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HYC Winter Series race 5 - Sunday 13th August 2017

posted Aug 27, 2017, 6:56 PM by Admin hycnz


1st – Eye Spy
2nd – Escape
3rd – Waterwitch
4th - Nona

Race Report from Nona

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...” wrong story

We front up with John and Bronwyn to 2 hrs of strong out- going tide and 3.5 kts of wind and a barge bisecting the start line. We go for something different and spend 5 mins after the start gun edging back behind the line to start. The wind is N to NW and the course is twice around Chelsea and Meola and home. That may need to be amended.
Eye Spy and Escape are well ahead with kites up and we cruise 2 sailing. We look behind for Greg in the Hobbie cat who is doing the same course . . Good on you mate. We are surprised to see Waterwitch behind us, don’t know where he came from and he is 2 sailing as well and reeling us in. Past the moored boats and inside ES  and Escapes line we sail through mud registering 00 on the depth gauge. The sea bed is changing in the Upper Waitemata.

Before Meola we get the amended course of Chelsea and home. Waterwitch catches us just before Chelsea but we still have buoy room and remind him of his 44 feet going around the mark.

It is hard on the wind with the wind ranging from 5 to 15.7 knts and N to W. Waterwitch gets past at Kauri Pt and it is a succession of shortening tacks to home as the mud banks are showing, although Waterwitch did find 2 under water mud banks on their way to the finish. It was not enough to allow us to catch up  as we face the ignominy of watching Greg who has sailed out to Westpark (because he can, no depth worries for him) come through and finish ahead of us.
At least we were out sailing and the heavens did not open until we were in the Clubrooms.
Well done ES, Escape and Waterwitch and Greg’s beaming smile highlighted why we go out onto the water........ to have fun.
The Lift and Clean voucher from Floating Dock was won by ES who graciously past it onto Escape. ES may regret that.

Race report from Eye Spy:
The weather forecast for the day was correct………..10-15 knts SW with a small chance of a shower.

I have Lisa and JK on board for this race. Mark is MIA, I understand he can’t stand and is having issues extracting himself off the floor.

The course is No.3 and I see Waterwitch coming down the harbour and is likely to be late for this one. Escape and Eye Spy start at opposite ends of the line and immediately prepare to hoist spinnakers. Escape gets theirs hoisted first and creates a boat length lead. We appear to have a little more speed down-wind. We are probably in a little more tide. Halfway to Kauri we are able to pass Escapes bow and assume the windward position. The wind gets lighter at Kauri point and the call is made to shorten the course to Meola, Chelsea then home. All agree and we roll around Meola just ahead of Escape. Looking back we see no kites on Nona or Waterwitch. They do appear to be having a good tussle tho.

The angle hots up as we head to Chelsea and with the kite in tight we reach 8.5 knts. We had a bit of breathing space but now Escape is on our transom again. Round Chelsea and we initiate a tacking dual. As the tide is falling I am reminded to watch the depth.
Lisa………..what are you up to? I requested a beer and she disappears into the cabin with a crash and yelp!! . The engine case had come apart and as she put weight on the step. Well……..down she goes and into the oven. That’s not where the beer is Lisa!! Don’t push your luck skipper!

We make use of the slower tide on the left of the harbour pushing the limits on depth. We round Kauri point and hope to tight reach to the finish line. This was not to be and we find ourselves tacking again………….my crew may be sore tomorrow. Escape began gaining on us for a time and I switched to concentrating on covering. They then seemed to fall into a hole and a large gap opened. We cruised over the finish line with a comfortable lead.

Well done to Lisa and JK……….1st on handicap and 1st on start.