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Opening day - Saturday 3rd October 2015

posted Oct 11, 2015, 1:19 PM by Admin hycnz
Race report from Eye Spy:
First race of the summer series and we have wind!
Not a lot of wind at the start line but we get away cleanly at the back of the fleet. Only three starters along with the Jones’s on the Omega. Greg was keen to see what the Omega could do so his position was filled with Darcy……nice one. We two sail reach with the number two and full main passed Nona and managed to keep pretty close to Firsty towards Kauri point. Firsty went wide on Kauri so we snuck ahead by cutting the corner. The kite went up (chicken chute) and we settled in for a nice ride to Devonport. Something failed on the kite downhaul and a quick adjustment was required. The pin from the lower block broke so we had to nurse it to the next mark. As it turned out we had to drop the kite well before Devonport as the wind swung through about 90deg.  Firsty went past at the bridge as we had to thread the needle through other down town race fleets. Our sail configuration seemed to be working well as we were close hauled and pointing well to make Resolution buoy. Resolution, Chelsea then home. Darcy is working hard on the main sheet but we are able to hold onto Firsty. He extends his lead a little but we reckon we might still take the race on handi-cap. This was indeed the case…….First on handi-cap for the opening day of the summer series. The hull was cleaned the day before. How much of a difference did that make?
Thanks to the Eye Spy crew and to Darcy for stepping in for Greg.
 Race Report from Firsty

We were down to 3 crew after losing one crew Friday night and another on Saturday morning. So we headed off with Tim and Bruce for the start line.

Wind was about 14 - 15 kts on the way down to the start so we ran with the No 2 headsail. Shortly after the start with the wind picking up to 18 - 20 kt we realised the error of our ways as we were a little overpowered. We managed to get our nose in front of Eye Spy but there clean bum allowed them to slip by again at Kauri Pt when they took an inside line.

We popped the small kite at Kauri Pt and slowly managed to overhaul Eye Spy. Got a big bullet around Bayswater which picked the boat speed up substantially. With the wind speed up around 25 and the angle came forward to a point when a small broach suggested we should think about losing the kite.

Of course as soon as we drop the kite the wind speed drops down to 12 knots so we decide against changing down to the No 3 heasail.

Round the Devonport bouy and on to Resolution and the wind picks up again to about 18 knots. Of course it would. Why wouldn't it? Once again we were overpowered so we pulled in a reef around Resolution.

Still overpowered we headed up harbour on a tight reach. We can't shake that Eye Spy though, they are breathing down our necks the whole way up the harbour.

Shake the reef out at Kauri Pt and enjoyed a trouble free run to the finish.

Not our best work, but better than doing chores around home!

Race Report from Nona!

We head out to the boat and there is some discussion on sail selection. Listen to Now forecast and Tiri is 33 – 28knt, Bean Rock 28 – 23knt and Manukau is 40 – 33knts. OK, let’s go with the number two and full main and prepare to reef if the SW picks up. Off the mooring with Bronwyn on the helm and David and I on the main and headsail respectively. Bronwyn nails the start (I must take some pointers) and we head up outside the mooring line. The course is to Devonport, Resolution and home.

Before Kauri Point and Firsty is stretching her legs with Eye Spy not far behind and we are tail end Charlie. Around Kauri Pt and the breeze is picking up as well as the height of some of the waves. The CCYC fleet are returning from the bridge hard on the wind. Before I know it, David has gone below and out comes the small spinnaker – looks like we are going to hoist it. A trouble free hoist, although I should have had another weetbix as there was a bit of winching to get the spinnaker halyard all the way up.

Through the bridge, we head up to Devonport and notice two large yellow racing buoys on the hard of the Navy pier. I wonder. Yep. Devonport buoy is not there so carry on to Torpedo Bay buoy. By Bayswater and the spinnaker pole is against the forestay so down it comes. Sail down nice and dry. With all the activity and sun shining it is getting a little warm in the wet weather attire.

Heading to Resolution hard on and the wind is very fresh, 21 – 23 knots. Around the mark, crack the sheets and try to manoeuvre down the port side (out of the tide)with the numerous fluctuating winds and directions. We thread our way through another fleet and lay straight through the bridge. The sea state has settled a little and the sun is brilliant. Around the point and head for the finish. The day turned out better than the forecast suggested.

Thanks to David and Bronwyn, the trusty Start Tower crew and the Social Committee for the very filling provisions – and no dishes. Roll on Summer.
The free lift and clean was won by Eye Spy.