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Shipwright 5 - Sunday 3rd April 2016

posted Apr 11, 2016, 7:44 PM by Admin hycnz

The Results (after handicaps have been applied)

1st Blue Beat
2nd Appaloosa* (CCYC boat)
3rd Firsty  (best start and fastest around the course)
4th Satisfaction (CCYC boat)
5th Eye Spy
6th Mind Bender (single handed!!!)
7th Nona
8th Waterwitch

Race Report from Firsty

On board for the last Shipwright race Tim, Bruce and Lou. Nice breeze but it pumps up to 20 kts just when we raise the sails. Luckily it drops back a bit for the start for a perfect sailing breeze for the number 2.

We hit the line at full speed for a good start for an early lead.  With a nice tight reach all the way down to Kauri Pt we hoist big yella, the masthead kite and make for Meola Buoy, then a flat off run for Chelsea against a strong tide. An early drop at the bottom mark then a nice beat into 12 to 14 knots of true wind. Minimising the tacks to windward we come onto the lay line for Meola before I realise that it is a stbd rounding not port so we have overlayed a bit with the incoming tide. We round to stbd as Waterwitch rounds to port. Apparently they stopped for lunch somewhere.

Another hoist for the downwind run back down to Chelsea and an early drop. Probably a few boat lengths too early, then round the mark and back on the wind for the final beat up the harbour with the tide. Only a few quick tacks and we are round Kauri Pt then ease sheets for the final reach up to the finish at Hobby to take the gun. A great days sailing.

Well done to Gary and the crew on Blue Beat to take first on Handicap and Apaloosa to take second. We make it a third on handicap.

Cheers to the tower crew and Sharon on the BBQ

Race Report from Nona from the skipper:

The day dawned to the last vestiges of summer. Warm, 10knts NW to W and later sunshine. A perfect day to take out my German visitors, Sophie and Karolin and conditions permitting put them on the helm. Rounding off the crew, John and Mark Patterson.

Eight boats lined up for the start and we  all raced off to the accompliment of sirens. We are stars – oh just the tsunami siren test. We are at the tower end with Waterwitch and head up the mud bank side. Hope there is enough water? No such luck. At least there is three hours of incoming tide to come as we are windward and overlapping the very long Waterwitch by about six feet.

Time for a new learning exercise for the girls as with patience , a bit of reversing and every scrap of weight (such as there is) on the leeward side we eventually get off and leave Waterwitch still aground.

Time for catch up tactics as the start helmsperson is replaced by Sophie on the helm. Up by Kauri Point the spinnaker (big blue – a sign of desperation) comes out of the cockpit and hoisted. The course is around Meola (P) to Chelsea, Y (S), Meola (S) Chelsea Y (S) and home. Heading to Chelsea the wind has come behind and Sophie is doing a sterling job. We drop the kite  and round the mark and head to Meola, hard on the wind with a helm change – Karolin.

Around Meola back to Chelsea and there is a fleeting thought of hoisting the small spinnaker. Too short a leg.

Around Chelsea and we head for home. After a conference with the senior members of the crew it is decided to do our 360 penalty turn just before Kauri Point and combine it with a “Man overboard” drill using a floating winch handle. The “man overboard” turn was successful – the winch handle...... lost at sea #**%# ..

We finish with a steady breeze, sunshine and two very happy first time helmers. They remind me that on the two occasions they have been aboard there has been sunshine, 10 knts (although today got up to 16 knts) no rain. I may have to bring them along for the closing day.  Not a good day regarding placement in the race but more than made up by the smiles of my crew.

Thanks to the Tower crew, and to the Social committee for the hot food.

See you on Closing Day.


Race report from Eye Spy by the skipper:

Crew for today is Trev on helm with JK, Gill and Ross.
The course is: Start to Meola port, Chelsea starboard, Meola starboard, Chelsea starboard then home.

A good course considering the 10 to 15 knots of wind. We were a little late setting up so we were a little late over the start line as well. That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it!! We planned to put the kite up soon after the start but the wind changed to on the beam and sometimes well forward of the beam. We cleverly positioned ourselves at the back of the fleet and watched a battle between Nona and Water witch develop. This could be good for us as they will slow each other down and allow us to catch up. They were only about 5-6 boat lengths in front of us and wow we were catching fast……….They were both on the mud so, an evasive manoeuvre to port and squeeze by without touching. Well that was easy…….up to fifth place already. Great to see Satisfaction taking Blue Beat all over the harbour. This allowed us to make gains and the kite finally went up after Kauri point. We had enough pressure to stem what was a very strong incoming tide. After rounding Meola we notice Brad on Mindbender was still not far behind. Not bad as he is solo and no kite. All pretty straight forward for us with the kite work apart from Trev not running the starboard head- sheet over the spinnaker pole. This was rectified by JK and Ross after hoisting the kite on both runs…….nice one.

Tacking all the way home and we decide we may be able to gain by doing one less tack. We squeeze past the wharfs on Kauri point but in doing so experience a drop in wind speed and subsequent boat speed. Satisfaction and Appaloosa get by to windward on the last leg home. Fifth across the line……not bad considering the state of Eye Spy's hull.

Eye spy's hull will be clean for this Fridays Emergency regatta and closing Day Race so lets see the difference. Looking forward to being the competitive boat we are used to again.

Thanks to my crew including our mew member Ross. Good job for his race debut.

Well done Craig on Firsty for showing a clean set of heels. I thought he would have been far enough in front but came third on handicap. What do you have to do to win around here????

Race Report from Satisfaction by Samantha

Satisfaction was fully crewed ... laden with girls and a splattering of boys.  Phil had managed to get the Dragon and got to the boat just before the crew (who had the engine reving) left him behind.
Down the channel .. main up, headsail unfurled .. we got to Hobby with ten minutes to spare .... phew.  It was a good turn out and with eight boats on the start line.  Off the big boat went ... and after a slight discussion we decided not to follow Waterwitch and Nona.. as we sailed past we admired their parallel parking.
We were in third.. the race was on.. we prepared the gennaker and then held fire as the wind went forward.  Like a well oiled engine, the crew work was smooth.  Around Kauri Point and up the dragon went..woohooo!!!!!  We caught up with the small blue boat and had a bit of a tussell ... all the way to the first mark at Meola.  Round the mark and heading towards Chelsea... Firsty had widened their lead..and we could not get past the pesky small blue boat.
Around Chelsea and dragon back up.. you can hardly see the repair.  Crew work was good .. although one of crew members decided that maybe a large can of Woody's would improve Phil's recently cleaned teak and add a good fragrance to my vest... ewwwww!!   Down to Meola - the drop was superb so no whitebait for the crew.  
Beating back down towards Chelsea we decided to put our Italian man to the test.. that would be Enzo (with out the Ferrari)... the girls had made the grinding of the headsail look easy....it's  all in the technique... his arms will be aching today.
Past Chelsea and Ivana Humpalot took over the helming keeping the boat up to speed.  We still could not catch up with Blue Beat and could not even see Firsty.  There was no time for dancing as Eye Spy and Appaloosa were hot on our heals!
Phil took over the helm for the navigation through the moorings.   Through the finish line, head sail furled and out came the platters of food to feed a hungry crew.
Great day on the water... lets do it again on 30th April.
Thank you to the race tower chaps and the social committee for making it all possible.