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HYC Winter Series Race 2 - Sunday 26th June 2016

posted Jul 3, 2016, 2:50 PM by Admin hycnz

Results from race 2 of HYC's winter series
1st – Eye Spy
2nd – Nona
3rd – Firsty
Mindbender - DNF

and Firsty won the voucher for a hull clean from our sponsors at Floating Dock Services!

**Please note that only Nigel can cancel racing - if you do not hear it from him it is not cancelled!!!! ****

Race report from Nona!

Twas a wild and woolly morning that invited thoughts of a cup of tea and a good book. Alas, on with the wet weather gear and out to the boat with my trusty crew of David and Bronwyn. We set up the boat between squalls and decide on full main and number 2 headsail with David making sure the big spinnaker is within reach. Pre start tactics of disengaging a headsail sheet from the sail ensured that we started last. Through the moored boats then up with big blue. We decided to make things interesting by getting as many wine glasses in the spinnaker as possible. Get that sorted and Mindbender is beside us preparing to gybe.  A moment of inattention and we have gybed the main before Dave has the spinnaker pole over – sorry Dave. As Dave is struggling to attach the pole we look up the track and see that the wind has gone a bit shy. Ok, let’s drop the pole and trawl the spinnaker through the sea .

We two sail down to Chelsea and note that Eye Spy and Mindbender round the mark in a very untidy manner. We get to the mark and the wind is a little keen. We go around safely and head back to Meola, hard on the wind with winds in the high ten’s. Around and back to Chelsea well behind the fleet. Around Chelsea and head for home. I stop looking at the wind gauge when it reaches 28 and concentrate on tacking in as smooth a manner as possible. Eye Spy has reefed the main just before Kauri Point and I should have followed suit. Between the wind and squalls it is an uncomfortable sail home requiring several tacks and one just before the line just to finish. We get the horn and then the squall.  Picking up the mooring then became our next mission. Amazing how hard it is to hold onto a buoy when the wind and tide are in tandem.
Thanks to Dave and Bronwyn, start tower crew, and the hot food. I end with this observation that some may have heard me utter  “I hate spinnakers”. The offending item is hanging up in the garage and it may stay there.

EYE SPY`s  Race Report: Winter Series, Race 2 by your Scribe JK

The Course: Meola, Chelsea, Meola, Chelsea, Home

The Crew is Trev, Mark, JK, Ra and Murray. Ra and Murray are on Board to see how the Club Boats  Race as they are keen to race their Townsen 25.Forecast is not good although at the Club the wind is No.1 Weather until the 1st Squall Hits. The start is delayed so Firsty can join in the fun against the 3 Y88`s, Mindbender, Nona and us. We start with No 2 and full Main. We win the Start, well done skipper and go for the Big Spinnaker Straight away. Good sail to Meola, gybe performed at Meola successfully, though a bit messy. Mindbender is just ahead of us as we head to Chelsea, we both go the headsails as the wind becomes a bit shy and we battle Mindbender at close quarters they protecting their position to Windward. We finally get the overlap just before Chelsea and as we round Chelsea all hell lets loose. A Sudden heavy Squall hits and we cant release the Mainsail as Murray is Hanging on to it to stop going overboard. This results in Eyespy being flattened with Trev ending up to Leeward the Scribe in Waist deep water to Leeward and the Lifebuoy being washed overboard! Eyespy eventually pops up and heads straight for Chelsea Buoy!, Oh Dear cries the Skipper who quickly gains control and we head for Meola again. On this Leg the Main is reefed as the wind is steadily increasing a good choice as the other boats are struggling with full Mains. No further Dramas for us as we chase Firsty for the rest of the course, though Mindbender retires with mainsheet problems .Although we make gains on Firsty our hopes are dashed when we have to put an extra tack in before the Finish.

Overall a great Race for Eyespy. Won the Start,2nd Line Honours and 1ST on Handicap!! And Mindbender recovered the Lifebuoy (Thankyou Minbender!)