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Shipwright race 4 - sunday 25th February 2018

posted Mar 4, 2018, 8:53 PM by Admin hycnz

Unfortunately the wind never filled in... the start was postponed, and then the fleet of seven were off... very very slowly. Some yachts crossed the start line 4 times.... others anchored a couple of times and some yachts went faster backwards than they did forwards. The race was eventually abandoned .... but still great to be out on the water.

Thank you to nigel in the start tower.

Race report from Firsty

We started, we drifted, got a puff, then drifted some more. Then we dropped the headsail and drifted faster, then got a puff and raised the headsail and sailed until we drifted, then dropped the headsail and started the motor. The End.

Race report from Eye Spy:

We understand the wind to be light and variable today so, not too concerned that Mark has not shown up. We have JK, Lisa. Nicol and I ready to tackle the high winds of the day.
We start well and are moving up behind Firsty to take the lead. The rest of the fleet is behind and a couple don’t appear to have crossed the start line. We stop and have to negotiate the moored boats in reverse. Blue beat drops anchor and immediately makes it obvious this is a good ploy as we drift well back from him. Eye Spy is sitting very close to a mooring so when a small breeze is detected we lift anchor and move away. 50 feet gained and 50 lost so the anchor was deployed yet again. Hobby tower called and asked if we want to abandon. We were quite happy where we were so asked for 15 mins or so. Another call 15 mins later and we conceded defeat and returned to keep Nigel company at the bar. Great afternoon, great weather, company and music but no wind.


Race report from Near & Farr

The day was not looking promising as we drove past the airbase and the wind socks were decidedly droopy...some might say flaccid!!

we motored out .... with the three of us... Duncan, Big Mike and I. Hmmm big tides and no wind. the start was delayed and then Eye spy made a call to start the race as apparently he could see wind...."maybe he should go to specsavers" ... as we had no wind and it took an age to cross the start line.

The other boats were not doing much better although firsty were ahead. (at that point they were going foward... it was later they started going backwards) Forwards, backwards we went... anchor down, anchor up. .......hey ho lovely day to be on the water.