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Race reports from HYC Ladies race on Sunday 6th November 2016

posted Nov 13, 2016, 1:00 PM by Admin hycnz


1st Nona
2nd Waterwitch
3rd Eye Spy

Race report from Nona - helm Denise Ellis

After a quick break, and massage of hands we line up for the Ladies race, a quick fire course of start- LSO –ODM then Beachaven , LSO and ODM X3.  David and I are ready as the gun fires and we are off, behind ES and WW along Beachaven side. We manage to creep up ahead of ES towards LSO while WW hoists a spinnaker and seems to have a course of their own. We give them a yell then concentrate on rounding the LSO quickly on an outgoing tide just ahead of ES. David is imitating an octopus hauling in the main and headsail ( this time a number two) and tack down to the ODM. We round just ahead of ES but it is an untidy rounding and ES goes past us heading to Beachaven. We follow and stay in this position for the rest of the race, although I try to make a nuisance of myself sitting on their transom and creating a little wind shadow. It is not enough to catch them, while tacking through the moored boats is proving to be exceedingly frustrating as the wind is fluctuating in strength and every moored boat is in my way. We finish behind ES................again.
Thank you to the start tower crew, and the Social ladies for the BBQ and the ice cubes to re-hydrate.

Eye Spy's race report by the helm Cristin Swain

The start time was set for 1400hrs the course set for 1 and the sail for Number 2.

The crew were at their posts ready for battle with Captain Trev on Main,Crew mates Mark and Lisa on Headsail and Stu maintaining the Foredeck.

Captain Trev decided to test my helming skills . Try a Tack, That's a jibe, Just keeping you alert Trev :-)

The Cannon sounded (well just Nigel blowing his horn again ) and we were off.  Heading straight for the first mark the LSO. Nona was on our tail and got the first rounding heading back to ODM then Beach haven then LSO to ODM again repeated three times to starboard.
First rounding saw Nona Once again in her own Breeze line and the eye spy finding a flat spot.

Just as we thought it was over the tables turned we got breeze and Nona slowed down Perfect opportunity Just about at the ODM Trevor whispers watch this STARBOARD!!! and we were back in the lead.

Three Times round the coarse and Possibly more than 1 STARBOARD yelled at Denise later, which she did responded to with what I can only call complete acknowledgement of the situation. And we were over the line.

Thank you to the crew who put up with my blonde moments and gave me advise through the race
and to Trev for handing over his precious helm.
Well done to Denise and Dave sailing 2 handed in both races and Gill and crew on Waterwitch for winning the first race and for completing the second race even with the miscommunication.

And also thanks to Corinna who cooked up the sausage sizzle.

Waterwitch’s Race report by the helm Gill Moore
After finishing the Forrard Hands Race we had time for lunch and a quick brew of coffee before starting the Ladies Race at 1400hours. Gary handed over the helm with 5 minutes to go before the warning signal. With only the main up, I ended up in irons for the next few minutes, and the crew were rapidly losing faith in my ability. However once the genoa was unfurled and the starting sequence under way I got the feel of Waterwitch, and managed to manoeuvre into a reasonable start.
After a windy first race, with gusts over 25knots, Niall and I were itching to get the kite up for the first leg down to Lower South Orange off the entrance to West Harbour Channel. We made huge gains on the two Young 88s, as we powered away from the line, and were well in the lead as we passed Upper South Orange buoy. Imagine our horror when we looked back to see both Nona and Eye Spy rounding USO buoy! We still couldn't see LSO, and knowing Trev would have the right course, we lowered the kite as quickly as possible. We ended up about 4minutes down tide and downwind of the mark, and it must have taken at least five minutes to beat back to the mark. The crew were pretty pi***d off at this point, and it took a wee while to get focus back onto sailing the boat fast. We decided to protest the Race Committee, as our Course Card clearly stated LSO buoy as the first mark of the course. 
I decided just to enjoy the sail and aim to catch the two 88s. With the downwind legs from the ODM, round Beachhaven to USO took about 5 minutes, and the upwind legs against the tide and playing the wind shifts about 15minutes, we could make huge gains upwind. By the end of the race, we had nearly caught them, which gave me some satisfaction that we had sailed well. The boys weren't so happy, until we opened a beer, and chilled out on the fast run back to West Harbour.
 I submitted my protest, but after further research when I checked my iPad at home, decided to withdraw. So the moral of the story, is to check that you only have one course card on board, and that it has the current year’s date on it. I was unaware that there was a new course card for this year. Thank you to the PRO and start team, and well done Cristin and Denise, who had a close race all round the course. I know Cristin pipped Denise on the post (just!), but Denise was two handed and had crewed the previous race for Dave Meeks. It would be wonderful to see more girls out on the yachts, and taking the helm more often. Thank you also to my crew of Gary, Rob and Niall, the scariest moment being when the depth sounder dropped to 7.3 feet as I bore away from South Orange, and we draw 7.0 feet, only inches to spare. Luckily you were all too busy sail trimming:-))