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Golden Rivet - race 3 - Saturday 21st February 2015

posted Feb 23, 2015, 2:18 PM by Admin hycnz   [ updated Feb 23, 2015, 3:26 PM ]
Race Report from Young Entertainer

It was the third race of three for the Golden Rivet trophy with the mighty HYC up against our old mates from CCYC. HYC is 2 from 3 in the series so CCYC had pride to play for and HYC wanted a clean sweep. The wind was light - so light that at times boat speed was showing 2.5 knots and we where at a stand still. The tide was ripping out at over 2 knots....

I was single handed on Young Entertainer. I thought I had a great start but the numbers at prize giving showed I was way off! I sailed Entertainer right up the middle in the the deepest water with the most tide and caught the lead boats Nona and Goucho. All three of us traded places before Goucho made a break to port and found a breeze line. Nona didnt give up and stayed with Goucho. I was left to preform about 17 tacks in no wind and watched Firsty ghost by... Sh^t! Then it rained - a lot... double sh^t! The rest of the field closed in. Once Goucho and Nona were around the mark they took the favourable tide back to the committee boat where the race was finished due to lack of wind. I was fourth boat around the mark after Firsty and thats the way it finished. Not the easiest day out but enjoyable all the same. Always great to race against our mates at CCYC.

HYC won the day... and a clean sweep of the Golden Rivet trophy. We had an awesome prize giving with great food and a sweet birthday cake to help celebrate... Well done HYC Social Committee! 

Race Report from Six Gun Justice!

We were all set after a big breakfast and left our berth early with Duncan, Mike and I.

Not much wind and huge tides hmmm!  We pootled around and then decided we would try to do  sailing in preparation for the start... we went backwards .. out GPS thought that we were heading towards Kauri point, but infact we were pointing the other way ..hmmm it was going to be a tricky start!

We watched Spectrum start and they had wind (well a little bit) and then two minutes later we were off, as normal the wind died for our start and we drifted across the start line.  As we drifted we set ourselves some missions for the race:

1.Not to come last
2.To Beat Spectrum
3.To Beat Satisfaction
4.To have fun doing all of the above!
5.For HYC to win the race!!!

We were not gaining on Spectrum, and the boats which started after us got wind for their starts .. lucky Sods!  Hmmm what to do ... we continued to try tweaking the boat and stayed  much further into the channel than the rest of the fleet.  At one point we were convinced that Nona had found a lovey place to put her anchor down and have a picnic.. but then off she zoomed?!  And most of the fleet slowly sailed into the distance apart from Satisfaction, Waterwitch and Shekina.

Hmmm what to do.. no singing today as then the whole of the East coast would have to listen to my dulcet tones... beer it is!  Beer was a great plan and we crept past Spectrum when they were not looking.  However while we were doing so Waterwitch got past us as did Shekina and the big blue boat was gain on us!

We nearly at the mark when there was a call on the VHF asking whether the course should be shortened.. we were too busy concentrating on getting past the mark however very thankful to hear that the course was going to be shortened! 

Past the mark and heading in the right direction towards the finish line.  "Bugger why did we pack Satisfactions kite on Wednesday night" as we watch them hoist it!  Hmmm concentration as they gained on us.  Nona who finished second motored past us and shouted encouragement ie - you have to beat satisfaction and Spectrum!  

As we headed towards the finish line the wind completely died and then heavens opened.. but we achieved what we set out to do... we beat Spectrum, Satisfaction, did not come last and had fun and most importantly HYC won the race!

A slow but fun day on the water and a great afternoon at the club!

Race report from Nona
As seems to be the norm this summer, we motor to the start with very light winds of around 3-7knots and start the strategic “milling” around the line. We go for the pin end and start with Gaucho in about 5 knots of wind. It’s a NE with a monster tide of 3.7 and low at 1600.( About the time that we will be getting back to the ramp.)

We decide to keep to the land side of the tide while Gaucho heads out across the other side. The land side seems to be the better position as we look around the fleet. With the light racing this summer our technique is now fine tuned as I concentrate my considerable weight on the leeward side of the boat. The wind is busy shifting around and the strength is variable. We slowly make our way to the top mark – off Island Bay in the first of three rounding’s. Mmmmm, I have my doubts on that call.

Closing in on the mark for a port rounding, keeping Blue Beat inside and Young Entertainer outside, at bay, Gaucho comes across on port tack in front of us. I call “starboard” for something to do. You have to watch these boats with long pointy appendages protruding ahead of the bow.
We round the mark first, closely followed by Gaucho. We ease the sails as the wind moves to about 90 degrees off the port beam and wait for the spinnakers to chase us down.

Look around and the rest of the fleet is still struggling to get to and around the mark. Gaucho has managed to pass us and the race is on. Then the call over the VHS. “What does the fleet think about a shortened course”. An enlightened individual off Firsty (good on you Craig), thinks it’s a great idea. Shortened course it is. Gaucho 1st, Nona 2nd, Firsty 3rd and Young Entertainer 4th.
The points on this one could be tight as the mid field is pretty congested with CCYC boats. Well done to Blue Beat for keeping out Satisfaction and 6
Gun Justice for keeping ahead of Spectrum.
The Golden Rivet Trophy in a clean sweep to HYC with CCYC 30pts and HYC 25pts – low points system.

Many thanks to the boats of both fleets, the CCYC start Boat Panache, the Social Committee for the hot food and the tireless barman Dave.