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Wayward 2 - saturday 16th January 2016

posted Jan 20, 2016, 4:04 PM by Admin hycnz
Race report from Eye Spy:
The forecast was for 5 knts variable and we had decided to make Owhanakei Bay our finish.
The wind was very light at the start and Young Entertainer was a little late leaving the marina so I delayed the start by 10 minutes so that he could start with us. I don’t think BlueBeat got the memo as it appeared that he started on the hour. Many sailed into holes of no wind at all but we on Eye Spy (Bronnie and Scott) found some small patches and sailed to the lead. BlueBeat would have none of it and fought back to retake the lead. The two 88’s pulled away from the rest of the fleet and had a battle of our own. The finish line was brought forward to the entrance to Izzy Bay as some were struggling in the light airs.
A few had had enough and pulled out resulting in a DNF. Blue Beat crossed the finish first with Eye Spy close behind (1419hrs) . Great racing and great weather.
We all congregated above the Izzy Bay ramp for a BBQ and a good evening socialising was had by all. Feeling no pain, the Eye Spy crew retired early hours of the morning.
Great to see a good fleet on the water. Thanks to Bronnie and Scott for the great crew work.

Race Report from Young Entertainer

Not much of a race for us on Saturday. We were late for the start so started at the back of the field. It took about 4 days to get around Kauri point and then what little wind there was stopped all together. We tacked back and fourth between fishing boats and ended up getting in a compromising position with nowhere to go. We started the motor and motor sailed to the bridge. Eye Spy and Blue Beat had long gone in a nice breeze that only they could play in. Satisfaction and Renaissance were still taking across the harbour at Chelsea and Waterwitch and Kahu were at Kauri Point. We motored under the bridge and the wind gods looked down on us and suddenly there was a nice 10-12 knots from the North East! Sweet! Motor off and sailing again. Sailing fast and flat through the city and we see the two 88s up ahead. Wind backs off again and we have a nice slow 4-5knot sail into Issie Bay. Great night with many friends on Rangi Island for a BBq. Thanks to Dave and Corrina for bring the club BBq. The commodore was the race winner...

Eye Spy, Entertainer and Satisfaction decided to have an unofficial race home on Sunday starting at 11am. All a bit worse for wear after enjoying last night. Eye Spy quickly puts up the kite and they are off. Winds are light and a bit east so we gull wing for a while over to Mission Bay side. Satisfaction heads straight for the city. Both Satisfaction and Eye Spy have kites up and leave Entertainer behind. But We have a plan... Thank the wind gods again as the wind increases by double and heads North and we jibe over to a sweet reach. Suddenly we are going fast, better bring a runner on to steady the rig - we are running a full rig of sails. Boat speed is 7 knots then 8. We see Eye Spy wipe out up ahead and then Satisfaction is over on her side! Awesome! I think Phil was in the heads at the time... We are two sail reaching now to North Head then Devonport Wharf. Cant get the smile off our faces. B&G GPS reading between 9.4 and 10 knots - boat speed through the water reads 8.8 knots. We are passing everything apart from the cup boats - which cruise past nicely. We are towing a dinghy - seemed like a good idea at the time. At least it is now clean.

We catch up to our mates under the bridge and nice to have the three boats together again. Not easy getting past these two. Trev wont let me pass on the high side so we have to do the work to go underneath. Phil makes Satisfaction about 50 meters wide so we struggle all the way to Kauri Point. We never got past him as the wind increases to 20 + knots and we bail out of the game.

They say every boat has its best point of sail and a reach with wind forward of the beam is Entertainers best. Its such a nice boat to sail in these conditions. Thanks Phil and Trev!