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Shipwright 3 - sunday 19th January 2014

posted Jan 22, 2014, 5:45 PM by Admin hycnz

Race Report from Jos Ford owner of Che

The new engine is installed and running and I’ve got a crew.  The breeze perfect to shake the cobwebs out of my old number 1 (that’s one sail checked).  Motoring up to the club at an easy 5-6 kts I really didn’t think the day could get much better.

Getting to the start late showed my lack of practice but Tai Rangi crossed about the same time then I started listening to Gary and we were off.
I still don’t understand what happened and can only put it down to brilliant crew and my lovely little Nova but somehow we rounded Kauri Point first!  
Then there was talk of kites, pole and light sheets and a mad scramble to find them and enough random bits and pieces to make a downhaul.
I confess to having to ask the crew to confirm the course before we reached Chelsea - I was expecting to be following everyone cos that’s what I’ve always done.

Around the mark and downwind for the next test - I’d packed the kite (for the first and only time) about a year ago  - I imagined wine glasses, hour glasses and any number of other inappropriate sail shapes but Rob was a magician and made it fly perfectly straight out of the bag.
Meola and back to Chelsea again then another sweet kite run back around Kauri Point, somehow we were still well ahead of the fleet and heading towards the finish line.  
Then the wind changed, we tacked and tacked and tacked very slowly into a hole.  There was light breeze ahead and breeze behind us rapidly bringing the fleet up with spinnakers flying, we watched as Satisfaction sailed through them and then past us until they were slowed by the breeze we were in.

There must have been a boat length in it at the end and only 3 minutes separating the fleet.  Well done Jude and Phil.

I love to crew but there was something really special about having Ché out on the water again, the wind in her sails doing what she was built to do.
Thanks Gary and Rob you guys rock, we sent it! and Pete you got us started and finished thank you.  It was a brilliant day which will be hard to repeat.

Race report from Trevor May owner of  Eye Spy:

I was a little ill prepared for this race....... "ill" being the operative word. A day spent on "Morning Glory" on Saturday meant I wasn't as sharp as I could have been. The race presented as a very light one. John Emm and Greg Jones on board with me which was great in the conditions. The start confused the bejesus out of us as our illustrious sailing captain told us our start was at 1244 when in fact according to the E-mail sent on Saturday our start was 1242 (same time as "Satisfaction"). I don't have a PC at home so was unaware. Anyway...........twas evident that we had some catching to do. The fickle conditions would be a challenge for a seasoned pro let alone our crew of three. We agreed that the kite was required as soon and often as possible. I guess others lost the motivation to repack their kites as we appeared to be the sole spinnaker on the last leg home. The last leg from Chelsea........this was where the race would be won or lost. Keep out of the tide and risk running aground on a falling tide or feel safe in the knowledge that you have a meter beneath the keel. We chose the later and I believe "Stinger" chose the former.........ding ding.
Well done to "Satisfaction" on your result and also to "Che" Great result Jos! Good to have you back on the briney.