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Shipwright races 4 &5 - Sunday 2nd April 2017

posted Apr 24, 2017, 3:37 PM by Admin hycnz

Nona, Eye spy, Blue Beat, Satisfaction and Waterwitch raced on Sunday.

Blue Beat won the first race and also got the best start!!!  Waterwitch won the second race,  Nona had the best start for this race!

Race report from Eye Spy - race 1
Two races today……….exciting stuff.
We have Mark, JK and Lisa on board today. The wind was light and the tides quick. Nigel indicates that we do a course close to the club so course three it is………..
For a time we mingle along with the other 88s just above the line and finally turn to charge at the line at speed? Good plan on paper but with no wind, very difficult to execute!!. The race start was abandoned and the postponement flag was hoisted. I made the call to have another go about 15 minutes later. This time we got away and spent the whole race as last boat standing. The final lap around the Beachhaven, LSO, ODM circuit we manage to pass Nona but had no answer to the flying Bluebeat. We did come third on handi-cap tho. Very tricky conditions magnified by a very dirty bottom. I will get that sorted this week. Well done to Waterwitch and Satisfaction for manoeuvring around such a tight course in large boats.

Thanks to Nigel and the competitors for making a great day.

Race report from Eye Spy: race 2
The course for this race needed to differ from the first so we went for a Meola option.

I still have JK, Mark and Lisa on board and we have a 30 minute break on the mooring after the first race.
I guess I got a little keen on this one as I end up about a boat length over the start line. We circle back and start with Blue Beat as he too was too keen.
The wind is still light and we make steady progress towards Nona and finally catch her prior to doing the short laps around Beachhaven and SO. Nona need not have worried as Eye Spy’s concentration was lacking and we let her get away again. Damn…………..we continue on the course in building breeze bringing up the rear. Last on line and last on handi-cap……….mmmmmm…….time for a bum clean. I have booked in for Wednesday but the weather is shite!
Thanks Nigel and Mickey in the tower. Thanks also to our fellow competitors Satisfaction, Waterwitch, Bluebeat, and Nona. See you all on the 50 miler.
Special thanks to my crew who put up with a very slow Eye Spy.

Race Report from Waterwitch 
This report is rather late as just after Gary asked me to do the report, my IPad died! So better late than never. Which was what we said as we arrived late for the 11am start, having done a detour to Herald Island to pick up a crew member. We were delighted when the Abandon race signal was flown and we had a second chance at starting legally. 
With light winds and short legs, Waterwitch found there were too many sharp corners to turn around, and had to use her big Code Zero as a secret weapon to stay in touch. An interesting comment from Gary on Bluebeat, said in frustration as we rounded the LSO for the penultimate time, was why did you stop dead on the mark? Well going downtide at 3knots with a 2knot tide = 5 knots CMG, so when you turn around through 180 degrees, boatspeed reduces to 2knots, minus 2knots tide against you =stationary on LSO! Yes we did stop, right on the mark.
Rob and Rod did a fantastic job with the Code Zero, furling and re-running sheets every time we tacked- eight times in all in the first race. (No time for a beer) We crossed the line first, but on handicap came last, but really enjoyed the race.

Between races we had time for a quick lunch and a beer- wonderful. The start was pretty challenging, with a light wind and lots of tide taking the fleet willy nilly over the line. We chickened out and did an extra loop the loop to stay safely on the correct side of the line, and with hindsight it was the correct thing to do. Two of the Young 88s were OCS and had to struggle against a strong current to re-cross the line. On the first leg of the course to Meola, we chased after Bluebeat and stayed out wide and gained more breeze, but less tide, whilst the following Young 88s were tangling with Satisfaction who took them high and into less wind. By Kauri Point we gained the lead and rounded Meola with a comfortable lead, and with the wind freer we put up the Code Zero again. We were extremely lucky with the wind variations in both strength and direction. We stayed wide to maximise wind and minimise the tide, and were just discussing whether we needed to drop the Code Zero, when BANG……….. The fitting on the swivel parted and the big black sail went airborne, and made the decision for us. The crew got it under control super quick and without trawling for flounders, and unfurled the genoa, in the same breath. The rest of the race was uneventful, but the whole crew constantly trimmed the sails to keep the old girl moving. Line honours again, and this time with enough margin to take first place. Thanks to the race officer and helper for a great days racing on the Upper Waitamata, and also the ladies providing food and BBQ back at the club.

Gill Moore

Race Report from Nona

Sunday rolled up and we were rearing to go with the prospect of two races. My crew is John H. I am going for quality. The first course is LSO to ODM then Beachhaven, LSO, Odm X3. All five boats are charging for the start with Blue beat crossing the line followed by us ........ then we drift back to the rest. The postponement flag goes up and we restart. Again Blue Beat taking the start. John and I are working well in the light conditions but find ourselves at the back of the fleet, but ahead of Eye Spy. Large boats such as Waterwitch certainly take up some room when they are rounding marks. On our last leg heading to LSO we find the proverbial Murphy spot (where is the wind!!!!) which allows Eye Spy, with his own private wind to pass us, #@@&%%@# and that is where we stay.
Course two is Meola (P) ODM, Beachaven, LSO, ODM, Beachhaven, LSO and finish. All the Y88’s contest the start, with John nailing it and Blue Beat and Eye Spy over and recalled. The wind has picked up, 8 to 10 knots (the forecast is 15) and we race to Meola, being pipped by Waterwitch in the rounding and we head back to the ODM, well in front of the rest of the fleet. We keep out of the Kauri Point hole, pass Island Bay with the prospect of a large lead at the start of the 2 short legs. Spoke to soon. Murphy spot 2 – the rest of the fleet roars up and passes, @&$%%@!!!. I am gutted. The only consolation is the breeze comes to us just before Eye Spy is about to pass us. We go for it wanting at least one small victory. Eye Spy is hard on our heels around the two short legs but we manage to hang in for two tired sailors.

Thanks to Nigel and Mickey for the tower and Sharon for the food – and Trevor for returning our dinghy that decided to leave us as we were packing up. Temperamental things.