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Night race to Kawau - Friday 29th January 2016

posted Feb 14, 2016, 12:25 PM by Admin hycnz
Results from night race to Kawau 2016

Our sailing captain has worked out the corrected time for the night race to Kawau! (Denise might want to change her race report!!!)

The results are:

1st Nona
2nd Blue Beat
3rd Eye Spy
4th Mind Bender
5th Firsty (line honours!)
6th Satisfaction

well done to everyone that race.. what a great weekend HYC had at Mansion house!

Race report from Eye Spy:
Well……..where do I start?
I spent most of Friday loading Eye Spy with enough provisions to last for a week or more consequently, we were pretty heavy. The hull was clean tho, so we gave ourselves a fair to middly chance of doing well in this race.
The wind was forecast for a bit of a drifter so we were surprised to find moderate winds at the start line.
There was a little confusion at the start as watches were not synchronised prior to racing. Anyway, the decision was made to go and as I was the Div 5 rep I glanced around to ensure everyone had got the message. Seemed we all did bar one. Firsty wasn’t barrelling down to the start as expected………….ooooooooh stuck on the mud. We were mid fleet but as no-one else went to assist, we dropped sails and managed to haul Craig off the bottom as we watch the rest of the fleet disappearing towards the harbour bridge. Firsty and Eye Spy line up again and away we go. We like a challenge don’t we Craig?
The kites were hoisted soon after Kauri Point and Firsty began to pull away but we also appeared to be gaining on the leaders.
Jibe at North Head and settle in for the long leg to Kawau.
Dinner was a bacon n egg pie made by Mark c/w Eye Spy written in pastry on the top……..nice touch.
As the night sky set in the spinnaker pole was shifted further towards the fore-stay. My word we are flying this shy! We talk about the leaders and what they might be doing and decide to hold the kite to the finish if possible. Good call as we pass a number of our boats just before the line, ending up with third place.
Thanks to my crew and there great work we do well yet again.
Well done to the entertainments crowd for a hilarious night on the beach.

Nona's race report

The afternoon of the night race to Kawau promised much with a nice breeze, 10knt/SW. The boat is loaded and rearing to go. Crew of Greg Jones, Mark Patterson and late “ring in”, Gary Matthews are set for the contest. Everyone mills around Taikata, Gary’s watch says 1800 and we are off. No one is following? Call up Eye Spy and our watch is fast, no problems we have had our practise start and so we start again with the other 88’s just to make sure that we are not jumping the gun. Blue Beat , Mindbender and ourselves head down the harbour. A quick look behind sees Firsty stuck on the putty and Eye Spy heading back to give him a tow. With 6 hours of incoming tide Firsty has plenty of time to get off. Around Kauri Point and the trio of 88’s hoist spinnakers and it is neck and neck. Gradually we pull ahead and pass under the bridge edging over to Devonport to get out of the tide while the other two are more central.

From the naval base to Davenport wharf the wind is swirling and Mark and Greg do a stunning job of keeping the spinnaker under control. I just close my eyes. This control gives us a big lead around North Head as we head to the lighthouse.
There are a lot of boats ahead from other Clubs and it is a great sight. At Rangi light, Blue Beat and Mindbender are half way back and Firsty and Eye Spy are just coming around North Head.

We head to Tiritiri passage with the breeze still around 7 to 10 knots. Half way across and the fleet ahead are dropping their kites and soon the wind swings  forward and we drop big blue. In the process the spinnaker halyard gets caught around the top batten of the main. No amount of flicking forward, back or going into wind shifts the entanglement. The two options seem to be climb the mast (not on your Nelly) or dropping the main, if indeed the main will come down. On reflection we should have tried to drop the main in the meagre light of dusk, however we continued to two sail as, you guessed it, Our mate Murphy, the wind swings around behind again.

Looking behind the rest of the HYC fleet is slowly hauling us in. Blue Beat and Firsty catch us in Rangi Passage and Eye Spy gets us at South Channel on the run to Martello Rock. At least Eye Spy is providing a light to steer by.

We cross the line , 2317 to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Next year!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

The social gathering was a success in organisation (thank you Social Committee) and spectacle. I am sure Bilge Rat will be making comments.

Mindbender's Night Race to Kawau Report
Ruth and I were shorthanded for this race, with it also being Ruth’s first race on her own boat! We got off to a good start with 3 of the 88s on the line for 6pm, we were away.  With the light breeze from SW got set for a kite hoist rounding Kauri, Nona and Blue Beat both flying kites it was great tight racing through to Stanley Point. Both Blue Beat and us having kite issues resulting in kite drops saw Nona running off into the distance. About this time realised that Eye Spy was well behind but couldn’t understand why, there's a story there for Trev to tell.  After rounding North Head and the breeze back to a steady SW got Ruth to agree to getting the kite back up and we were off again. Nona up ahead and the Beat not far behind us. Between the light and Tiri noticed there was no blue kite of Nona and we started getting breeze square on the beam the decision to douse the kite was an easy one. We didn’t want to carry a kite into the darkness with the pole so tight to the fore stay and only myself working the sheets the decision to 2 sail reach was made and the trance music was put on. A high heading with a loss of speed verses the deep angles of Blue Beat was a gamble as they passed us at dark sailing very deep to Tiri. Firsty’s Yellow and Eye Spy’s red bearing down on us into the darkness doing reasonable speeds it became a game of what lights belong to who. At one point about 30mins to the finish we saw green light in the distance which quickly became a bright white stern light and assumed someone was a little lost maybe? We crossed the line at 23.26 after a great evenings sail. The first 5 boats finished within 30 mins of each other shows what excellent competition we have at our club. Many thanks to the organising committee and the BBQ chefs on the beach.