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Riverhead Race - Saturday 22nd February 2014

posted Feb 23, 2014, 3:29 PM by Admin hycnz   [ updated Feb 24, 2014, 5:52 PM ]
Race Report from Spike on the Safety Boat

An overcast day with misty rain and little breeze for the Riverhead Race. Only 3 starters and a small team of support crew. The journey was uneventful, the competitors all staying withing bantering distance of each other. The trip up took close to 2hours, the return 2 1/2 hours.

The hospitality at the Riverhead was, as you would expect, very good. Lunch was enjoyed and of course the amber liquid flowed.
An annual event at the Hobsoville Yacht Club which has proved popular in the past. The small number of starters this year was disappointing, but those that took part, enjoyed themselves.
A great day on the water!

Joe Hargraves and Keith Flemming on their way to the Riverhead Tavern - photograph taken by Spike

Leaving the Riverhead tavern - Photograph taken by Jos Ford

RAVed it - Jos Ford 

The crew were vomiting even before the plane took off and as there is nothing worse than a carsick crew they were confined to quarters leaving my reliable sister to accompany me at the start, two-handed would we cope? ... the first leg to Birkenhead wharf established that there were very light winds, a little fog and 3 cats ready to race.  After a serious tactical  discussion we decided that there would be time not only for coffee but some shopping on the way to Riverhead.  A slight timing miscalculation saw us arriving well behind the fleet with wallets considerably lighter and in desperate need of sustenance.  A couple of drinks and some very good food later the tide had turned and the sailors were ready to depart.  That's when it happened - mutiny -the RAV abandoned for a rescue boat! Me left single handed! On my birthday! By my only sister! So much for crew loyalty! Pick her up at the club they said!  Pick her up in 2 hours! Oh and have you got a spare raincoat?
Then there was the "I had a great time", "no I didn't drink much - there was a toilet seat but no toilet", "I saw..... and I saw....", "that was fun" and "can we do it again next year". (you get the idea).  Thanks Spike and Trevor, Mary enjoyed that much more than she would have if we'd driven back (and really I didn't mind).

Mary with Spike and Trevor on the safety boat - Photograph taken by Jos Ford