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Rob Parr Memorial Trophy Saturday 4th May 2012

posted May 6, 2013, 3:47 PM by Admin hycnz   [ updated May 12, 2013, 2:50 PM ]
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Six teams entered the match racing on Saturday!  The teams braved the thunderstorms and endured the light airs which followed and made it a tricky day of racing!
Thank you to Trevor for loaning us  ‘Eye Spy’, Gary  for loaning us ‘Blue Beat' and also to Denise for loaning her No2.  And thank you to Craig at Westpark Chandlery for the wonderful prizes.

Also a huge thank you to our wonderful social committee who made toasted sandwiches and hot soup which was thoroughly enjoyed by the competitors and race committee back at the club!  (just what was needed to warm everyone up!)

But the biggest thank you must go to the race committee and organizers -  without them we would have not had any match racing and maybe they would not have got hypothermia from sitting out in the pouring rain all day - and not a G&T in sight! 

The Teams
1st Team TBA 
2nd Retail Reprobates - West Park Chandlers
3rd Eye Spy
4th Pants off?!
Blue Beat
Stranger Danger

Race Report from The “Retail Reprobates” aka Westpark Marine Chandlery    

I’d do almost anything to get out of the shop and a day match racing on “88” sounds like a good excuse, so a quick ring around and the crew was sorted.
A glance at the forecast was enough to see the day was going to throw a mixed bag so a good decision made in taking not only wet weather gear but the floating booze trolley for added shelter and to carry the liquid refreshments of course…
Lot’s could be said about the sailing but this is easily summed up with a big thumbs up to Trev & Gary for putting their boats up, to the race committee for running a good series under trying conditions, all the teams for going hard and to our umpires who probably still haven’t dried out yet..
As fate would have it the weather had to play the final card calling for a abandonment of the last race,so close but so far..
We look forward to a rematch and we will happily dig into the Santa sack and Sponsor the series next year…!!
Craig Torckler (team Retail Reprobates and owner of Westpark Marine Chandlery)

Race report from Team TBA

Match Racing for the purist is the ultimate test of you and your crews ability.
First across the line is the winner, no excuses, no handicaps instant result.
Previous match racing involved skippers entering their own yachts, ranging from trailer sailors through to Farr 1020’s and Stewart 34’s. It was always a great day, but there was always the what if factor with so many different designs.

Last year we come up the idea  of using two class boats, we had a few Young 88’s in the club.The question was asked, Gary and Trevor answered, the stage was set.The 2012 Match Racing day was a roaring success, Trevor and the Eye Spy crew proving that Blue Beat was competitive against Eye Spy.
2013 Match Racing Series
I had been told that Satisfaction and Unity were not entering.
After numerous phone calls I had one or two people keen, but we were still short.
Team TBA was formed and entered the 2013 Match Racing series, the name is self explanatory;
Team leader Thomas Wedlock
Crew TBA
Skipper TBA
Craig McMillan’s crew were unavailable, so it made sense to contact him, the rest is history.
We drew number 6 on the day, which meant we would be last team out on the water.Great, we thought, time to pick up some pointers on where the wind, tide and overtaking lanes were.We learnt that the wind was from Zero to 25knots over a time frame of 2mins to whatever.There were passing lanes but usually when then leading boat got lost.Tide was the only constant.
Craig was nominated Skipper as he is a master at this craft.
I did the main, as it is best to keep the weight in the middle of the boat.Lou looked after headsail trim. Janelle was our jack of all trades, she knows her way around a Young boat.
We were on Eye Spy for the first and second races, in the first as a few had done before us we got ourselves a penalty.Fortunately we managed to get ahead of Blue Beat do the 360 turn and win the race.The second was a bit more straight forward and we managed another win.
Now for the real test, third race we move to Blue Beat.
Craig nails the start and we get to the top mark in good shape, but in no time Eye Spy is nipping at our heals.We manage to get our downwind mode sorted and ghost away for a win. (Go Blue Beat!)
It was time for semis and finals, we watched a Titanic battle for 3rd place between the Eye Spy Team and Pants Off.Trevor managed not to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory this time and it was Pants Off for Blair and his team.
The final between The Retail Racers and Team TBA  was like two boats performing Swan Lake on water due to tide and no wind.Time limit arrived before either boat had managed to cross the start line and stay there for more than 10 seconds before the tide took you back! A count back was required, this revealed that Team TBA was unbeaten and announced winner of the Rob Parr Memorial Trophy.
Thomas Wedlock (Team TBA)

Report from Team EYE SPY
The EYE SPY crew were keen on retaining the annual match racing trophy. The skipper however; he seemed to have other ideas. Not only did he miss the start line in one of the races and have return to start before playing "catch-up" but he battled hard against his own boat only to snatch defeat from the clutches of victory by missing the finish line. Not one of Trev's best days however, a third place restored a little dignity. Wet wet wet but most enjoyable especially knowing there was hot soup and toasted sandwiches to follow at the club rooms.
Many thanks to the organisers, house committee and Craig at Westpark chandlery.
Lee ho
Trevor (owner of Eye Spy and skipper of Team Eye Spy)

Report from Team Blue Beat

Match racing was on, team set, now about the weather
Who set that up, wind , no wind, rain, lots of rain wind and thunder.
The Far Canal race team was not quite up to speed or I should say the skipper was not up to speed
It was great to see what Blue Beat can do when it all comes together.
Cheers for getting blue beat back in one peace
Gary (owner of Beat & skipper of Team Blue Beat)