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Ship Wright 1 - Sunday 20th October

posted Oct 20, 2013, 4:45 PM by Admin hycnz   [ updated Oct 21, 2013, 1:19 PM ]
Race report from Blue Beat

What a great days sailing we had everything going on I think eye spy
likes blue beat it came up and gave us a hug then there was that big
blue boat yes you know who. He will steal your wind and try and push
you away from the mark. All that aside well done to all who made it
happen cheers. Blue Beat

Race Report from Satisfaction

Another fantastic day out on the water, and TEAM SATISFACTION can't wait for summer to arrive.
The Mark Foy start is a great addition to the racing at Hobby, and the first race H
We counted over 55 tacks in the race and we had double grinders on all day so they all had a go
as H
od workout.

Unfortunatly at 17 tonnes we are a little slow to build up steam and were losing a boatlength or so on each tack, nevermind.......
The champagne and strawberries on the back deck went down well.

Jax of Team Satisfaction starting the Summer Series off with a pop!!! (what you cannot see is all of the crew fielding on the bow of the boat; in the hope of catching the cork!!)

Race Report from Young Entertainer

What a great day to go sailing. A nice 10 - 14 knots of breeze and plenty of sun. We assembled 80% of the Coastal Classic crew and headed for Hobby yacht club. We started last some 14 minuets after the first boat - the new Mark Foy start procedure coming into play and with a dirty bum at was going to be hard to catch the fleet. Blair was on the helm and we went for the line - but we went early! We were over by quite a bit so we headed back to re-start. Water Witch cleared away and we were last by a long way. The Coastal Crew of myself, Tim, Greg, Cookie and Blair got into our work and chased down one boat at a time. We steadily went through the fleet with Cookie calling water, course and tacks. We sailed the boat pretty well - the crew work was superb! We managed to stay out of everyone's way - apart from Satisfaction - who found some sort of after burner to push us out on the bottom mark!!! We caught Stinger on the last down wind leg but with that big mast head kite of his he managed to pass us on the finish line. Well done stinger and Eye Spy. 

Race report from Stinger

Improving didn’t bugger the start this time. Result second to Eye Spy not to-oo bad! Left wondering what would have resulted should any of the other entrants flown a kite? We were beginning to think we missed something in the sailing instructions, like no extras or was this a handicap protest?

Race report EYE SPY:
Shock horror...........the weather was as forecast at 10-15knots so a racing we went.
Mark foy start today which did throw confusion into the midst of what was a very good course. After a little familiarity we will all get it right I'm sure.
The EYE SPY team of myself, Nigel and Tony were listed to start at 1241hrs and I reckon did a pretty good job with the time on distance but saw Shekina get a jump on us anyway. Closing in on the western cardinal mark we were fortunately on starboard and noticed Shekina bearing down on us on port. With much yelling they finally yielded and tacked away but after we had to change course to avoid a collision. Protest! Unfortunate as the last thing we want is to put CCYC entries off sailing at Hobsonville. Anyway.......after successfully getting past Shekina the next to chase down were Bluebeat and Satisfaction. These two appeared to be glued together and like a magnet we were drawn to the battle. Side by side for most of the down wind leg. Again slowed down by a large wind shadow from Satisfaction. Three wide around the ODM......what could possibly go wrong!  EYE SPY was the widest of the three and we left the other two to do battle on starboard tack where as we tacked straight onto port and sailed away. Now..........where is stinger? Quite a distance away.........sounds like a challenge. We passed Stinger on the way around the cardinal marks prior to rounding Ranger Rock. Once more to South Orange then home. Great to look behind to see the rest of the fleet so close together. Quite a spectacle!  Darcy and his crew were catching but time ran out for the mighty Young Entertainer. EYE SPY first over the finish line. Crew deserves a beer...........
We didn't run a kite because our crew not confident.
We used No.2 headsail coz its way faster to tack.
We withdrew the protest coz we didn't want ill feeling from others.
We got drunk coz we could.
We got burnt coz we forgot our hats.
What a great afternoon on the upper Waitemata!!