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Suprise race 2.....hmmmmmm sunday 19th November 2017

posted Nov 26, 2017, 6:29 PM by Admin hycnz

Race was a non-event. Eye Spy only got two channel markers out of the marina before returning home. The wind was good but the cooling through the engine was not. Blue Beat offered to tow us to the start (thanks Gaza) but I had to gratefully decline as one should have a motor when racing………just in case. JK jumped ship onto Blue Beat and they continued to the start only to find no one to race against.

I discovered and replaced a very munted impellor after returning to the marina. All is now well again in the land of Eye Spy.

Where are our fleets of the past?
Anyone with suggestions about how to increase numbers on race day please let the sailing committee know or email Trevor May!!
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