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The Unofficial last of the HYC winter series - Sunday 21st September 2014

posted Sep 22, 2014, 3:06 PM by Admin hycnz
Race report from Eye Spy:
Last race of the Winter Series…..we have been looking forward to this!
I get to the club a good 2 hours prior to the race in order to give the hull a bit of a clean and run some sheets etc. I get a call from the Commodore who sais the race has been called off due to a gale warning. I look out towards Eye Spy in stunned silence. I can see a reflection of Eye Spy in the calm water! I was assured he was not joking and informed that we could run a “unofficial race” .
So…………a few calls later we had Elan, Eye Spy, Bill and Spectrum all out on the sparkling upper Waitemata. Elan was first to go as he took a 3 minute headstart for being two-handed. Bill meanwhile was seen reversing at high speed with his main up. A few issues on the start-line guys? They did get away however just when a squall came through to add effect for those spectating. We had a while for our start at 1312hrs but timed it perfectly for the next squall.
Between squalls the wind was light and it took the first leg to catch Bill and the second to catch Elan. The course was: Start between tower and ODM,  Meola to starboard, ODM to starboard, Meola to starboard and finish.
The last leg was down wind so the kite went up and our lead extended. Spectrum and Bill peeled off to Westpark prior to returning to Hobby so Elan and Eye Spy we the only two finishes. Great to see some CCYC boats up our way for what was a lovely afternoon sail.