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Surprise race 3 - Sunday 10th February 2019

posted Mar 4, 2019, 6:02 PM by Admin hycnz


1st Eye Spy  (best start - 8 seconds)
2nd Near and Farr *
3rd Slip Knot
4th Satisfaction *

* double handed no extras 

****more race reports coming soon*****

Race report from Eye Spy:


Eye Spy is back on the water!!!

Repaired, repainted and with a keen crew to put her through her paces once again. The crew on the day is Lisa, Mark, Nicole and Yarn. We get to the start line with plenty of time to spare. Sean and Gill are on station with the club rescue boat to start the race. A couple of practise runs through the start line and we wait for Satisfaction and Near and Farr to start prior to us. The unknown quantity of Slipknot starts well after us.

We start at 14 minutes and hit the line well. We see the two boats well ahead and give chase. Eye Spy is clean and slippery. She feels good to helm again. Steve McCabe tuned the rig the day before……….nice job.

We pass Satisfaction before the bottom mark. The course is No.4 Meola, Chelsea, Rhona, Chelsea, Rhona, Chelsea, Rhona and home.  Looking back we can see Slipknot and wonder if they can catch us. We catch Near and Far and forge ahead extending the distance between us. Near and Far appears to have another go at us. We wriggle free and decide to hoist the kite on the last leg home. The kite is connected and the call came to hoist. The halyard goes up but the spinnaker stays on the deck! Now we have to get the halyard back down. I give the helm away and monkey climb the mast to the spreaders…….got it!

The kite goes up, a couple of jibes and we enjoy a kite ride to the finish. We finish in just over two hours. Slipknot was catching but ran out of race track. Thanks to my crew once again.

Eye Spy: Best start and 1st place!!  Great to be back racing again.

Race report from Near & Farr

We had not been planning to race in the surprise race as we had committed to a Farr 1020 gathering on the Saturday, however that was cancelled….. so what the heck lets go racing with HYC on the Sunday.
When we made the decision to race it was too late to wrangle any crew … well we did finally make the call to race at 9am on the Sunday morning.  So double handed no extras it would be!

As always we were out of our berth with plenty of time and were delighted to see Gill & Sean out by Taikata setting the start line using the HYC very flash safety boat.

Not a big fleet – just the mighty eye spy (who was looking very shiny), Slip Knot and Satisfaction (who were also double handed).

We were the first to start and off we went… followed by satisfaction, eye spy and finally Slip Knot.  We were doing mighty fine… until one of our headsail sheets got stuck in the block (and I mean right royally stuck between the wheel and the casing – ahhhhh aghhhhhhh ….. ) finally got it sorted and re ran the sheet through another block but we lost enough time for Eye spy to catch up with us and then go past.
No one ran any extras until the final leg….. and as Eye Spy popped her kite we watched her disappear into the distance… hmmm.  We were never going to catch up with her but had to work very very hard to maintain our second place as Slip Knot was gaining…. Phew we crossed the finish line in front of slip Knot and maintained our second place.

Thank you to everyone who raced as especially to Sean & Gill for being our start boat!