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The final of the HYC winter series races - Sunday 25th September 2016

posted Oct 2, 2016, 2:08 PM by Admin hycnz

A very wet day out on the water may have resulted in only three boats racing on Sunday - with lashing and lashings of rain from the sky the Blue Beat, Nona and Eye Spy battled it out - those young 88 are not put off by the weather.  

Fully kitted up the crews looked as if they were embarking on a transatlantic crossing not a Sunday racing on the waitemata harbour

It had been planned to have two races however after the rain the wind died so then second race did not take place.


Eye Spy  - 1st
Nona  - 2nd
Blue Beat  -   3rd
Start  - Eye Spy
Free lift and clean (generously donated by Floating Dock Services)  - Eye Spy

Race report from Eye Spy:
Got to the club early so I had time to place the ODM and the weather was looking a little shite. It was forecast for 20-35knts and rain. 

It was indeed wet but no wind! The VHF now casting said it was average 20knts at Bean Rock. We decided to hoist full main and No.1 headsail. We figured as it would be cracked sheets most of the way around the course we would get away with the bigger sail. The course was No.2 which was start, to Meola, ODM Beach Haven, LSO, ODM, Beach Haven, LSO, ODM, BeachHaven, LSO, ODM, Beach Haven, LSO, Finish.

On board today: Mark, Gill, Sam, JK. We lost Greg to Nona as they were two handed. Sam is a friend of Marks who has never been sailing. Well…………isn’t he in for a treat!

Eye Spy started well and slowly increased a lead on the other two 88s (Nona and Blue Beat). By the time we got to Kauri point we had a great lead. The wind vanished and we sat stationary for a time. 0.4knts backwards then sat on about 0.5knts in the right direction. Not much fun in torrential rain.

Wet wet wet. Calls for special coffees all round.
We finally get to Meola and head for home. The tower had made the call to shorten the course so all we had to do now was straight line it to the finish. Our lead had increased to about 15 minutes so we had a comfortable win.

Well done the Eye Spy crew. A great end to the Winter series.

Race report from Nona

Well, part of the forecast was right. It was definitely soggy. The 25 to 35 knts came through around 0400 so the race should be around the 15 knt mark.mmmmmmmmmmmm Bean Rock was 21 knts to 18 NE

My crew is Tim Mann and last minute ring in, Greg Jones (who jumped ship from Eye Spy- I am sure that would still leave room for the other five crew to manage). The course is Meola (P), ODM, Beachaven, LSO, ODM X 2. We engage in tense? manoeuvres with ES just as Blue Beat comes motoring up. Flags down and we are away – behind ES in around 7 knts NE. 

Visibility is poor, with constant drizzle/rain. Usual land marks cannot be seen so we stay wide and hope to get better wind strength as ES stays inland. Past Island Bay and the wind starts to fade and slowly swing –such as it was –SW.

ES seems to be making painful progress, close to Kauri Point, although this land mass was not visible. Blue Beat was inside and slightly behind us as the wind disappeared completely. We and BB slowly drift backwards while ES, with its own meagre wind pattern heads out to the Meola Reef marker, crossing the incoming tide. There may be hope that the tide will bring ES back to us, but no such luck.

Eventually the wind kicks in at a resounding 3 knts and we are away, around Kauri Point and squinting into the mist to locate ES or Meola buoy. Out of the mist is ES heading towards us so use that line as a guide to the buoy. By this time the wind is a heady 7knts. We criss cross the ocean and find and round the buoy with BB not far behind. ES is nowhere to be seen. Back around Kauri Point, and the Clearwater Cove fleet is milling for a play, or drift. We stay clear of their start line keeping between BB and the ODM and that is the way it stayed to the finish.

The enquiry into enthusiasm for a second race was meet with a suggestion of a cup of tea. The cup of tea won, so the soggy crew and skipper head to the mooring and start planning how to dry everything. Well done to Eye Spy for their winning performance and congrates to Blue Beat for making the day more than a two horse race. 

Thanks also to the start tower and Cristin for the hot food and coffee.