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Ice Cube Series Race Reports - Sunday 28th July

posted Jul 28, 2013, 7:12 PM by Admin hycnz   [ updated Jul 30, 2013, 11:13 PM ]

Race Report from Blue Beat
Hi O great ones
Blue beat had a good start and everything was going great UNTIL we got caught on starboard we tacked and tacked in about 10 seconds that is when the fun started, ripped the headsail and we were going no where................................. after we calmly sorted that out we where off again next thing you know the camera crew where there just waiting for a spinnaker hoist, perfect ( yah nah) ...................
I was great to get back on the water

Race Report from Eye Spy
The EYE SPY crew turned up early to be welcomed by a glassy sight in front of the club. Things finally looked promising around 12.15 as the wind filled in from the south. Skipper and tactician Keith agreed that a start close to the club would be favourable but that all went out the window in the pre-race manoeuvres. We ended up gybing onto starboard toward the pin end instead. Then beat up to Kauri point was fun. I had "Blue Beat" chasing me down up to Island Bay but they could not point as high as us so he out-clevered himself by tacking onto port in front of "Unity". Ooooops from one commodore to another......... Next was an interesting manoeuvre as the two big boats went passed. All yelling "starboard"!!!!!!!! ........round the front of the "Entertainer" bow and then immediately dip "Unity".  Twas a little tight but must as long as it looked good eh.
Broad reach down to Rhona at around 9 knots only to find the squadron Elliot 5.9s using the same mark. We negotiated very well but we did look back to see "Stratus" bang smack in the middle of their start........fun n games.
Tactician to skipper...........don't follow Blair. He's in the tide. So we went wide with "Unity" and popped the Westpac kite up for the ride home. The delta to "Unity" reduced a little but was it enough?
Yes it was!!!!!! A very nice if not surprising result. 1st to "EYE SPY"

Race Report From Stinger 
Buggered the start! Caught over the line! Ebbing tide! Sailed the race on our own as usual, Ti-Rangi keeping us honest, the 5 quicker boats way way ahead. Good sail and we put in an above average effort. Thanks to the Photographer but there was nothing in the Herald???