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Ladies Race - Sunday 14th November

posted Nov 16, 2014, 3:48 PM by Admin hycnz   [ updated Nov 18, 2014, 4:43 PM ]

1st  Nona – Bronwyn Colquhoun
2nd Eye Spy
3rd  Phantasy
4th Young Entertainer

Race Report from Gill Moore who skippered  Eye Spy

Great excitement because there was actually some wind for the Ladies Race. I have only sailed at Hobby for 6 months and this is the second time the wind has exceeded 5 knots and we have sailed. Getting out to the boat was a challenge, with only a sniff of fuel in the outboard. Trevor did an amazing cocktail shaking trick with the outboard to keep the rubber duck under motor instead of having to paddle. With the crew finally all aboard we started the motor on Eye Spy, only to find that it had not responded to First Aid the previous day. Casting off the mooring and hoisting the main, with a rapid tide taking us onto the next boat, moored in line, made for interesting seamanship skills. Luckily the motor just limped long enough to keep us out of trouble.
The start went without a hitch, except we were late, giving Nona a head start. However we soon managed a cheeky overtake to windward, using a conveniently placed moored motorboat as a shield, to protect us from a luffing match. Next came more fun as the bigger boats caught us up steaming along on a close reach. Fantasy tried to come to windward, but a quick luff to close the gap between us and the shallows, changed their minds, and they chose the leeward side instead. Fortunately Young Entertainer was in their lee, so gave Eye Spy the chance to sit on both the big boats slowing them both down! Just like team racing- yeah!!! Eventually Phantasy got fed up being sat on and came past to windward, in a very risky, close quarters manouevre. Young Entertainer shot through well to leeward leaving us bobbing about in dirty air and water. We then focused on keeping the boat moving as fast and as flat as possible, so we could keep in touch with the two bigs boats and increase our lead on Nona.
Imagine our delight when both Phantasy and Young Entertainer left the first mark to port and headed on towards the Harbour Bridge. Nice idea because it would have been a great spinnaker run down, and an even better beat back. However that was not the course. Race on again, so we tacked round the first mark, staying slightly to windward of Nona, to cover her. A neat rounding, time to open a beer for the boys, a drag race back to the ODM, a fun gybe round with a strong tide making a good rounding quite challenging, and then Deja Vu! Both Phantasy and Young Entertainer come past again, in nearly the same place.

A long beam reach down to the first mark again, trying to wash hang on the wakes of the big boats but not quite enough wind to be successful. We gradually managed to increase the distance between us and Nona, but with only about 50 seconds between our finishing times we knew they had it in the bag. A great day on the water and thanks to the Race Officer and helpers for running the race and to Jo who provided food from the BBQ for all the hungry sailors. I can't wait for the next Ladies Race, and maybe hope for more entries. Come on guys get the girls out on the water and let them steer!


Race Report from Cristin Swain - who skippered Young Entertainer!

I'm so lucky to be helming Young Entertainer! I was a bit nervous at first but it was awesome to have Sam, Dunc and Darcy on board to help me out. We had an average start - ok we started last.... but within about 100m we where nearing the front and the boat was going fast! Darcy decided to run with full main sail and a brand new but very small no 3 head sail. It worked well and allowed me to hold onto the helm without getting chucked outa the boat. We got really close to Eye Spy and Phantasy but the crew assured me that it was ok and we positioned ourselves to take the lead. We managed to get ahead of Phantasy and pull a couple of lengths on them - but not for long! For some reason they followed us to some far off destination while 88s Nona and Eye Spy went round the correct mark and headed back to the top mark. We are now last. There was some swearing and then the call to 'gibe'. What the hell does that mean? So we turned around and the wind caught us and we took off in the right direction - with me on the floor - i slipped over but I never let go of the helm. We where doing over 8 knots of boat speed and i was helming from the cockpit floor... We had to catch Phantasy again - and those fast 88s. Phantasy had some sort of rock star crew on board who all looked like they meant business. Around the ODM in last place but within a few hundred meters we where doing battle again with Eye Spy and Phantasy. We had a good battle to the mark with Phantasy - plenty of yelling of rules back and fourth - dont know what it all meant but Darcy was on a mission! Back to the finish line and we are match racing Phantasy through moored boats and a mud bank! Phantasy got us at the line by about 1 meter! Great day out and I learned plenty. Thanks to Sam and Dunc for there awesome help! 


Race Report from  Bronny Colquhoun - who skippered Nona (and won!!)

From wining the start we were run over by everyone else and went from first to last in 30 seconds, still not sure what happened there. Then it was a drag race and I thought we were doomed but luckily the big yachts decided to do some extra miles and give us a fighting chance. From there we just held on and were lucky enough to not let Eyespy get away from us and came out victorious! I really enjoyed being on the helm and was pleased I did nothing to scare Denise. The only loss was Marks hat; it has gone to the sea Gods. It seems his personal possessions were liked by the Sea Gods and then his shoe went overboard, we had finished racing so we did retrieve it with the boat hook. Although I did nothing dumb while racing I did try and put John over the side when I rounded up into the wind to drop the main without telling anyone. A great day out on the water, thanks committee and of course Denise for letting me drive.