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Golden rivet race 1 & 2 - sunday 3rd December 2017

posted Dec 17, 2017, 5:55 PM by Admin hycnz

Gary Matthews of CCYC presenting the Golden Rivet trophy to Trevor May HYC division 5 rep after Sunday's Golden Rivet races.

Once again team HYC won both of the  Golden rivet races on Sunday, it was a team effort.  Thank you to all the HYC boats as well as our competitors from CCYC.

Results - race 1

1st Firsty
2nd Eye Spy
3rd Nimble
4th Blue Beat
5th Near & Farr
6th Waterwitch
7th Nona
8th Champosa
9th Satisfaction
10th Cavalier 2

Best starts

1st Waterwitch
2nd Blue beat
3rd Champosa, satisfaction & Eye Spy

Fastest Boats around the course
1st Firsty
2nd Eye Spy
3rd Champosa

Points - CCYC 36  HYC 19

Results - race 2

1st Firsty
2nd Nona
3rd Champosa
4th Blue Beat
5th Near & Farr
6th Wild Horses
7th Eye Spy
8th Waterwitch
DNF Satisfaction

Best starts

1st Firsty
2nd Near & Farr
3rd Nona

Fastest Boats around the course
1st Firsty
2nd Champosa
3rd Nona

Points - CCYC 27   HYC 19

Race report from Near & Farr

We have always historically supported HYC by racing in the Golden rivet series... so once again we decided to race with the HYC team..... this time on the newly purchased Near & Farr.
Having only taken her out once since the sea trial it was going to be a case of learning what she could do.  With three of us on board... Skipper Duncan, Big mike (i will crew if you bake brownies) and I ... we were early to the boat with the stash of brownies stowed.
Off we motored and we were for a time "allllllllllll by ourselvesssssss" until the committee boat arrived and the other boats showed up.
We checked start times for the other boats, who was starting first and our start.  Good turn out from HYC with youngs, Firsty, the cavalier and us.  
Our first start was not brillant but we were off chasing the cavalier and the big blue boat.. in not much wind.  On the first leg Blue beat requested that we try to slow down Nimble from CCYC...we did so and BB sped ahead ..... in hindsi we should have raced our own race but it was a team effort.
we got around the course and had an exciting finish for the first race with a cluster of boats around us Nimble, blue beat, Nona and waterwitch... exciting finish that saw us just get ahead of Waterwitch on the line and we came 5th.... Duncan did a great impression of a cheshire cat as we crossed the line.
Ok... we all agreed it was a great race and that the boat points high and we did less tacks that the other boats...."good N & F".
For the second race the wind was not very windy and the tide was picking up... same course was chosen as it allows for the committee boat to shorten it.
We were very very happy with our start... high fives all around.  Off we went we knew the course and were getting to know the boat... hmmmm "this is thirsty stuff" announced Mike... and out came the beers to quench the thirst and the brownies to reward the crew.  
We made a decision to stay close in, eye spy stayed out.... it could have gone either way... but worked well for us and not so well for Trevor.   The wind and tide were causing everyone issues... however we had a good race and were happy that the course was shortened.   5th again... but... we did get the second best start.. Yay!
Interestingly at not one point during either race did I get to wail my song "allllllll by ourselvessss!!" - which I am sure that Mike and Duncan were very pleased about!
Great to be out on the water with the HYC team and big thank you to the committee boat, sailing captains and cristin for the bbq.  And also thank you to Mike for crewing for us!

Race report for cavalier II

It was a stunning day for the races but we knew that with light winds forecast, it wasn't ideal sailing conditions for us. However, we put our best foot forward with a clean bottom, empty water tanks and anything not screwed down removed, we were ready for action! 

Off to a slow start, we rounded kauri point into a decent breeze and lots of enthusiasm heading toward the meola reef buoy. 

With inconsistent wind and pushing the ebb tide, we were overtaken coming back round kauri point and that trend continued in the fickle breeze. Oh well, we were having fun anyway. 

During the second leg, Champosa passed us and sailed into a big hole and we laughed our heads off as we gained 100m on them as they parked up and went hunting for the breeze line, proving again (as if we needed reminding) that sail boats need wind to sail. 
With a failing breeze, knowing we wouldnt finish on time, we decided we’d finish the race in our time and that would be that. We didnt want our slow elapsed time to hinder our fellow HYC teammates overall performance. 

We enjoyed the day and the company of the other boats and look forward to sailing in a decent breeze sometime in future. 


Race reports from Eye Spy

Golden Rivet race one.

This is one of my favourite races and look at the weather!

Everything is panning out to be a great day of two close races. Two races which could in fact decide the holders of the coveted “Golden Rivet” trophy. Nervous times as we head out to the race course as we look around at the emerging opposition.

Eye Spy has Lisa on the foredeck and JK and Mark in the cockpit with me. Everything is set to go with the No.1 and full main. We do a couple of runs towards Kauri point and note that the wind direction changes three times each way. This may prove to be an issue especially if we are close to other boats.

Our start was a doozie and we settle in to a battle with Nimble. HYC is doing well at the early stages and have kites up first on the return leg from Meola. Things tighten up as we round the ODM and somehow Eye Spy pops out the other side of the “ruck” in front. We sail a lonely race but are very happy with our performance. Firsty has also broken free of the “ruck” and is in hot pursuit. We go to hoist the kite for the second time and …………….bugger…………the clip on the halyard comes off the spinnaker head. We can’t re-clip as the halyard is now swinging around 3 meters off the deck. I see an opportunity to demonstrate youth-like exuberance and hand the helm over to Mark. I scale up the mast and stand on the spinnaker pole. Still about two feet from the fingertips Ahhh got it, Eye Spy rolls over a boat wake and the clip swings toward the mast and me. The kite was hoisted again…….the clip comes off again……..Lisa wraps some insulation tape around the quick release pin…………we hoist again……….success. We have lost a lot of time and Firsty is able to pass us prior to the finish. In a teams race its about the lowest score. Can’t get any better than 1st and 2nd. Well done Craig.

Well done to all in the “Golden Rivet” participants. Thanks to Kristen with the Sausies post racing.
Golden Rivet race two.

We have a slightly reduced fleet for the second race. We also have a slightly reduced wind. Various alternatives were discussed and the officials decided to run with the same course with an option to shorten if required.

Mark-foy start and we are probably only a few seconds late. Once again we truck after the boats in front and pass many. We fall into a hole off Kauri point and those we passed sail by. Both sides we had been passed. Still stopped dead………….

We struggled with every thing this race. Great to see others from HYC picking up the slack. Nice work on Near and far and the other two 88s with Firsty powering to the front. Teamwork pays off with another comfortable overall win.

HYC has quite the team………….I bet CCYC come at us with all guns blazing in the third race tho. Bring it on………