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Shipwright 4 - Sunday 2nd February 2014

posted Feb 2, 2014, 8:16 PM by Admin hycnz
Race report from Eye Spy 

Crew was Dave, Nigel and Gill
Gill had seen the website and come down to see if she would fit the profile of an HYC member. I am happy to say she would do so in spades.
Gill is local and has had many years sailing experience so I hope all will welcome her into our sailing and social environments.
Another disappointing turnout for this race. Nonetheless it was hotly contended. Gaza and crew had a start time of 1242 with Eye Spy starting at 1247. A little hard on us I would have to say but as it turned out Gaza must have thought so as well on account it appeared he started only about 2 minutes in front of us. Cheers Gaza……
We had passed him by “Resolute” and continued to draw away till the very glassy patch off Kauri point. The trick next was to pass Meola to port without being dragged by the tide prior to rounding. That went OK but then needed to hoist the kite to avoid reversing down to Chelsea. More often than not we were merely holding our ground but at one point we achieved 0.7 of a knot backwards. We clawed our way to Kauri point again and in doing so relinquished the lead to Blue Beat 3 or 4 times. “Pulling the pin” was discussed between the boats but neither was keen to make the first move. Finally the call from the tower……shortened course and straight home guys……twas like a puff of hot air……..the boats were moving once more. We snuck away from Blue Beat to finish a few minutes ahead.
3 hours to Meola and back…………..no speed records here then. Cheers for sticking in there Gaza.

Race Report from Blue Beat

What can one say, just give me some constant wind.
But the water on board was chilled and we had 2 new crew.
A BIG thanks to everyone on the working bee WOW what a change