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wayward 7 - Saturday 7th March 2020.

posted Mar 17, 2020, 7:49 PM by Admin hycnz

Due to wind being on the nose it was decided by all the skippers that the race would start at North head, turning left going along rangitoto (past rangi light) to West Bay Rakino.

We had a good breeze which meant that Near & Farr had to reef (she has to reef over 17 knots) while the others went for full sails.

1st Near & Farr
2nd Satisfaction
3rd Mismatch
4th Arabesque

spot prize to Arabesque who sustained a breakage :-(


Race report from MisMatch

The weather looked perfect for a weekend away with club mates. We had MisMatch, Near & Farr, Arabesque and Satisfaction all steaming up the harbour towards North Head. There was a generous Easterly wind on the nose so skippers decided to start the race from North Head and head to Rakino across the north side of Rangitoto. Near & Farr with a reefed main took off around North Head followed closely by the mighty Satisfaction under full sail. Myself and Nigel followed behind both single handed. The wind got a bit fresh once around Rangi light and heading North East. Near & Farr had the right idea with a reefed main and had a good fight with a fully powered up Satisfaction through some choppy seas. I recorded a peak of about 21.8 knots of wind so it was always going to be hard work for Nigel and i being single handed. Just as we made the tack into Rakino the wind and sea state died down which made for some nice sailing. Phil and his good looking Satisfaction crew dropped anchor at Mototapu for lunch and a swim. The rest of us dropped anchor just west of West Bay Rakino. So nice to be there with no other boats around - until about 5pm when another 300 boats showed up for the night! What a great night we had. I forgot just how awesome it was to be out on the water with great mates. Sunday morning breakfast, cup of tea and a swim and head off home. Thanks for an awesome weekend Sam, Dunc, Nigel, Maranda, Phil and Marnie


Near and farr’s race report

With our newly anti fouled hull we were amping to get out on the water

With the decision to start the race at north head due to the wind on the nose, we made another decision which won us the race… the decision to reef our main. Satisfaction may have questioned if this was the correct decision as they opted for full sails v our No2 head sail and reefed main. Satisfaction tried to battle with us by Rangi light but could not get past us nor could they get the same height at us… good decision (we would have battle to keep our height with a full main as we would have been over powered and had to have eassseeeed the main). It was a great race and kudos to Darcy and Nigel for racing single handed.

Conversations you only have on a boat – “oh I do hope Phil has got a photo of our bum!!” & “Oh gosh phil has got a bit of a green bum!”

"where is Satisfaction?" - "they are anchored and having lunch" ......
..... Nigel "is that what they call that these days??!!!!!"

West Bay is one of our favourite anchorages and what better a place to spend the night with our great mates and enjoy some banter!

Another great weekend with HYC. Looking forward to racing again in a weeks time.