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Wayard 4 - saturday 7th February 2015

posted Feb 8, 2015, 5:54 PM by Admin hycnz
Race Report from Six Gun Justice

With our start delayed due to strong winds, we were rarring to go by Saturday morning.  
Boat rigged and crew aboard - Duncan, Mike R and I motored out to the start.  Decisions decisions - No1 or No2... we finally decided on starting with the No 2!  As always while hoisting the sails the boat nipped me and I was able to create red artwork on the foredeck - Jackson pollock would have been proud of my efforts!!.    Not the best start but not the worst start!
We were racing, however did observe that we may have been slightly conservative going for the comfortable choice of a No2, while the other boats had opted for their No1's!  Hmmmm, more hmmm as we watch Eye spy storming from behind with their sights on us!  We put an outboard sheet on our No2 and then debated weather to carry on trying to chase Elan down or to change up to our No 1.  We decided that the latter option was the best idea, and decided to try and peel to our No 1... which is quite difficult when you have a hanked sail.. however with some ingenuity, lateral thinking   ... the whole process took a couple of minutes and we dropped 2 knots in boat speed... hey ho it was up now and the boat started to accelerate!
We  were still on a mission and decided to pole out the No1.. nice, lovely .. although I was bannished to the foredeck and my singing began "All by our selvessssssssssssssss.... "  Mike and Duncan seemed quite oblivious to my wailing !  And onward we sailed and got up to eight knots.. awesome.  More discussion and lots of playing with the pole - we goose winged... and then eventually removed the pole and gybed the headsail when we had the committee boat in sight!
We finally got into Owhanakei.. and it seems that we were not that far behind the rest of the fleet.   

We packed away the sails and then toasted "The Justice" over a few green ones!
Great BBQ on the beach and a great weekend!

cheers - samantha - first mate!!!

Race report from Eye Spy:
Well……..Wayward 4
Our start was a shocker. I had misjudged the time it was going to take to load the boat with provisions and misjudged the tide strength. Turned out we were six minutes late for the start. We like a challenge eh. So we started last and had all the work to do. Mark Goodey and his better half on board today. We chose to have the No.1 headsail as we would soon crack sheets as we rounded Kauri Point. I reckon we had a good 20knts most of the way down to North Head. The mighty Satisfaction leapt away in the heavy but we were able to make gains in the lighter weather towards the finish line.
Six Gun and Elan were our first targets. We managed to forge ahead of them before North Head and then set off after Satisfaction and BlueBeat. Ran out of race track to pull them in as well but we were happy with our efforts.
A great weekend had by all.
Wayward 5
Return race from Owhanakei to Taikata.
Managed to get to the start line on time this time…..pat on the back. First across the line………pat on the back.
Remained in front till the wind found another location (not anywhere near us)…….pat on the back.
Started the motor and officially pulled out of the race first! ……that’s never happened before…….pat on the back.