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HYC Winter Series race 5 - sunday 9th August 2015

posted Aug 10, 2015, 9:31 PM by Admin hycnz   [ updated Aug 13, 2015, 1:56 PM ]
Results as follows:
Eye Spy
Blue beat

Race Report From Escape!

Winning a yacht race is a simple process. Start first and don't let anyone pass you. There that's Firsty's race report done.

On Escape we don't do simple. Start mid fleet, get the kite up quickly and get to second place. Let Eye Spy pass us. Spend the rest of the race trying to catch them. Finally pass them back right on the line. Wonder where the hell Firsty got to.

That's the quick version. It ignores the fact that Trevor sailed Eye Spy really well. And that I spent half the race wondering if it was karma for calling the 88s "Rent a fleet" in my last race report. And that It was  our first up wind leg in a race but the guys learnt pretty quickly what worked and what didn't.  First time too that we'd gybed the kite in a race or ever actually and that also went well. So we'd learnt a lot but we were still behind Eye Spy until they made the one mistake (a " headsail jam")  they made all day and that was the last tack at the finish. We probably didn't deserve it but I'll take it because that's the joy of yacht racing. Next time it might be us on losing end. We only got the chance because we were close enough so big thanks to Pete, Richard and Will for working hard all the way to the finish. Well Pete and Richard really, Will fell asleep on the last leg. No stamina these young people.

Next race we  try simple.

Race Report from Eye Spy:
I thought we had a full crew again for this race but unfortunately Gill had damaged her wrist when her dog took her for a walk.
So, Greg, JK, Mark and I set Eye Spy up with the No.1 headsail and No.1 kite at the ready. We positioned ourselves well for the start but had no momentum. Firsty had the momentum and pipped us again. Firsty and Escape got a bit of a break and left the three 88s to battle at he rear of the fleet. After hoisting the kite we managed to get into clear air and set off after Escape. Escapes skipper held us off with various evasive manoeuvres but succumbed in the end where we were able to sneak above him and roll around. He stuck to us from this point on and we knew our crew work would need to be slick in order to maintain our lead.
Nigel set a good course……… Start, Meola to port, Chelsea to stbd, Meola to stbd, Chelsea to stbd then home.

Where the *#!! has Firsty gone?
Best we concentrate on Escape as Firsty is out of our league today!
We manage to hold Escape off and had the long upwind leg to go. I could see a battle emerging behind us with Nona and Blue Beat going at it………concentrate Trevor……….

Knowing that Escape was probably faster upwind made for a nerve racking last leg. A very tight reach on this upwind leg meant we had to take any lift available. We couldn’t quite make the ODM and had to tack to make the finish line with Escape on our transom. The tack had to be a good one as Escape had some momentum. Ooops…… a head sheet jamb!! This allowed Escape through and we couldn’t shut the door.

Second on handi-cap was still a good result. Many thanks to my crew and apologies for the colourful language at the end.

Thanks to Nigel and his tower crew.

Race report from Nona

The forecast is 15 down to 10, SW. Looks like a number one. Listen to “Now Forecast” and Bean Rock is variable. Mmmmmmm, it’s going to be one of those days. We line up for the start, all boats vying for the same square foot of water. The wind fades and we edge over the line first – at the wrong end of the fleet.
Everyone is putting up spinnakers so we pull out “Big Blue” and put it up after we have cleared the moored boats.
There is not much wind and Blue Beat sidles up beside and windward of us and becomes a variable pain in the ****. Eventually we get past and head for Chelsea. Drop the spinnaker and off down to Meola around and back to Chelsea. I look up front and Dave has repacked “Big Blue” and is  going to hoist it AGAIN. I don’t think my nerves are up to this. On our way back from Chelsea to Hobbie, Blue Beat crosses in front. He is slippery. We try to catch him but it is no good.
We managed to race a Stewart to the CCYC finish line. He was above so it is a case of going down to the bottom end of the start line so as not to interfere with the Stewart then ask that he return the consideration as we have to tack out of the bay into their start box. He was very obliging. By this time the wind is playing games in terms of strength and we slowly glide over the finish line, fifth, fourth on handicap.
Thanks to Dave, John and Bronwyn, the start crew and the vittles brigade.
There will be a lift and clean voucher to be drawn at prize giving after the next race – 23 August