tack out to lay the point. If we lay this we may just be able to get Satisfaction before the line, but that was not to be as Satisfaction tacked right on top of us and immediately our boat speed was down and heading dropped by 5 degrees. Not enough to get past the wharf. Nicely played Phil! Sailing for Clearwater Cove this year.

As we tacked out another boat sailing down harbour stopped us from tacking so we had to go a few more boat lengths then tack for the finish.

Finishing 3rd Hobby boat and 5th overall. Thanks to Darcy and Trev for getting 1st and 2nd, we win this round of the Golden Rivet.