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HYC winter series race 2 - Sunday 10th June 2018

posted Jun 24, 2018, 2:52 PM by Admin hycnz

The weather gods were kind to the HYC and CCYC fleet for winter series race on Sunday, although the course was shortened due to the breeze dropping slightly.... 


1st Firsty
2nd Eye Spy
3rd Cloud 10
4th Blue Beat
5th Waterwitch

Fastest around the course - Firsty
Best start - Blue Beat (13 seconds - and had the best start out of both fleets!!!!!!!!!!)

Thank you to the crew on Panache for being the start boat for the race, and to Cristin Swain for feeding all of the hungry crews.

Cloud 10 race report, by Scotty.

Our crew consisted of Captain Bronny, Hooks, Spike & The fourth wheel or mate Scotty. Bronny & I  are still very much in the mode of first times and this race was no different,

but with plenty of old hands on board we were up to the challenge. Good to see Near & Farr watching the start, looking very chipper as always.

With HYC & CCYC combining fleets it appeared we would have a great turnout for the race around the can’s.

 We arrived about 1.5 minutes late to the line, whoops, and seemed to have a sluggish start to round Kauri Point. The decision was made to stay close to Meola side of the harbour as it appeared the wind

and tide were not working as well for those on other side of the track, there were plenty of tacks required to try and stay where the wind was and the tide wasn’t without getting to shallow.

When looking astern the fleet was dotted all over the Harbour between Chelsea Refinery and the Bridge. Bronny maintained a good position to the harbour bridge and slowly picking off Satisfaction, Cracker and Wild Horses crossing with each other pretty close at times. It appeared the wind may have been more consistent from the bridge down to Bayswater and getting to the mark first for the downward slide would be a definite advantage. It had taken and hour and a half to get to the bridge so were very happy to hear that the course would be shortened not long after we had started the downwind leg.

We had a few boats who had passed us and were in front, Eye Spy, Firsty, Champosa, Nimble, a couple I didn’t recognise and we still hadn’t caught Bill, they were maintaining great boat speed. Looking behind there were a heap more on our tail.


From Bayswater to the Bridge we devised a plan to get our kite up, ropes and pole ready to go but there was some confusion over how a spinnaker sock worked. The sock was abandoned and we deployed without it.  At this point it was very comforting that Hooks and Spike have the skills to manage the kite, all I have to say it was a pretty site ! It is noted at this point I was a little excited to say the least.

Our speed then averaged 4.5 knots and we closed the gap on Bill & Nimble, gybing the pole just after Meloa successfully in hot pursuit.

As we rounded Kauri point we were a little wider than Bill and finally got passed on the outside. The pole went forward and we tighten up just sneaking passed Nimble right on the line.


Good work from our skipper Bronny on the helm and from Hooks & Spike, their experience greatly appreciated.  All boats appeared in good humour for a reasonably cold day and joining the fleets is a great idea.

See you on the water next time, Scotty.

Race report from Eye Spy:

Well, we have some wind today!!

Eye Spy is now newly anti-fouled and should go pretty well against the large combined fleet. We ensure the motor starts and nurse it along at approx. 3knts towards the line at Taikata. We had issues with a “runaway” on the delivery trip back from Still-water. On board today is Lisa, JK, Erin and I. We get the main up on the way down to Taikata and discuss the headsail options. Eye Spy arrives at the battle ground first and can see a stream of masts snaking down the channel towards us.

First boat to join us is Near and Farr sailing towards us from the other direction. She has been out over-night. Turns out they are not coming to play today. Good to see them enjoying their boat tho.

Eye Spy has been given a start time of 11mins so we keep a safe distance off the start box and wait for our turn to join in. We only have two boats starting after us so we have the rest to potentially catch and overtake all the while keeping the other two behind.

Erin is new to sailing and is happy to be on board to learn a few things. She flies to the states on Wednesday so this is the last opportunity to race.

We start pretty well and pass a few boats before we get to Taikata. We have the rest by the Harbour bridge with some good crew work and slick tacking. The wind drops a little just prior to the bridge and I see Cloud Ten closing the gap! We step up a gear somehow and create a large gap between us.

Firsty passes just before Bayswater and increases the gap down wind. We take the kite down just past Kauri point and get passed by Champosa. We have created a large distance to the next boat. We actually can’t see who it is!   Yeeha…….what a great day!!

Third place………..not bad……. we’ll take that. Mmmmmmm, what’s that going to do to our handicaps Craig?

Thankyou to CCYC for allowing us to join your race.